Pharrell and Japanese artist Mr. teamed up to launch a site-specific installation at the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts. The forthcoming exhibition will be installed at institute’s fourth-floor rotunda beneath the dome of the main building — organized between Perrotin and Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.

“The show entitled will spotlight captivating paintings, sculptures, and installations in the trademark aesthetic of Mr., with pieces portraying images of children symbolically holding weapons. “Amid the tension and crisis of uncertainty that we live in today, we need to believe in the hope that can be found in children, and take inspiration on the promise of their optimistic outlook and spirit. Kids have the power. With art, we start this dialogue in this way” said the artist in a statement. Pharrell adds: “Kids run the world and this work is a challenge to leaders to do something immediately – for a better, bright future.”

“Carte blanche to Mr. and Pharrell Williams: A Call To Action” will run July 10 to September 23. Head to Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts’ website to learn more. In other pivotal presentations, the first Black solo curator of the Guggenheim Chaédria LaBouvier uncovered new research on Basquiat’s ‘Defacement’ painting of police brutality.

Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts
6 Place d’Iéna
Paris, France 75116


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