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March 2009

NERD To Perform New Song At Spring Break In Panama City

According to NERD’s Twitter Site, NERD are about to perform a new track at Spring Break in Panama City from a possible new album or a Seeing Sounds Re-release.

Pitbull’s “Blanco feat. Pharrell” Gets A Video

According to NERD’s Twitter Site, they’re already shooting the video for Pitbull’sBlanco” Tune featuring Pharrell from the Fast & Furious 4 OST. In the meanwhile, check out my Extended Mix of Blanco that I did this morning :D.

Pitbull – Blanco feat. Pharrell (Extended Mix)

Madonna To Record New Songs For Greatest Hits, Possibly New Neptunes/Madonna Collabo ?

25-year tenure with Warner Music will come to an end with a new greatest hits compilation due out in September, the Material Girl’s management told People. “Madonna does have plans to go into the studio to record a few new songs for this album,” says Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg. “We’re hoping to have a greatest hits package come out in September. We’re all very excited about it.” In a new twist, fans might get to have a say in what makes the final cut of the greatest hits compilation. Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary took to Twitter yesterday to ask fans what songs they’d want on the upcoming collection. “Thank you to everyone that gave me there pick of song ideas for Madonna’s greatest hits.

I will pass along all your thoughts,” Oseary tweeted.  The upcoming greatest hits will be the Madge’s fourth best-of compilation, following 1990’s The Immaculate Collection, the ballad-bunching Something to Remember and 2001’s GHV2. The collection will also mark the end of Madonna’s 25-year career at Warner labels Sire, Maverick and Warner Bros., a partnership that dates all the way back to her 1983 debut album Madonna. Several months before the release of 2008’s Hard Candy, Madonna signed a massive, all-encompassing 360 deal with Live Nation in October 2007, which immediately paid dividends as her Sticky & Sweet tour raked in over $200 million, record-breaking, top-grossing tour by a solo artist and female artist.


The Neptunes’ Movie Projects

Here are the movie projects that The Neptunes are involved with.

Fast & Furious 4 (2009) (April 3rd)
Director – Justin Lin
Writers – Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson
Composer The Neptunes
– Tego Calderon – You Slip, She Grip feat. Pitbull
– Pitbull – Blanco feat. Pharrell
– Fam-Lay – Untitled

Limelight (2009) (TV) (ABC)
Executive Producers – McG, Leonard Goldberg
Co-Executive Producer – Peter Johnson
Director – David Semel
Score Composer – Pharrell Williams
Writers – K. J. Steinberg, David S. Rosenthal

Square Grouper (2009) (TV) (HBO, Adult Swim, Rakontur Films)
Directors – Alfred Spellman, Billy Corben
Composer – Pharrell Williams

Street Dreams (2009)
Director – Chris Zamoscianyk   
Producer – Rob Dyrdek, Scott Mellini, Chris Zamoscianyk 
Composer – Pharrell Williams
Writers – Elisa Delson, Rob Dyrdek, Nino Scalia

Voltron – Defender Of The Universe (2010)
Director – Max Makowski
Producers – Mark Gordon, Mark Costa &  Frank Oelman
Score Composer – Pharrell Williams
Writer – Justin Marks

This Wednesday (2010)
Director – Christine Crokos
Writer – Christine Crokos
Score Composer – Robin Thicke

Zoom (2010) (Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment)
Director – Preston Whitmore
Producer – Brian Grazer
Score Composer – Pharrell Williams
Writer – Preston Whitmore

Joel Silver & Pharrell Williams Project (2010)

Tyrese Is Working With Robin Thicke

According to Tyrese’s Twitter site, Tyrese has been in the studio with Robin Thicke Recording a song called “Pregnant” for his 5th Studio Album.

