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October 2009

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview

Karen Wild and Producer L interview Pharrell, Shay and Rhea from NERD where they talk about performing live, background and concepts to their next album, music, upcoming projects and more.

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 1

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 2

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 3

NERD ~ Kube 93 FM Interview 4

Robin Thicke & Jennifer Hudson Raise Money For Cancer

Robin Thicke & Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
and Robin Thicke performed at the Angel Ball Tuesday night, helping raise $4 million for cancer research. Thicke spoke about his duet with Hudson and his new single ‘Sex Therapy.

‘Malice N’ Wonderland’ Showcases Two Sides Of Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Malice N' Wonderland (2009)
With ‘Gangsta Luv‘ officially dropping yesterday (October 20), Snoop Dogg is looking ahead to the release of his 10th studio album. Due December 8, Malice N Wonderland‘ includes guest appearances by The-Dream, R. Kelly, Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan and Soulja Boy Tell Em. The album is Snoop‘s first since taking on the role of Creative Director for EMI’s newly relaunched Priority Records imprint. It’s also the first release for the reinvigorated label, which made a name for itself in the late-1980s and early ’90s for its street-level marketing of hip-hop releases, and distribution of Ruthless, No Limit, Death Row and other labels. Pharrell, Tricky, The-Dream, Lil Jon and Teddy Riley are among the producers he worked with to create the 12-track set, which Snoop says is set in two distinct sides of his persona, the dark and ganstga ‘Malice‘ and his lighter, friendlier flipside, ‘Wonderland.’

First single ‘Gangsta Luv‘ is part of the latter. Produced by Tricky and The-Dream, the cut is melodic and bouncy, with a feel-good groove. “I had to introduce the album with part of the ‘Wonderland‘ side,” Snoop says. “I wanted to have fun with this one — both in the studio and in the video. This is the first release for Priority Records and as the new Creative Chairman, as well as an artist on the label, it was only right to celebrate the re-launch with a feel-good anthem.”Snoop premiered a clip of the hysterical Paul Hunter — directed ‘Gangsta Luv‘ video during his stint as host of ‘WWE Raw‘ on Monday night. Hunter has directed Snoop in previous videos, including ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot‘ (featuring Pharrell) and ‘Signs‘ (featuring Justin Timberlake). He has also directed clips for everyone from rock groups All-American Rejects and Everclear to pop acts like Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears. ‘Malice N Wonderland‘ is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Ego Trippin‘,’ which debuted at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 album chart on sales of 137,000 copies.

* ‘Til The Casket Drops’ Review

In case you couldn’t tell from our current Clipse cover story (yeah, this one), we’re pretty psyched for the return of Pusha T and Malice. Their long-awaited third album Til The Casket Drops is currently scheduled to drop on December 8, but Complex was lucky enough to hear a nearly-completed version of the album the other day. How do the Thornton brothers fare on their debut Columbia album, the first to feature producers outside of The Neptunes? Check out the complete track list and our initial thoughts on each song below…


Old Neptunes Interview

The NeptunesHere is an old Neptunes interview from from Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation of 2001. Thanks to Spaceman. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams are two members of the hugely successful hip hop producers known as The Neptunes. Hailing from Virginia, they’ve worked with many successful acts over the last 5 years, from Janet Jackson to No Doubt. As NERD, Chad, Pharrell and Shay step up to the mic instead of sitting behind the mixing desk and the result so far is an album: ‘In Search Of…’ and their first single: ‘Lapdance‘.

Chad: NERD stands for No-one Ever Really Dies. We chose that name to keep it separate from The Neptunes entity, The Neptunes as producers NERD as artists.
Pharrell: As The Neptunes…
Chad: …we are like Spiderman!
Pharrell: and as NERD we’re like…
Chad: …Peter Parker. More personal y’know? None of the wall climbing business!

Trevor Nelson: What’s ‘Lapdance’ all about?
Pharrell: ‘Lapdance’ is actually not a sexual song at all. Lapdances are something that I like, but actually more importantly we were drawing a parallel between politicians and strippers and how politicians are no different, they do and say anything for money and once the money’s gone, so are they. So we just wanted to raise political awareness amongst the youth…
Chad: …and we did so by making a booty shaking anthem!
Pharrell: It’s cool because it’s something that you can hear in the clubs but at the same time it’s something that you can learn from when you’re just chillin’ – you know, you’re not looking at the video or listening to the song, you’re just singing the song to yourself and you realise it has nothing to do with sex. That’s a rewarding feeling for us as producers because we get a kick out of having people feel like they’re getting two for one.

