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Travis Barker Talks Learning From Pharrell Williams

Rob Dyrdek, Pharrell Williams & Travis Barker
SPIN sat down with Travis Barker to talk about his upcoming projects as well as what he’s learned from watching Pharrell, and why 2019 is a great year for artists who dare to dream.

You’ve worked with so many artists across such a breadth of sounds and styles. Are there people you’ve collaborated with whose creative approach resonated with you or taught you something?
Being in the studio with Pharrell is really inspiring. He could have the most generic sounds pulled up, just putting ideas down, and it automatically sounds good because it’s Pharrell. I don’t even know how to explain it.I’ve learned over the years that ideas are key. If you’re building a track, you can put a million ideas down–put whatever, put 10 ideas down, and then maybe you need three or four sounds in the entire track or beat. Just start taking away, start muting things, figure out what works. Just be creative, be spontaneous, and have enough musical knowledge to get your ideas recorded, and you’re straight.


Pharrell In Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

Check out this full episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory featuring Pharrell among others, thanks to leviwest.

Street Dreams DVD Gets Release Date On October 26th

It was about time godammit, like a year ago Rob Dyrdek released the Street Dreams trailer with The Neptunes produced tune ‘Hoppin’ Over Fences’ on it, since then we’ve only had the 30 seconds snippet on repeat til now, they finally suggested to give it a release date, so yeh we’ll finally get the full ‘Hoppin’ Over Fences’ tune. According to Jason Bergh, the executive producer of Street Dreams (2009), the DVD is due on October 26th. Thanks to skletch.

Pharrell – Hoppin’ Over Fences (Snippet) (09′)


A Day In Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

Rob Dyrdek & Co.


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