Tyrese – 5th Studio Album (2009)
– Pregnant (R. Thicke)

NERD ~ Article

NERD’s Not Your Stereotypical Group. Do not be fooled by their name. This group of three does not wear thick eyeglasses, carry heavy textbooks or consider the library their second home. These buddies since high school — Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley — make up a group called N.E.R.D., which marries hip-hop with funk-rock. These versatile musicians infuse a little bit of everything contemporary, including pop, heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, rock and R&B. Williams is the group’s frontman, who also plays the drums. Hugo, who is of Filipino descent, plays lead guitar, keys and saxophone. Shay Haley is the backing vocalist-cum-percussionist. On Sunday, March 22, NERD is scheduled to perform to about 4,000 fans with their fusion groove at Tennis Indoor Senayan in South Jakarta, following back-to-back performances at international music festivals in Singapore and Malaysia.

Nirmala Hapsari of Java Festival Production, the promoter of the concert, said, “With many concerts being held in Indonesia, with various genres, this is concrete evidence that Indonesia, especially Jakarta, is a safe and lucrative place for foreign musicians. “NERD is a must-see event for those who have a passion for funk, hip-hop and rap,” Nirmala said. “You can’t miss out on [their] stage presence.” The ingenious Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo also make up the dynamic Grammy-winning duo, The Neptunes, who are responsible for producing the sounds of some of the most acclaimed pop, hip-hop and R&B artists, including Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kelis and Justin Timberlake. NERD is an offshoot of The Neptunes. NERD is the outlet in which the boys can directly channel their musical creativity. As the band puts it, on their official MySpace page, “NERD is the offspring of The Neptunes id … that subscribes to no rules, adheres to no agenda.” In 2001, their debut album “In Search Of?…?” was released in Europe. The first version was produced with a digital-heavy sound, echoing the modern, hybrid beats Williams and Hugo used on albums they produced for other artists as The Neptunes.


Clipse – When The Last Time feat. Pharrell & Kelis (DMA PRO! Remix)

Check out this “When The Last Time” Remix by DMA PRO!.

Mos Def Album “The Ecstatic” Due June 30th

Multi-talented emcee Mos Def will return from a 3 year hiatus with his 4th studio album, The Ecstatic. Mos debuted two new tracks courtesy of his Myspace Page the Mr. Flash produced “Life In Marvelous Times,” and “Quiet Dog Bite Hard,” produced by Preservation.” The new LP will also mark the 10 year anniversary of the Brooklynite’s celebrated debut album, Black On Both Sides. That project spawned the popular singles “Ms. Fat Booty” and “Umi Says.” Mos’ last album, 2006’s True Magic, was released with no promotion or CD cover per the rapper’s request. Currently, Mos Def is diligently formalizing an official U.S. tour, along with a finalized tracklisting for the new LP. The Ecstatic is rumored to feature additional production from Madlib, Oh No, Chad Hugo, J Dilla, and Kanye West. At recent shows, Mos Def has also performed tracks slated to feature Slick Rick (“Auditorium”) and Talib Kweli (“History”). At press time, The Ecstatic is scheduled for release on June 30.


Mos Def – Twillight Speedball (Chad Hugo)

Robin Thicke Readies New Album For 2009

Robin Thicke
has recorded 15 songs for a new album in ’09. Robin Thicke has made enough progress on his next album to predict a first single this summer with a full-length release in the fall. “I’ve got about 15 new (songs),” Thicke told reporters during a Monday conference call to promote his upcoming concert tour with Jennifer Hudson. The big change this time, he said, was working with a variety of different producers rather than helming the set himself. “I always wanted to be like Prince and write and produce myself,” Thicke said. “This time I’m not trying to take all the credit…and work with a lot of the best producers in the business. So my sound is going to be a lot different than anything I’ve ever done before. The sound I’m getting is brand new for me. It’s great.”

Thicke told that he’s come up with “this crazy new sound” with Jeffrey Bahsker (Kanye West). He’s also been working with The Surf Club, a Pasadena team he calls “a young Neptunes. I’ve done three records with them that are a new rock, hip-hop, soul sound.”I’m just really stretching the ceiling a little bit with an open mind, and the results have been wonderful.” The album, Thicke’s fourth overall, will come fast on the heels of “Something Else,” which was released in September and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. He’s just released a third single from the album, “You’re My Baby,” in time for the tour with Hudson which begins March 31 in Albany, N.Y., and wraps up 25 shows later in Biloxi, Miss.


