Depeche Mode – Dream On (The Neptunes Remix)

In the world of music, few collaborations are as surprising and intriguing as the rumored partnership between Depeche Mode and The Neptunes. For nearly two decades, whispers of a remix by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of Depeche Mode’s ‘Dream On’ circulated among fans and industry insiders. Today, we can finally confirm the existence of this elusive track, shedding light on a fascinating chapter in music history.

The Rumors and Skepticism

Back in 2001, Depeche Mode, the pioneering electronic band known for their dark, brooding soundscapes, was reportedly working with The Neptunes, the dynamic production duo behind countless hip-hop and R&B hits. The notion of these two vastly different musical entities collaborating seemed far-fetched, even to seasoned fans. SPIN Magazine famously captured the disbelief of the time, reporting from a chaotic session at Right Track Recording in Midtown Manhattan. The article depicted Pharrell and Chad, frustrated and fatigued, waiting for the missing “Dream On” files to appear on the studio’s hard drives.

Despite the detailed account, many remained skeptical. Did Depeche Mode really seek out the signature sounds of The Neptunes, or was it merely a piece of speculative journalism?

The Discovery

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and the skepticism can finally be put to rest. Thanks to the relentless dedication of music enthusiasts and collectors, a full version of The Neptunes‘ remix of ‘Dream On’ has surfaced. This revelation came from a member of the Grindin’ Discord Channel, a community known for unearthing rare and obscure tracks. The individual who shared the track chose to remain anonymous, maintaining the mystique surrounding this legendary collaboration.

The Track


Listening to the remix, one can immediately identify The Neptunes’ hallmark production elements. Pharrell and Chad’s unique blend of sharp, rhythmic beats and melodic hooks complements Depeche Mode’s haunting vocals and moody synths. The remix transforms ‘Dream On’ into a groove-laden track that bridges the gap between electronic new wave and early 2000s hip-hop.

Up in Studio C at Midtown Manhattan’s Right Track Recording, two fatigued hip-hoppers, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, prepare to embark on a remix for aging new wavers Depeche Mode (whom they’ve never met). But the session is stalled because “Dream On,” the song slated to be reworked, is missing. Engineers frantically click trough hard drives as the two peeved producers scowl on.

The Context


To appreciate the significance of this collaboration, it’s essential to understand the musical landscapes of the early 2000s. Depeche Mode was coming off the release of their album ‘Exciter,’ which saw them exploring more minimalistic and experimental sounds. Meanwhile, The Neptunes were at the height of their powers, producing chart-topping hits for artists like Jay-Z, Britney Spears, and Nelly.

The Neptunes’ ability to infuse their signature style into a Depeche Mode track without overshadowing the band’s essence speaks volumes about their versatility and respect for the original material. This remix is a testament to the producers’ talent and the universal appeal of Depeche Mode’s music.



The unveiling of The Neptunes‘ remix of Depeche Mode’s Dream On’ is more than just a release of a rare track; it’s a celebration of musical innovation and collaboration. It highlights a moment when two distinct musical worlds collided, creating a piece that resonates with fans of both artists.

For those eager to experience this piece of music history, the full track is now available for listening. To join the conversation and dive deeper into the world of rare Neptunes remixes, be sure to join the Grindin’ Discord channel at discord.