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November 2008

Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved (Neptunes Remix) (Full)

Pharrell Williams and David Banner are among the big names joining pop group Maroon 5 for its upcoming remix album “Call & Response,” Swizz Beatz, ?uestlove, Just Blaze also join group’s ‘Call & Response’ project. Due Dec. 9 via A&M/Octone, the album also features new versions of the group’s songs from Swizz Beatz, Mark Ronson, the Roots’ Questlove, Cut Copy, Just Blaze, Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto among others. “I’ve always found it really interesting that a group of people looking at the same painting can all see different things,” says Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine. “That was the idea behind this record-to take a few of our songs and have them interpreted by some of our favorite artists. We were really blown away by what they came up with.”

Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved (Neptunes Remix) (Full)

Maroon 5 – Call & Response (The Remix Album) (2008) (Dec. 9th)
01 – If I Never See Your Face Again (Swizz Beats Remix)
02 – Wake Up Call feat. Mary J Blige (Mark Ronson Remix)
03 – Sunday Morning (Questlove Remix)
04 – Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze Remix)
05 – This Love (Tricky Stewart Remix)
06 – She Will Be Loved (Neptunes Remix)
07 – Shiver (DJ Quik Remix)
08 – Wake Up Call (David Banner Remix)
09 – Harder To Breathe (Cool Kids Remix)
10 – Little Of Your Time (Bloodshy & Avant Remix)
11 – Little Of Your Time (Of Montreal Remix)
12 – Goodnight Goodnight (Deerhoof Remix)
13 – Not Falling Apart (DJ Tiesto Remix)
14 – Better That We Break (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remix)
15 – Secret (DJ Premier Remix)
16 – Woman (Sam Farrar Remix)
17 – This Love (Cut Copy Remix)
18 – If I Never See Your Face Again feat. Rihanna (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

Clipse’s DC Event

Due to the huge amount of orders that we got for the online exclusive tee, and all right before the holiday weekend, orders will not ship until Monday Dec 1st every order shipped will receive confirmation and we managed to bag a few out before we shut the doors for the holiday but be apologize for any inconvenience as i know that some of you wanted to use your new tee to wipe the cranberry sauce from your baby cousin’s chin. The Thornton Brothers have busy this dudes this winter. Between launching a clothing line, releaseing a new mixtape and putting this finishing touches on a future classic album. They’ve carved a little more time out of their busy scheduled to hang with us next week at Commonwealth DC in celebration of the release of “Road To Til’ The Casket Drops” the Play Cloths Mixtape. If you can make it to DC, you invited to come down and drinkm stare awkwardly at Pusha and Malice and attempt to slide them demo cds that no one will ever listen to.


Madonna & Pharrell At The Dolphins Stadium, Miami


Madonna & Pharrell In Miami

Teriyaki Boyz’ ‘Serious Japanese’ Listening Session


Fall Out Boy ‘Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer’ (Preview)

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer)

W.A.M.S. Featuring Pharrell & produced by The Neptunes. Fun chanty – “Hurry, hurry, what the hell is such a flurry. What the hell makes us so special. I’m going to leave you, I’m going to teach you.” Really shit fade and then goes into a weird old school black american acapella thing. Thanks to lakeeffectkid who figured out what W.A.M.S. stands for by asking Andy via @fuckcity. It stands for “Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer” which was revealed in an interview with Pete and the rest of the band.

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer) (Snippet)

Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux (2008) (December 9th)
01 – Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
02 – I Don’t Care
03 – She’s My Winona
04 – Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
05 – What A Catch, Donnie
06 – America’s Suitehearts
07 – Tiffany Blews feat. Lil’ Wayne
08 – (Coffee For Closers)
09 – 27
10 – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer)
11 – The (Shipped) Gold Standard
12 – 20 Dollar Nose Bleed feat. Brendon Urie
13 – West Coast Smoker feat. Debbie Harry


Vote For “She Loves Everybody”

88Nine Radio in Milwaukee have put the Neptunes Remix of “She Loves Everybody” in a fun online competition (against songs by Wiley and Cut Off Your Hands). Make sure to Vote for Chester French.

Robin Thicke To Perform In Birmingham December 26th

The Birmingham date is one of four shows scheduled for Thicke at the end of the year. Thicke will perform in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 27, Atlanta on Dec. 28 and Los Angeles on Dec. 29. Tickets went on sale today for Robin Thicke’s Dec. 26 appearance at the BJCC Concert Hall in Birmingham. Prices for the 7:30 p.m. show are $38.50 and $49.50, plus service charges, through Ticketmaster.


