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October 2009

Jennifer Lopez – Fresh Out The Oven (Music Video Preview)

Jennifer Lopez is expected to release “Love?” on January 25, 2010. A promotional single called “Fresh Out The Oven” has been unveiled earlier this month. Coming from production hands of The Neptunes, the dance track has Pitbull lending his vocal on the lines. Though confirmed to have been recorded only for fun and will not be included in Jennifer’s new album, “Fresh Out The Oven” has got a music video treatment. During her visit to nightclub LIV over the weekend with Marc Anthony and Kim Kardashian, the video was debuted. Some of the partygoers at the venue have taped and uploaded it on YouTube.


Kanye West Co-Signs Clipse ‘This Is My Favorite Sh*t’

Kanye WestKanye West, the Grammy-Award-Winning rapper slash producer slash stage take-over(er), recently displayed his loive for the new Clipse slash Cam’Ron slash Pharrell collaboration track “Popular Demand” also known as “Popeyes,” calling it one of his favorites of 2009. Hitting up his blog yesterday, Kanye spoke highly of the new record. “THIS IS MY FAVORITE SH*T!!!,” West wrote. “PUSHA FLOW IS STUUUPID AND THEY GOT CAM ON THIS. CAM IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE.”


90210 NERD Promo

Alyssa Bernal – All I Need (Original)

Here is another track that will be on her debut album!

Alyssa Bernal – First Studio Album (2009)
Producers & Guests: Martin Terefe
Confirmed Tracks:
- Hey Love
- Never Woulda
- Just In Time
- I Found You
- All I Need (Added New)

Clinton Sparks & Chester French To Release Ciroc Star Video

According to ChesterFrench’s Twitter, They’re about to release the ‘Ciroc Star’ Video. Just got 18 bottles of Ciroc delivered to my house..Ciroc Stars Baby!@iamdiddy let’s Rock!! Ciroc star video on the way..


Chester French – Ciroc Star feat. Diddy & Jadakiss

Robin Thicke On The Set Of ‘Sex Therapy’

Robin Thicke On The Set Of ‘Sex Therapy’ Video In Los Angeles.
Robin Thicke Sex Therapy
Robin Thicke Sex Therapy 2

The Game’s First Mainstream Single “L.A. Girl feat. Chris Brown” Produced By The Neptunes

The Game
Rumor suggests that The Game has removed word ‘The‘ from his stage name and will release Chris Brown-featuring single next week. A correct reference to Jayceon Terrell Taylor’s stage name is no longer The Game because the rapper has dropped word “The“, so it has been reported by No explanation behind the removal is shared by the online publication though. Also, The Game himself hasn’t released a statement concerning that matter. In addition to the rumored change of the stage name, The Game is also said to have pushed back his new album “The R.E.D. Album” from December 1 to December 8.

Two new singles from the upcoming record are expected to be debuted as early as next week. notes that one of the singles will be a street single called “Crazy” featuring Gucci Mane and produced by Timbaland. Meanwhile, the other is a mainstream single titled “L.A. Girl” which has Chris Brown‘s vocal on the hook and credits Pharrell Williams as its producer. “The R.E.D. Album” is aimed to follow up The Game’s 2008 studio effort “L.A.X.”.

Game – The R.E.D. Album (2009) (December 8th)
- L.A. Girl feat. Chris Brown


Pramel & Pharrell

Pramel & Pharrell
had the pleasure of meeting Pharrell in Dallas, TX. Back in 2003. Pramel asked us if we could post his meeting with Pharrell on the site and we sure would like to share this with yall. Here is what he has send us.

“Hey Man, I Wanted to say I love the site and all the updates you put.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pharrell when he wasn’t as big of an icon to the public.  That is one of the best memories I have, as I got to have a conversation with the then army short wearing Pharrell at a mall in Dallas, TX.  At that time clones was just about to drop, and he had Fam-Lay rollin around with him. So I go “Pharrell, I thought you were going to be at Irving Mall, I have been circling at that mall for about an hour looking for you, and then I heard you were here so I left that mall”
Pharrell: “Ah, for real man were their a bunch of girls looking for me”
Me: “haha, no man, just some fans”
At that time, P was just looking for some fake gold chains.  I don’t really know why – but probably just to mess around with.  Love the site man, so wanted to drop a line.  I attached a picture of me and P.

Pramel Shah

Robin Thicke To Be A Dad

Robin Thicke 2Soul star Robin Thicke is set to become a dad. His actress wife Paula Patton is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Publicists have confirmed the happy news just weeks after Patton told Giant magazine she had “stopped taking birth control” in an effort to get pregnant. The actress told the publication she had been mistaken as Thicke’s pregnant wife in 2008 when she showed up to the opening of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Las Vegas, wearing an ill-fitting dress that gave her what appeared to be a baby bump. She was horrified when red carpet photos led to industry speculation. Patton says, “We went to Bora Bora for a vacation, and Robin got a text from (director) Hype Williams, and it said, ‘Congratulations…’ He said, ‘People kinda think you’re pregnant.’ “It was heartbreaking because, after everything – all the work I’d done – that was all people knew me for.” Patton admits she wasn’t ready to become a mum a year ago, but that all changed a few months ago: “I’ve stopped taking birth control. I’ve been on it since Robin and I started dating. “I’m really not a planning person, but I do know I want to be a parent.”

