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Pharrell Williams x Interview, Talks Working With Adidas

pharrell 2 1200x800By Alec Banks. The scene at The Lot studios in West Hollywood, CA is rather subdued as adidas employees put the finishing touches on the party space to celebrate the launch of the second drop of their Pink Beach collection with Pharrell Williams. Glassware is polished. Burly security guards are jokingly thanked for being so big so that their hulking frames can hide tiny aesthetic faults on the periphery that can only be noticed by someone who knows that they are there.

Some people even have booties over their shoes so as not to track in any dirt on the white floor. The entire scene is set off by a radiating, pink glow and thick, puffy clouds overhead. It feels like you’ve stepped onto the set of a Sin City sequel and producers are still trying to decide what needs to be real, and what will be filled in later with after effects. In a few hours, casting would be completed with appearances by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, DJ Khaled and Tyler, The Creator.

pharrell 1 960x640Pharrell Williams steps out of a black SUV around 8:30 PM and takes a moment to bask in the atmosphere before he is ushered to a faux-beach area where white chairs and a beach ball sit below a neon Trefoil logo. He’s dressed in a blue cap and navy hoodie from Cactus Plant Flea Market and a pair of the slip-ons from the collection which are already sold out worldwide. Williams jokes with members of the adidas team and is playful as he commandeers one of their cellphones to make the inaugural post on adidas’ Snapchat channel. Unlike other major celebrities, his team of handlers aren’t glued to his hip. He’s effortlessly cool and he’s careful with the words that he chooses; a publicist’s dream.



Pharrell Williams x HighSnobiety.Com Interview

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Pharrell Discusses Being Different, Collaborating with UNIQLO and His Vivienne Westwood Hat. Pharrell graced the red carpet at UNIQLO‘s New York flagship earlier this week to celebrate his i am OTHER collection launch with NIGO. We caught a few moments with the singer-songwriter-designer who opened up about his music, what i am OTHER means to him, and why he wears Vivienne Westwood.

On i am OTHER:
“What it allows me to do is to get important messaging that I feel like is pertinent at the moment, like ‘The Same Is Lame.’ We actually live in a world where a lot of people pick archetypes: By the time you’re 20 you’re like, ‘I’m a painter, and this is what I do every day,’ or ‘I’m a writer, and this is what I do,’ or ‘I’m a culinary artist.’ The last time I checked, when you’re a painter, you also eat food, you also watch television, you also read books. You don’t just need to be in a box. ‘The Same Is Lame.’ What makes you different is what makes you special. Like snowflakes and human beings: both super cool, but not the same.” “The i am OTHER message that is most dear to me is Individuality. Because who wants to look like something else? Who wants to be camouflaged in with everyone else? What makes you look special? If you look and sound like everyone else, how would we know who you are?”



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