Free Chester French Show In NYC

Chester French ot a free show in NYC on December 1st.
The hitch is you have to go to one of the following Puma stores to pick up tickets.

Meat Packing District
421 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10014

The PUMA Store
521 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

The PUMA Store
33 Union Square West
New York, NY 10003

Common – Universal Mind Control (2008) (Preview)

Here is a Preview of Common’s New Album Universal Mind Control (2008).
My Personally favourite tune is ‘Inhale’… siieeck.

Common – Universal Mind Control (2008)
01 – Universal Mind Control feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
02 – Punch Drunk Love feat. Pharrell & Kanye West (Neptunes)
03 – Make My Day feat. Cee-Lo (Mr. DJ)

04 – Sex 4 Sugar feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)

05 – Announcement feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
06 – Gladiator feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
07 – Changes feat. Martina Topleybird & Omoye Assata Lynn (Mr. DJ)
08 – Inhale (Neptunes)

09 – What A World feat. Chester French (Neptunes)

10 – Everywhere (Mr. DJ)

Make Sure To Cop That Shit !

Teriyaki Boyz Shooting New Video

Teriyaki Boyz
have shoot a new video according to Wise’s Blog. I wonder if its “Work That feat. Pharrell” *Looks For Pharrell In The Pics*


Teriyaki Boyz – Serious Japanese (2009) (January 28th)
– Work That feat. Pharrell

Busta Pushed Back Again, March 10th 2009

The album was originally going to be called Before Hell Freezes Over then Back On My Bullshit, then Blessed and now it will be called B.O.M.B. (the acronym for Back On My Bullshit). It was also originally planned for a release in December 4, 2007; however, it was delayed to June 17, 2008, and then July 1, 2008, then delayed again to December 9, 2008, then pushed back to February 10, 2009, and now to March 10 2009’. It is aimed to follow up Busta’s studio effort “The Big Bang“, which peaked at number 1 on Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart and sold 2.5 million copies worldwide since it was released in June 2006. “You’re gonna get your traditional Busta Rhymes-and-Pharrell collabo,” Busta commented on his forthcoming record during an interview with MTV. “My man focus from the Aftermath crew; Dre  the late, great Jay Dilla got work on the album. It’s gonna be great – look forward to the new bang-out.”

Busta Rhymes – B.O.M.B. (2009) (March 10th)
– G-Stro
– Kill Dem feat. Tosh
– Back On My Bullshit

‘Sooner Or Later’ 3rd Single, Pics

Star Trak
has announced that N¤E¤R¤D is shooting their 3rd single to ‘Seeing Sounds’ next week in L.A. Great Choice!

N¤E¤R¤D – Sooner Or Later

Common – Punch Drunk Love & Gladiator (CDQ)

The studio version of Gladiator & ‘Punch Drunk Love’ has been leaked to several radio stations, here are they finally, the album version of Common’s ‘Punch Drunk Love & Gladiator \o_.

Common – Punch Drunk Love feat. Pharrell & Kanye West

Common – Gladiator feat. Pharrell

Pharrell – Rumor Has It feat. Young Jeezy

Here is a Young Jeezy track produced by The Neptunes called ‘Rumor Has It’. It has been recorded for Jeezy’s second album The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102 from 2006 Studio Session that didn’t make the final cut which is 1 of the 120 songs that Jeezy recorded for the album. Apparently Pharrell is about to release this tune as “Pharrell feat. Young Jeezy” (New Solo Album?/New Neptunes Compilation Album?) we’ll see. Big Thanks To Uvizzle.

Pharrell – Rumor Has It feat. Young Jeezy

Pharrell & The ‘Make A Wish’ Foundation

Apparently the convention bucking and lite anarchy that I wrote about at the N¤E¤R¤D show Thursday wasn’t all an act. Sources tell us that the reason that the group was late to take the stage — we didn’t notice because aren’t groups always late taking the stage? — was because there were two little kids from the Make A Wish Foundation backstage, whose wish was to meet Pharrell. Not only did he grant that wish, but he invited the kids to come on stage with him as the group performed. Apparently, according to our peeps backstage, folks at the Convention Center said no. Pharrell balked and refused to go on. A back and forth ensued. Pharrell, we hear, was told that he’d have to pay $5,000 for every extra person on stage.”And?”  (Not sure he said that exactly, but that was the essential oil of it.) And with that, P brought the tots on stage and started the show. You know that must have been a very, very special night for those children; certainly a night they will never forget. Class. Kindness. Grace. Harvesting good karma. Bravo, Pharrell.


