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By Brittany Spanos. Go Behind The Scenes With Pharrell, Elmo on ‘Sesame Street‘. On a recent episode of Sesame Street, Pharrell Williams sang a song dedicated to the power of reading with Cookie Monster and Elmo. While filming the special episode, the co-stars spoke with Rolling Stone about the song and their budding friendship while offering an exclusive peek at the making of the scene.

“This is a dream come true,” Williams says while recalling his experience of watching Sesame Street as a kid. “We’re very happy he’s here. We’re very grateful,” Elmo adds. Their collaboration, B Is For Book,” features music written by Questlove, who also produced the track. “Elmo’s trying to work on his Questlove hair,” the Muppet admits with a giggle after Williams brings up their behind-the-scenes collaborator.


For their scene, Elmo, Williams and Cookie Monster travel the world together while reading a book about Egypt. The song explores how books can take their readers on a journey. As for the journey of their day spent together, Elmo reveals how thrilled he is that Williams is singing with them and doesn’t yet have a favorite memory. “Elmo hopes we make lots of memories today, right?” he says. “Yeah, and more episodes,” Williams adds.