TN: How did you meet?
P: We met in junior high and every day or every other day, we would go over to Chad’s house and play equipment and just come up with beats and ideas and tracks. We never really intended for it to go THIS far, but it just sorta ended up formulating into production.
C: We’ve always done it for fun, we ended up doing it as a job. Actually we got signed up as a group at first at future records with Teddy Riley who discovered us at a talent show. But over time we just started producing more and that’s where our niche was.

TN: What’s your favourite track on the album?
C: My favourite track on the album is ‘Stay Together’…
Pharrell: Yeah, ‘Stay Together’.
C: …’cos we definitely need to stay together.
P: Yeah, and it’s actually not about a girl, it’s about hip hop, and how hip hop influenced our lives and what it was to us when we were growing up and how its kinda like straying away. It’s kind of like serenading hip hop and everything that it meant to us.
C: This album was a blast to do ‘cos we didn’t have to worry about any boundaries and just did whatever the hell we wanted to do, we didn’t worry about fitting into any genre or anything like that, we just wanted to express ourselves freely.
P: Being a Neptune is all about exploring and discovering and that’s no matter what it is that you do – we just happen to be producers, like whatever it is that you do in your life be prepared to explore and discover, because if you’re not, then you’re sort of just running across stagnent territory, you’re doing a disservice to your soul, your soul is here to learn.

TN: What was it like working with Kelis?
P: Kelis? Well that’s just another facet of what it is that we try to do, and her new album is even crazier,
C: Yeah, stay tuned for that, it’s gonna be some electric crazy funk, retro crazy… CRAZY!
P: Whatever you call it…NERD
C: …crazy.

TN: What’s it like working with such a variety of artists?
P: We’re actually honestly really thankful for every artist that we work with, because you learn something different. We’ve done everything from N*SYNC to No Doubt, Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men – all kinds of stuff, and it’s like we’re about to work with Britney Spears. Hopefully the list will not end – it will continue until we die!


Lola (aka Jennifer Lopez) – Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pitbull (Alternate Version)

No Lola singing besides on the hook, sounds pretty much better. Thanks To Skateboard.

Kenna’s First Trip To Kili

Alyssa Bernal – Down (Jay Sean Cover)

Noreaga Left Out Of VH1 Hip Hop Honors

NoreagaCNN’s Nore has expressed his reaction to being left out of this year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors ceremony which paid tribute to his former label, Def Jam Records. Writing via Twitter, Nore expressed his discontent and shock with the program. “I feel invisible !!!!!! I never get noticed I never get props i deserve!!!,” he wrote this week. “I bet if they honor The Neptunes my name wouldn’t even come up They’ll give everybody else props!!! Lyor [Cohen] stalked me to be on defjam It’s a good show f*ck it I’m not a hater just feel invisible but imma manage to manage!!!” (Nore’s Twitter)


Till The Casket Drops Pushed Back Again, December 8th

Whats A Clipse Album Without Pushbacks. Lmao.

Clipse – Til The Casket Drops (2009) (December 8th)
Confirmed Tracks
– Speak Of Freedom (Sean C & LV)
– Kinda Like A Big Deal feat. Kanye West (DJ Khalil)
– Popular Demand feat. Pharrell & Cam’Ron (The Neptunes)
– I’m Good feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
– All Eyes On Me feat. Pharrell & Keri Hilson (The Neptunes)
– Life Change feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Champion feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
– Never Will It Stop feat. Ab Liva (Sean C & LV)
– Showin’ Out feat. Pharrell & Yo Gotti (The Neptunes)
– There Was A Murder (DJ Khalil)
– Footsteps (DJ Khalil)
– Counseling feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
– I’m Good feat. Pharrell & Rick Ross (Remix) (The Neptunes)

Confirmed Leftovers:
– Showin’ Out feat. Drake (The Neptunes)

Producers & Guests That Worked On It: The Runners, Swizz Beatz, Sean C & LV, Justice League, Dame Grease, The Neptunes, Danjahands, DJ Khalil, Reefa, Boi 1-Da, Keri Hilson, Kenna, Cam’Ron, Timbaland, Scott Storch, Freeway, Drake & Nottz.

NERD – Soldier feat. Santigold


The Studio version finally leaked. It will be available on the 90210 OST.
Check out new photos of Samantha Ronson and Pharrell Williams on 90210 Season 2 Episode 8 Woman’s Intuition” which airs on Tuesday October 27, at 8pm on The CW. In the photo above you can see DJ Samantha Ronson with Michael Steger as Navid. As for Pharrell Williams, he is a Musical Guest, and you can see him with with Sara Foster as Jen and Ryan Eggold as Ryan Reynolds.