Pharrell’s Guardian Interview

The 35-year-old musician and rapper from Virginia has, as half of The Neptunes, produced avant-garde beats, bespoke bass lines and 24-carat melodies for Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Britney Spears. He also plays in his own band, N¤E¤R¤D He is a recent celebrity addition to the F1 Circuit thanks to a chance meeting with Lewis Hamilton.

Which sport is most important to you?
The first sport I got into – and the one that has had most impact on my life – is skateboarding. Most people think skateboarding is for some kid with blond hair from suburbia. But I remember when I was 12 or 13, growing up in Virginia Beach, everybody, black and white, was doing it. Skating taught me what it meant to be cool, to have credibility. I had it. I got so mad with it that I had a half-pipe put in my house. I had the look – the baggy jeans, the Vans. I still wear Vans shoes. I rap about skateboarding. My nickname is Skateboard P.

Do you still skate?
I’m always on the road, so I don’t do it as much as I’d like, but my brother, Cato, is a pro-am skater and I co-sponsor a team with Reebok, the Ice Cream Skate Team, named after one of my fashion labels. It’s my way of keeping in touch. I send the kids around the world. I put money in their pockets. I’m trying to help spread the culture. You know, to tell kids: ‘You can do a trick on a skateboard and be cool and earn money. The chicks will love you like you’re buying dope.’

Are there similarities between sport and music?
Sport teaches you discipline and execution. That’s what’s required in music. I could see that when I was at high school in Virginia. I played sports but I was also in the marching band that used to perform at [American] football games. I was 16 and I played snare drum and Chad [Hugo – Williams’s production partner] was the conductor. We used to win awards because we were so tight. Sportsmen and musicians are also leaders – not in a ‘Follow me’ way but in an individualistic way. Look at David Beckham. In how he plays, in how he dresses, he has the mentality of an individual.

What sports do you watch?
I’m beginning to get into motorsport. I’ve always loved cars. I have a Ferrari Enzo and a McLaren Mercedes SLR, and I have had three Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a Phantom Drophead Coupé – which are all fast rides. I went to the American Grand Prix in Indianapolis last year and I met Lewis Hamilton. He’s a cool kid. He taught me a lot of things about the sport and we’ve kind of become friends.

Apparently Hamilton asked you to race with him in an F1 car…
We were talking about cars. I said you have to be in a race-car mood to drive the Ferrari Enzo. It’s so fast, it’s like being in a spaceship or a stealth bomber and there’s no radio, so I can’t have any tunes. I told him my dream car is the Bugatti Veyron. That top speed – more than 200mph – is something special. So, he asked me if I wanted to race in F1 with him. I told him I like speed but I don’t need to go that fast. It’s cool to watch.

Do you train?
There’s a ridiculous amount of energy on stage and, since we’re touring right now, that’s my work-out. Otherwise, I just try to stay off the Pop Tarts, the Mentos and the Gummy Bears. Shay [N.E.R.D’s drummer] tries to get me on the bike for 40 minutes a day, but it never works. Anyway, I see him sneaking off to McDonald’s, so I can’t take it seriously.

How has sport influenced the designs you create for your fashion labels?
Sportswear and hip-hop have always been linked. As a kid, I wore bad T-shirts and plaid pants. I admired Rakim. He was the best rapper and, stylistically, he was about classic sneakers and customised Dapper Dan threads. Billionaire Boys Club [Williams’ upscale label] has some of those influences. Plus, rappers and sportsmen have always appreciated jewellery.

You seem to like preppy golf chic.
Yeah. Golf is where sport and fashion come together in a more laid-back style. I’ve got a custom-made golf bag by Hermès.

What sport have you learnt to play in Britain?
Ping pong. That’s some goofy shit.


Pusha T. In ‘Ace Hood’ Video

Pusha T. has a Cameo Appearance (0:55) in the Ace Hood video ‘Ride’

N¤E¤R¤D To Re-Release ‘Seeing Sounds’ With 3 New Tracks?

Apparently N¤E¤R¤D are Re-Releasing their 3rd albumSeeing Sounds’ with 3 new tracks to be released around Christmas according to Producer45 who had the opportunity to talk with Shae at the Play Cloths Release Party November 21st. “Hey Whats Going On Everyone I Might Be Late On This But I Was Just At The Play Cloths Release Party & Shae Was There I Got To Talk To Him For A While! I Might Be Lalte On This But He Told Me That “We Are Re-Packing The Album (Seeing Sounds) To Be Released Around Christmas Time With 3 New Tracks On It”

N¤E¤R¤D In Norfolk, Virginia (Nov. 20th)

