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Huffington Post Reveals One Of Many Collaborations Between Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande

According to the Huffington Post, they revealed one track with Pharrell that will be on her upcoming album titled ‘Blame’. “This “tracklist” in the ‘No More Tears Left To Cry’ video appeared to suggest that in addition to his production credits, Pharrell will also feature as a guest vocalist on one track, seemingly titled ‘Blame’.”


Pharrell x Huffington Post Interview, Working On Own Cartoon

He’s created hit songs for himself, others, and his band. He’s also collaborated with a diverse mix of talent from Jay-Z to Gwen Stefani, and has his own clothing lines Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club. Talk to Pharrell Williams for five minutes, and you’ll instantly understand his need to work with others, push himself and expand his repertoire. It all comes down to his perception of “the American Dream,” and how he chooses to lives it. “When you read about it in the press, it’s the house with the picket fence, the wife, the 2 ½ kids, two cars, and the pursuit of that but it’s flawed,” The Neptunes producer and frontman of N*E*R*D explained. “It’s based on having something, not chasing something. Most successful people will tell you it’s not what’s in the bank, it’s the journey making it.”

That sort of explains Williams‘ journey. Doesn’t it? The singer, producer, fashion designer, and Huffington Post fan (he notes his “” site aspires to follow the HP model: “tell it like it is.”), has owned the world of pop and hip hop since joining forces with Chad Hugo in the late 1990s to form one-half of The Neptunes. Never satisfied with the status quo, he spent the 2000s establishing himself as a solo artist and drummer/singer for hip-rock group N*E*R*D He’s chosen to dive right into this decade. Williams penned and produced four tracks for the Despicable Me soundtrack (“Minions Mambo” is a personal favorite, as is a track with Robin Thicke), and this September, he and N*E*R*D will release their fourth studio album ironically titled Nothing.

Huffington Post: What was it about Despicable Me that made you want to create original tunes for its soundtrack?
Pharrell: I’m a huge fan of animation. I’ve always loved cartoons and I never let it go even when it was not in vogue to talk about cartoons. I’ve always loved the way I feel when I watch them, so you can only imagine what a dream come true this film at the forefront of 3D technology was for me. When given the opportunity, I jumped on it. I love collaborations, and I love to be the smallest guy in the room. Working with Universal and Illumination Entertaiment, [composer] Hans Zimmer, I was literally the peon in the room. I prefer it that way. I want to learn, and if you want to learn you surround yourself with people who know what to do so you can absorb everything.


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