Robin Thicke – 4th Studio Album (2009)
Producers & Guests: Jeffrey Bahsker, The Surf Club

Robin Thicke & The Surf Club

„Kinda Like A Big Deal“ Due April, Cameos By Kanye West & Consequence

Yesterday had the pleasure of crashing a Vibe magazine photo shoot with Clipse at a super-secret location. (Okay, it was Commonwealth.) You know we are big fans of Clipse both musically and personally — even more so after Malice asked yesterday if we’d been working out — so it was great to catch up. Here are some of the things you can catch from them soon:

– Their single “Kind of Like a Big Deal” hits in April; Kanye West and Consequence are going to cameo in the video.

– Their clothing line, Play Cloths, is doing really well; Malice yesterday had on a really dope varsity sweater I liked and black Play Cloths jeans. Two thumbs up. And are you reading the Play Cloths blog? Very funny…

– Re-Up Gang is now a threesome; Sandman left to pursue a solo career, and Ab Liva is working on a solo album too. They told me they’re not making the Re Up Gang album a priority now as much as…

– “Til The Casket Drops,” their new effort, should hit sometime around late summer/early fall. Swizzy, DJ Khalil and of course The Neptunes are among the collaborators. Malice and Pusha said the album will be more grown up, and more ‘mainstream.’ There are specifics, but I’ll share those later.

– The thing I found most interesting? They’re starting a web-only reality series soon. The show will follow their lives behind-the-scenes, capturing all the funny stuff that goes on.


Slim Thug ~ Interview

Houston, Texas’ own, Slim Thug steps in for the latest exclusive Industry Interview for THE3XGP.COM! Slim Thug talked to Rick From Chicago about his long awaited sophomore album, why he left Geffen Records, the best places to grab grub in his hometown, what his next single will be, Lupe Fiasco and much more!

RFC: I’ve heard the new album will be a return to your signature Houston sound that you are so very well known for.  Were you able to secure Pharrell for a record on Boss of All Bosses or is this album going in another direction?
Slim Thug: It’s another direction.  I definitely wanted to work with Pharrell and he wanted to work with me on this.  But he be out of the country so much, we could never get on the same page and get that one record.  We traded a few beats but we couldn’t get that one hit record.  And then when I met him at the Grammy’s, he had one for me and he was like, let’s do it but it was kinda too late.  By then we had to turn in the record to the label.   I will definitely get him on the next album, ‘cause the minute I see him, we gonna do some records together.

RFC: What have you done differently with Boss of All Bosses that you didn’t do on Already Platinum?  Because I read an XXL interview last year where you said from a sales point of view, “it’s gonna be the music that’s going to be blamed if [the album] doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.”
Slim Thug: Yeah.  Because on this album here, I just really did me man and brought it back to my roots .  It ended up being a record where I’m trying to put my city on, be a strong part of the Houston movement and bring back that movement in a strong way.  So I wanted to paint the perfect visual of my city but not just from Swishahouse.   And when I say Swishahouse I mean me, Mike (Jones), Paul Wall and Chamillionaire.  I wanted to work with cats like the S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click) and I wanted to work with legends in the game like UGK, Scarface you know what I’m saying?  You know just anybody who was a big part of the Houston movement, I wanted to get on my record and at the same time I got cats you probably never heard of.  There’s new artists and I love them and I just wanted to paint the perfect picture of Houston as whole. Not just one part of it. Thanks To Rick From Chicago.


Max With A Okulele

The Neptunes Teaming Up With Alexandra Burke

alexandra-burkeHip-hop star Pharrell Williams is reportedly working with Britain’s The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke on her debut album. Burke won the TV talent contest in December (08) and is recording her as-yet-untitled disc, which is set for release in November (09). And now Williams’ producing sideline The Neptunes is planning on joining the singer in the studio, reports Britain’s Daily Star Sunday. A source tells the publication, “Alexandra will be heading into the studio with Pharrell as soon as their schedules allow. “She can’t believe her luck. She’s a massive fan and thinks Pharrell will help her distance herself from Leona (Lewis) comparisons by giving her an edgier side.”


Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah

Resident Evil 5

Sorry for the lack of updates these days folks, i just got this Friday the most anticipated game ever „Resident Evil 5“.That is the reason i got a PS3 just because of that game.. so yeah i just wanted y’all to know that the site won’t be updated daily this month :D.

The Neptunes On The Fast & Furious 4 OST

Remember the pics we’ve seen off Pitbull & The Neptunes in the studio… well, that session was for the Fast & Furious OST where they been working on the „Blanco“ track. So far there are 2 neptunes tracks on the Fast & Furious 4 OST, „Pitbull – Blanco feat. Pharrell“ & „Tego Calderon – You Slip, She Grip feat. Pitbull“ although that tune has to be confirmed yet because that doesn’t really sound as a Neptunes track but Pitbull is shouting out Skateboard P on the track, so we’ll see later on if it’s a Neptunes production. There is also a 3rd neptunes track by Fam-Lay that is on the Fast & Furious 4 OST but we don’t know yet if ist a old or new tune.

Fam-Lay On The Fast & Furious 4 Movie

Fast & Furious 4 Trailer

Chris Brown – I Need You feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)

Another Neptunes track that leaked this week is the Chris Brown tune
Chris Brown – I Need You feat. Pharrell“ it looks like Chris is working on new album or is this an old tune… time will tell.

Michael Jackson Is Working On A New Album

michael-jacksonThe King of Pop will release his new record the moment he takes to the stage at London’s 02 Arena for his sold-out This Is It tour. Jacko is desperate to produce his best CD yet and so he’s gathered his brightest pals together to knock his efforts in to shape in the hope it can be released this summer. American artists Will.I.Am & Ne-Yo are some of the driving force behind this latest unnamed effort. Kanye West has also submitted some songs and Michael wants to get Justin Timberlake, Rihanna & Chris Brown to keep the album fresh. Michael has also suggested that this album is likely to be his last.


Lupe Fiasco: Child Rebel Soldiers Coming Soon

Lupe Fiasco did a show at Tulane University and he proclaimed that CRS  was “coming soon.” He’s also stopped cutting his hair until it’s time for an album. He said, “I need a fade, but y’all need records. I’ll stay nappy to make yall happy.” Thanks To Jeezy.


Clipse Denies Kanye Deebo Rumors, Talks “Amazing” Cam’Ron Collaboration

clipseRumors recently hit the net that Kanye West has kept a song he did with Clipse for their upcoming Columbia debut, for himself. chopped it up with Pusha T. to find out if there is any truth behind gossip. As previously reported, the song, titled “Kinda Like A Big Deal” which was produced by DJ Khalil, was supposed to be premiering last Monday (March 9). When it was never released rumors spread that Ye jacked the track to use as a theme song for his new Nike kicks, the Air Yeezys. “That’s totally false,” Pusha told “I mean I don’t even know what to say. I don’t even know where they got that from. Me and Ye’ just talked the other day and we got real big plans for the record.”“[Kanye’s] not trying to take anything,” he added. “Like I said I just hate there’s so many different parties involved with what we’re planning I can’t really speak on anything and the statement that was made was totally false. To put Ye’ in that light was not cool and he’s been nothing but helpful in the making of the record and the insight on the album as a whole.”

camronAnother rapper that Clipse recruited for the disc is the recently resurfaced Dipset leader Cam’Ron. The collaboration is a match made in heaven for fans of both artists’ penchant for coke raps. “Oh my god, I think the Cam’Ron record is going to be an amazing, amazing record,” he said. “I mean I think people are really gonna enjoy that one.”Pusha says the track was tailor made for the Harlem Don by longtime Clipse producers The Neptunes. “We found the record, we called him and told him we wanted him to be on the record and then we actually went to Miami and found the record in Miami with Pharrell. He made it and he was like this is the one for Cam.” Clipse’s third studio album Til The Casket Drops is set for a summer release.