They just got in from London, and in a few weeks will head off to Sweden, Denmark then Norway but on Thursday night, N¤E¤R¤D did a homecoming show. The post-rock, post-hip hop group performed Thursday as part of Old Dominion University’s homecoming, but their show was just as much a homecoming for them, after months of touring in support of their third album “Seeing Sounds.” N¤E¤R¤D, which stands for No One Ever Really Dies, was an almost too perfect act for the sprawling, urban, multicultural college in Norfolk, as their music is an undefinable blend rock, hip-hop and punk. You won’t often hear N¤E¤R¤D on the radio, and they’re music doesn’t ride high on Billboard charts. Yet the group appeals to a wide swath of young people who enjoy riding the fringes and pushing envelopes, and that’s exactly the contingent of trendsetters that came out en mass to see them Thursday night. From the moment they arrived on stage, singing “Anti-Matter,” from their latest album, N¤E¤R¤D’s show remained a high energy ride.

Pharrell Williams, the group’s lead singer whose international cool level by now rivals James Bond’s, came out in a camouflage jacket, doing a dorky shuffle dance that involves fierce high kicks. Shae Haley, in a puffy red jacket, also came out screaming, helping to drive the standing mass of people in front of the stage into a frenzy, while the groups’ decidedly more low-key Chad Hugo huddled close to the band, where he remained for the duration of the show. Indeed, the concertgoers — nearly all wearing vibrant graphic T-shirts and sneakers and gear indicating their allegiance to hip hop skater chic — were so worked up that by time the group got to their second song, “Brain,” they’d begun hoisting one another up and tossing them like beach balls. Crowd surfing, as it’s called, is usually a major no-no in local venues, but that night, there were no rules. “Rule number one at an N¤E¤R¤D show,” Pharrell shouted, “If someone is crowd surfing you hold them up! Rule number two,” he said, peppering all this with colorful language, “You have a great time.” N¤E¤R¤D knows its audience is a post-racial, hyper-stimulated group that, at least on some level, embraces bucking every rule and convention.

They must have been thrilled, then, when Pharrell personally pulled (and sometimes with a bit of struggle) crowd surfers on to the stage. While this was likely a nightmare for the security guards down front, it was a bit thrilling to see the handful of random strangers that made it on stage jump and thrash and head bang alongside Pharrell, Shae and their friend Fam-Lay as the guys performed metal meets hip hop songs “Rock Star (Poser),” and “Spaz.” All those people on stage flailing looked terribly chaotic, even making it hard to find the actual performers, but it was fun to watch. It was like everyone was reveling in controlled anarchy. N¤E¤R¤D put on an excellent show, and it was a win-win-win for fans, the school and the group. As they closed with their drum and bass song “Everyone Nose,” and then “She Wants To Move,” it still remained unclear who was having more fun: the people so proud to see their hometown celebs yell “757!” or the guys themselves, who’ve crisscrossed the globe all year but always say there’s no place like home.


Pusha T.’s Highs Nobiety Interview

For the past few months previews and sneak peaks of Play Cloths, the new line from the Clipse, have been making their way around the web. Initial peaks show an interest in classic streetwear elements – caps, tees and denim. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new line is the connection the Clipse already have to fashion. With the official launch of Play Cloths set for November 21st, we caught up with Pusha T. to discuss the brands mission.

HS: Tell me about your inspiration for the branding and theme behind Play Cloths.
Pusha T: The branding is pretty simple. The word play regardless of the context brings about images of youth. Even as adults we play, but as we mature the word has a certain innocence about it. So the imagery, the themes, the overall message, is about working hard so you can play hard. The balance between maturity and innocence in our everyday lives is what we bring to the table design-wise. Grown up cuts and fabrics with a sporty feel to them.

HS: There is a lot more to Play Cloths than the typical “rapper” brand. For example, there seems to be an actual interest in garment construction and not just tossing the name out. Where did your interest in clothing develop and how has it grown over time?
Pusha T
: Interest in clothing is just the natural progression of being young in an urban environment. You grow up admiring what you can’t have and anybody of stature in your hood was wearing the latest greatest, whether it be the hottest Polo rugby or the newest Jordan’s. So it all just became aspirational, being fresh was the uniform of success. Being privileged enough to be able to travel the globe, expand ourselves culturally and have access to what was previously unattainable for us, we have a new appreciation for fashion as a statement and how everything we wear, from a tuxedo to a track suit, is telling of who you are and how you want the world to view you. That’s why our line is going to be so diversified. We want to fit in wherever you play, the streets or the suites.

