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Pharrell To Feature On “Activate’ Documentary (2019)

Pharrell Williams will be featured on a six-part documentary series titled ‘Activate’ that highlights the work of Global Citizen to eradicate extreme poverty. It’s not product placement. It’s not sponsored content. It’s prestige television. Activate, series that premieres today (Sept 5) on National Geographic Channel, features celebrities such as music producer Pharrell Williams, rapper Common, and actors Darren Criss and Uzo Aduba, and highlights the work of grassroots activists ending cash bail, eradicating plastic pollution, and more. Pharrell is featured in the fifth episode focused on the plastic pollution crisis.

Pharrell Williams Featured In ‘The Apollo’ Documentary

Fittingly, The Apollo will have its debut screening at the Apollo Theater on April 24th as part of the film festival’s opening night festivities, with additional screenings planned before the feature-length film comes to HBO later in the year. The Apollo “weaves together archival footage, music, comedy and dance performances, and behind-the-scenes verité with the team that makes the theater run,” the Tribeca Film Festival said. The documentary also features new interviews with artists like Pharrell Williams, Smokey Robinson, Patti LaBelle and Jamie Foxx.

“The Apollo is about so much more than just music, it’s about how we used music and art to lift ourselves out of oppression,“ director Roger Ross Williams said in a statement. “The story of the Apollo is the story of the evolution of black American identity and how it grew to become the defining cultural movement of our time. I was fortunate to make my first film with HBO and I am thrilled to be coming back home with The Apollo. Premiering at The Tribeca Film Festival, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem is a dream come true.”


The Neptunes Documentary From 2004

Here is an Old Documentary about The Neptunes from the year 2004, thanks to Startrak4life.

The End Of Malice (Documentary) (2016)

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Here is the anticipated Documentary of one half of the Clipse No Malice formely known as Malice, where he talks about the climb of the Clipse in the early 00’s and how he found God, with contributors by Pharrell, Pusha T. and more, check it out below.


No Malice Is Going On Tour, ’End Of Malice Documentary’ Due March 27th

2 Malice SigninNo Malice is taking his show on the road and showing his End Of Malice Documentary at theaters around the country. The Virginia native will also take part in a Q+A at the screeners. According to the documentary’s website, “The End of Malice is an intoxicating, first-person narrative from an extraordinary artist confronting the dualities of fame and family, success in the dope game, and the demanding world of mainstream music.

Told with revealing authenticity by Malice and insightful commentary by Pusha T and Pharrell Williams, this documentary transcends its subject matter and openly deals with subjects that have consumed mainstream culture.” End Of Malice will premiere on Revolt TV on March 27. Along with the film, a soundtrack will be released through iTunes sometime in the spring (there is no set release date as of press time.) Check out the dates and trailer below.



Pharrell Williams Documentary By The Obsolete Kid

Get Inline
Check out this Documentary about Pharrell Williams by The Obsolete Kid.

„Last Tuesday, I was Up All Night, and I Got Lucky. I witnessed a grown up, pee on his skateboard, because he would not stop dancing to Pharrell’s music. So I decided to, track this star. I forced my mom to play exclusively Pharrell’s tunes during nap time. She called the playlist: The Neptunes. Anyway, this week I am Happy to log the music of the incredible Pharrell Williams.“


Pharrell Praises Daft Punk In ‘Unchained’ Documentary (Trailer) (2015)

The first ever documentary film on the most secretive duo in the world. The epic story of two uncompromising artists. With the participation of their closest collaborators and friends from Pharrell Williams to Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Kanye West, Michel Gondry, Paul Williams, Peter Lindbergh, Leiji Matsumoto and Pete Tong, directed by Hervé Martin Delpierre.

The Plastic Age: A Documentary Featuring Pharrell Williams (2015)

We all talk about the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? People are starting to refer to us as the – far less romantic – Plastic Age. We make 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, and unlike paper, metal, glass or wood, it does not oxidise or biodegrade, instead it ends up in our oceans, making the ratio of plastic to plankton 100:1.

The way to make use of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Bionic Yarn. Co-designed by Pharrell, G-Star’s RAW for the Oceans collection is the world’s first denim line created from plastic that has been fished out of the big blue and recycled. Find out how we can pick 700,000 tonnes of plastic up off the sea floor in our documentary, made possible by G-Star, The Plastic Age.

Directed by Jake Sumner
Writers Jake Sumner and Zach Neumeyer
Director of Photography Austin Cary Rhodes
Producer Kate Cunningham
Executive Producer Lucy Cooper
Editor Zach Neumeyer
Original Music & Sound Design Dražen Bošnjak at Q Department
Colorist Jaime OBradovich at Company 3

Meet The Baes (Documentary) (2014)

Pharrell Williams invites you to “Meet The Baes,” a series that gives you an introduction to the dancers and singers who perform alongside Pharrell on stage.

Christina Chandler

Dancer Christina Chandler is like a ray of sunshine when she moves.

Rhea Dummett

Rhea Dummett isn’t just a singer who supports Pharrell Williams. She also has a key role in the beloved, worldwide hit, “Happy” and has contributed vocals to many of Pharrell’s productions.

Aye Hasegawa

Find out why Pharrell Williams was so determined to have Japanese dancer Aye Hasegawa join his crew of dancers.

Latrelle “Munchie” Simmons

Singer Latrelle “Munchie” Simmons has been working with Pharrell since the beginning of his career. She’s performed with many iconic artists including Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder.

Khadija Shari

Khadija Shari is not only one of Pharrell Williams‘ dancers, she’s also the face of his single, “Marilyn Monroe.” Get to know Khadija and what makes her happy about being a BAE.

Ai Shimatsu

Dancer Ai Shimatsu embraces her moment to shine each time she dances with Pharrell Williams.

Mette Towley

Meet dancer Mette Towley, one of Pharrell Williams’s dancers. Mette is wise beyond her years and shares her philosophy on what it means to be part of this talented group of young women.

Brya Underwood

Meet Brya Underwood, one of Pharrell Williams’ dancers. She’s from Atlanta and is known for her Southern hip hop style of dance.

Living The Dream

When casting singers and dancers to join his Dear Girl Tour, Pharrell Williams chose 8 women known as “The Baes” who he felt encompass the meaning of being a BAE; those who work hard and have the Best Attitude Ever. In this series, we learn how this select group of talented and empowered young women have achieved their success and are now living their dreams. “Meet The Baes” is a series that gives you an introduction to the dancers and singers who perform alongside Pharrell on stage. Baes wardrobe provided by adidas Women’s Originals.


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