Clipse Till The Casket Drops (2009) (Summer)
Producers & Guests: The Runners, Swizz Beatz, Rick Rubin, Sean & LV, Justice League, Dame Grease, The Neptunes, Danjahands, DJ Khalil, Reefa, Boi 1-Da…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Kinda Like A Big Deal feat. Kanye West (DJ Khalil)
– Mr. Promo feat. Cam’Ron (Neptunes)


NERD ~ Article

shaeNot quite hip-hop and not exactly rock, NERD is a band that bridges the gap between the two genres. The band’s acronym stands for No one Ever Really Dies, the idea that people’s souls live on after death. NERD is the brainchild of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo (of the Neptunes) and Shay Haley. Williams and Hugo sought out to make their band’s music sound completely different from their celebrated Neptunes productions which spanned from pop to rap music. NERD’s sound borrows from rock, funk, old school R&B and hip-hop. This mash up of influences is punctuated by the members’ interest in the extraterrestrial. The band often blends spacey sounds and lyrics into their music. Williams takes care of the lead vocals, keyboard and rhythm guitar. Hugo plays lead guitar, keyboard, and saxophone. And while for awhile it remained a mystery as to what exactly Haley was responsible for, as the band matured his responsibilities grew to include drums, backing vocals and additional percussion. The group’s debut album, “In Search Of” made use of the rock band Spymob for the instrumentation, which gave songs like “Lapdance” and “Rock Star (Poser)” their hard hitting sound.

The 2002 release of “In Search Of” was followed by “Fly Or Die” in 2004. “Fly Or Die” dealt with diverse and youth driven subject matter like runaways, bullies, war and love. The guys learned how to play various instruments for this album, relying less on the work of Spymob. However it is probably the band’s most recent release, “Seeing Sounds,” which has garnered them the most acclaim. The singles “Spaz” and “Everyone Nose” feature the signature space-rock sound fused with up-tempo funk influences. With each album the band tries to distance the more underground work of NERD from the Neptune’s sound. Following the positive reception of “Seeing Sounds,” NERD has been touring (Glow In The Dark Tour) and hitting the festival circuit (Austin City Limits). While at times the lyrical content of NERD’s music can be too far in left field for the majority, their live performances are amazing. Last year, they performed in Nashville at City Hall and captivated the crowd with sheer energy. Haley and Williams keep the audience engaged and dancing while occasionally taking breaks to thank their fans for supporting NERD’s original music. Vanderbilt students can look forward to a great show from start to finish with NERD where no one resists dancing.


Chase Chad Laptop Beat

Jadakiss Says There’s Another Neptunes Track

really wanted to have his Last Kiss album out on Tuesday, around the time of the 12-year anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.’s death. However, with a gaggle of last-minute studio collaborations, the brutal Yonkers lyricist had his due date pushed back almost a month to April 7. Jada says the wait will be well worth it. “I just went back in,” ‘Kiss said of his recording session last week in New York. “I did two joints with Swizz [Beatz]. I got one from [DJ] Khaled by [producers] the Inkredibles [Rick Ross’ ‘Mafia Music,’ Young Jeezy’s ‘Vacation,’ Fat Joe’s ‘One’]. I got Mary [J. Blige] on it. I got another Pharrell joint. You know what it is. As long as they make me keep working and push the date back, I’m going in the studio making more music for the people. Whatever don’t go on the album, you definitely gonna get it on the mixtape.”


The Last Kiss (2009) ( April 7th)
– Rockin’ With The Best (aka Two-Step) feat. Pharrell
– Untitled

No Neptunes On New Slim Thug Album

recently interviewed Slim Thug where he talked about the Neptunes not being on his upcoming album “Boss Of All Bosses”. „He (Pharrell) ain’t on there. He got on there too late. I wanted to do it just to let everybody know that we ain’t beefing, but we got together too late. We were just kickin’ it at the Grammy’s but we ain’t never get the chance to get into the studio man, and do the shit. We had this one record, but Nelly had ended up getting that motherfucker. So we ain’t never had the chance to get back into the studio. But, me and P are definitely gon’ get together on the next one. You know, as soon as I see him, we just gon’ get in the studio, do the record, and have it ready for the next album.


Letoya Luckett’s “Lady Love” Pushed Back To May 19th

Lady Love” itself will arrive in U.S. market on May 19. The record is worked on by powerhouse producers, such as Polow Da Don, Christopher TrickyStewart, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Babyface and many others.


LeToya Luckett – Not Anymore

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