Paula Patton missed out on prom night because boyfriend was White. Actress Paula Patton refused to attend her high school prom with the man who was to become her husband – because he was white. The Deja Vu star has been dating soul singer Robin Thicke since they were both teenagers and she has only recently told him why they missed out on prom night. She explains, “I didn’t want people to know (we were dating). I didn’t want people to call me a sellout or an Oreo, because I’d gotten that my whole life and it wasn’t the truth. “I actually just admitted this to Robin not too long ago.” But Thicke tells Giant magazine he was far from surprised: “She had actually told a couple of people I was black. “Then prom night comes, we’d been together a year and a half, and she just lies and says she didn’t want to go instead of saying she didn’t want to take me.” Patton finally gave up her fears about what friends would think about her interracial romance and went public with her boyfriend, who became her husband in 2005. The couple is now expecting its first child.


Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeyes) feat. Pharrell & Cam’Ron (Behind The Scenes)

Malice and Pusha T finally linked up with Killa Cam. The Clipse and Cam’ron are set to shoot the video for their collaboration “Back by Popular Demand (Popeye’s)” on Wednesday (October 21). Pusha says the video will be real “guerilla and renegade” and not shot in New York (though we suspect otherwise). “The whole idea for the whole record came about because at the time the Clipse were real heavy on the blogs,” Push explained, sitting next to his big bro in the New York showroom of their clothing line, Play Cloths, on Tuesday.

Cam’s comeback was real heavy. We were both about to drop albums. We’re like, ‘Yo, we need to make one of them New York records — real lyrical, like, a fan record.’ We both have two really strong cult followings. From that conversation, Pharrell went into the studio and start playing with the drums and [came up with 'Popular Demand.' Once the title came up, it was over. Pharrell got in full Cam mode." Skateboard P does a mean Killa mimic on the hook. "We'd been fans of Cam for a minute," Push added. "Actually, we wanted him to get on the 'Grindin' remix. And he didn't do that." "He dissed us," Malice inserted with a laugh. "Yeah, he dissed us on that one," Pusha went on, grinning.

"He was like, 'Nah.' " But the brothers were determined to get a Killa verse for this new record, the next single from the Clipse's December 8 release, Till The Casket Drops. "We started reaching out to Duke [DaGod, Cam's A&R], just making sure it happened,” Pusha recalled. “He came through and he did it. I think everybody is gonna take to this record. Everybody!” “[Cam] definitely makes sure you pay him first before he makes a move,” Malice said. “Straight up. Handle that business first. Straight up!” The Clipse recently shot the video for their “I’m Good” remix in Miami with Rick Ross. After “Back by Popular Demand,” their next video will be for a track called “Doorman.”


Katalyst HQ: Crazy For Kenna featuring Kid Cudi

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview

Karen Wild and Producer L interview Pharrell, Shay and Rhea from NERD where they talk about performing live, background and concepts to their next album, music, upcoming projects and more.

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 1

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 2

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 3

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 4

Robin Thicke & Jennifer Hudson Raise Money For Cancer

Robin Thicke & Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
and Robin Thicke performed at the Angel Ball Tuesday night, helping raise $4 million for cancer research. Thicke spoke about his duet with Hudson and his new single ‘Sex Therapy.

‘Malice N’ Wonderland’ Showcases Two Sides Of Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Malice N' Wonderland (2009)
With ‘Gangsta Luv‘ officially dropping yesterday (October 20), Snoop Dogg is looking ahead to the release of his 10th studio album. Due December 8, Malice N Wonderland‘ includes guest appearances by The-Dream, R. Kelly, Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan and Soulja Boy Tell Em. The album is Snoop‘s first since taking on the role of Creative Director for EMI’s newly relaunched Priority Records imprint. It’s also the first release for the reinvigorated label, which made a name for itself in the late-1980s and early ’90s for its street-level marketing of hip-hop releases, and distribution of Ruthless, No Limit, Death Row and other labels. Pharrell, Tricky, The-Dream, Lil Jon and Teddy Riley are among the producers he worked with to create the 12-track set, which Snoop says is set in two distinct sides of his persona, the dark and ganstga ‘Malice‘ and his lighter, friendlier flipside, ‘Wonderland.’

First single ‘Gangsta Luv‘ is part of the latter. Produced by Tricky and The-Dream, the cut is melodic and bouncy, with a feel-good groove. “I had to introduce the album with part of the ‘Wonderland‘ side,” Snoop says. “I wanted to have fun with this one — both in the studio and in the video. This is the first release for Priority Records and as the new Creative Chairman, as well as an artist on the label, it was only right to celebrate the re-launch with a feel-good anthem.”Snoop premiered a clip of the hysterical Paul Hunter — directed ‘Gangsta Luv‘ video during his stint as host of ‘WWE Raw‘ on Monday night. Hunter has directed Snoop in previous videos, including ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot‘ (featuring Pharrell) and ‘Signs‘ (featuring Justin Timberlake). He has also directed clips for everyone from rock groups All-American Rejects and Everclear to pop acts like Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears. ‘Malice N Wonderland‘ is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Ego Trippin‘,’ which debuted at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 album chart on sales of 137,000 copies.

* ‘Til The Casket Drops’ Review

In case you couldn’t tell from our current Clipse cover story (yeah, this one), we’re pretty psyched for the return of Pusha T and Malice. Their long-awaited third album Til The Casket Drops is currently scheduled to drop on December 8, but Complex was lucky enough to hear a nearly-completed version of the album the other day. How do the Thornton brothers fare on their debut Columbia album, the first to feature producers outside of The Neptunes? Check out the complete track list and our initial thoughts on each song below…


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