HS: Being closely connected with BBC, what lessons have you learned about both the market and the production side of the industry that make the move towards your own brand a little easier?
Pusha T
: We were fortunate to have built with Bape for a long time and to see the inception of BBC which gave us a model to follow when doing our own thing. We saw that you have to be hands on with your business doing everything from choosing your staff and approving designs to marketing, promoting and just simply wearing your stuff. I can say that we had a hand in the popularity of those brands and now we get the chance to throw our hats in the ring and we definitely don’t waste opportunity.

HS: How does Play Cloths fit in with the Clipse/Re-Up brand?
Pusha T
: I would like to say that the Play Cloths is an extension of the Clipse/Re-Up gang, but the brand is meant to stand on its own. It will be integrated into a lot of the stuff that we do in some way shape or form, but the music is our focus. Of course we’ll still put in the work on both ends, Clipse and Play Cloths, 100 percent, but this is a whole new road for us and we don’t want for the worth of our clothing to be based on the content of our music and vice versa.

HS: From the previews that are out, the line focuses on what I might call street basics. Tees, varsity jackets, fitted caps. It’s an everyday wear kind of line. Is there any impetus to build on that, produce items that have more cross over?
Pusha T
: This initial launch product is just branding, getting the name out and creating a visual. The branding is something that you’ll see less of as that line moves forward. With every season you’ll see more of a departure from the norm and a diversification of the product that we offer, Of course you’re gonna see hoodies and jeans because that’s where we all come from, but you’re gonna see cardigans an button downs in that mix cause that’s where we’re going. There should be something for everyone.


Kevin Rudolf – She Can Get It (Full) With Credits

Here is the Album Version of the Kevin – Hugo collabo ‘She Can Get It’ Off Kevin’s ‘In The City’ Due November 25th.

Kevin Rudolf – She Can Get It (Full)

Written By: K. Rudolf, C. Hugo, J. Kasher
Produced By: Chad Hugo Of The Neptunes & Kevin Rudolf For B.A.M.F. Inc.
Recorded At: B.A.M.F. Studios, Miami FL & Hovercraft Studios, Virginia Beach
Recorded By: Joshua Berkman
Recording Assistant: Daniel Betancourt
Mixed By: Serban Ghenea
PT Engineer For Mix: John Hanes
Mix Assistant: Tim Roberts
Mixed At: Mix Star Studios, Virginia Beach VA
Mastered By: Chris Gehringer
Mastered At: Sterling Sound Mastering, NYC & Launched

Check out the new Play Cloth & Common Site and make sure to bookmark them.

‘Something Else’ Selling +15,100, At #47

Robin Thicke held steady, showing the least amount of change as his new album Something Else dropping one spot to No. 47 selling 15,100 copies. Following-up his platinum-selling album The Evolution of Robin Thicke, the crooner’s latest release continues its steady pace with 258,900 units sold after seven weeks in stores.

Fall Out Boy Drummer ‘Andy Hurley’ Uweekly Interview

A Chat with Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley. Love them or hate them, Fall Out Boy is one of the most successful bands to rise out of the pop punk scene this decade. Originally slated to hit shelves on Election Day, its fourth major release in five years, “Folie À Deux ,” is now rescheduled for Dec. 16th. It promises Fall Out Boy’s signature sarcasm, big name guest artists, and of course, ridiculously long song titles like “Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet.”Uweekly spoke with drummer Andy Hurley about the band’s recent world record, what to expect from the new album, and why Jujitsu might come in handy, after all.

UW: What does “Folie à Deux” mean, and why did you decide to use it as the title of your new album?
A:Pete found it from reading Newsweek. It’s a French psychological term that means “shared madness of two.” We thought that it was typical to pop culture and media culture these days. Brittany Spears and the tabloids have this madness together, and they kind of make each other infinitely more insane. There are so many examples: the election and the candidates, the government and the public, a band and its fans. It’s not always in a bad way and it means something different for each of us. That’s why I like the name, because it applies to so many different things.

UW: What is the story behind the cover art — a bear piggybacking a guy in a bear suit?A: That was more Pete’s call with an artist, Luke Chueh, that he loves and we all love too. Pete saw some other stuff of his that he likes, and it’s kind of pretending to be something, and then the real bear is carried around. But it’s cool. It looks cool.

UW: Can you talk a little about artist collaborations on the record?
A: The only collaboration really is with Pharrell and the Neptunes. He co-wrote “w.a.m.s.” That was one of the coolest experiences, because I love Pharrell and I love hip-hop. He ended up being one of the nicest and most down-to-earth dudes. He made me kind of nervous because he has just done so many good songs. Other than that, there are a lot of guests, especially from the artists on Pete’s label, Decaydance. Then there’s a song with Elvis Costello singing a part and another song with Debbie Harry singing a part. It was pretty surreal to work with all those people we grew up listening to.



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