NERD – Soldier feat. Santigold

Beverly Hills 90210 OST (2009) (October 13th)
01 – Adele & The Raconteurs – Many Shades Of Black
02 – N.E.R.D. – Soldier feat. Santigold
03 – Jet – One Hipster One Bullit
04 – Mutemath – Valium
05 – OK Go – I Want You So Bad
06 – All American Rejects – Sierra’s Song
07 – Anberlin – A Perfect Tourniquet
08 – Owl City – Sunburn
09 – Will Dailey – You’re So Cold
10 – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Love Seat
11 – Parachute – One Small Step
12 – Sarah Solovay – Hearts Collide
13 – Darrelle London – Understood
14 – Stars Crashing Cars – City Girl
15 – John E. Davis – 90210 Main Title (2009 Remix)

Robin Thicke Preps ‘Sex Therapy’ Album

Robin Thicke

If the first single is any indication, Robin Thicke will be doing lots of sexual healing on his new album. The project has an official title and release date. The 32-year-old singer’s fourth studio effort will be released on December 8th, can confirm. The follow-up to last year’s Something Else will be titled Sex Therapy. The Polow Da Don-produced lead single of the same name goes to iTunes on October 20.

In addition to Polow, Thicke has been working with Jeff Bhasker, Scott Storch, and Surf Club on Sex Therapy, which he describes as “different than anything I’ve ever done before.”


Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy (Polow Da Don)

Robin Thicke – 4th Studio Album (2009) (Fall)
Producers & Guests: Jeffrey Bahsker, The Surf Club, The Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Danjahandz, Ms. Lago, Polow Da Don…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Sex Therapy (Polow Da Don)

Rihanna To Release New Album On November 23rd

The Internet lit up late Tuesday afternoon (October 13) when Rihanna issued a super-brief tweet saying simply: “The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09. Of course, that message, which was accompanied by a metallic “R” logo, could mean a lot of things (the same message is posted on her Web site), but it seems very likely she’s talking about her forthcoming album, which “Umbrella” producer Tricky Stewart, who’s slated to hit the studio with Rihanna this month, told last week might be released this year. “I do believe it is [going to drop this year],” Stewart said. “We’re actually just getting started. I just wrote some records that I’m in love with this past week.

Rihanna and I will be getting in the studio sometime in the next two weeks, so we actually have not recorded anything for her new album yet.” At press time, reps for Rihanna had not responded to requests for comment on the status of her new recordings. Rihanna has been working on new material with Justin Timberlake, Norwegian hitmakers Stargate, All-American RejectsTyson Ritter, The Neptunes and U.K. duo Chase & Status at various points this year. “The stuff we’ve come up with in the studio, it’s the next step for her. It’s a little more grown-up. It’s got some edge to it,” Timberlake said last month. The two previously collaborated on “Rehab,” from Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad LP.

And Stewart said that despite the success of “Umbrella,” he and Rihanna have no intention of trying to repeat that song’s formula. “Man, you know we can’t do that. We come out with something that sounds like ‘Umbrella,’ they’re gonna be saying that we tried to do something that sounded like ‘Umbrella,’ ” he said. “That’s not what the great artists do. They don’t even allow you to do stuff like that. Every great artist always wants to hear something they’ve never heard before.” Stewart also said that Rihanna hasn’t changed since they first started working together. “She’s just a pleasure,” he said. “She’s a very sweet, down-to-earth person. You would never know how successful she is ’cause she’s just so nice and warm. I guess maybe it’s her background of being from the [Caribbean]. She’s just a really sweet, warm person to be around.”


Alyssa Bernal – Zombie (The Cranberries Cover)

Here is Alyssa’s cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’. It’s pretty nice!

Manami – Back Of My Mind feat. Pharrell

Manami - Back Of My Mind

Update: October 17th (2009)
Here is her first single off her debut album produced by The Neptunes which is now available on iTunes. You can check out the tune on her Myspace page.

Message From Pharrell


Update: October 4th (2009)

22-year-old Manami Nakamura will make her international debut as a singer this month. In August of last year, she outlasted a field of 1,700 hopefuls to win the Star Bape Search, an audition held by American producer Pharrell Williams and Japanese producer Nigo. The singer will go by just her first name, Manami. Her debut song is an R&B love song titled “Back Of My Mind,” produced by Pharrell. It will be released through iTunes in 23 countries on October 21st. Pharrell is said to have high expectations for Manami, guaranteeing that the singer will be able to achieve international success. Born in Okinawa, Manami has been living in Tokyo since the age of 4. She attended dance classes but decided to take up voice training at 19, aiming to become a professional singer. She is also said to have reached a conversational level of English.

Update: August 20th (2008)

According to the bbcblog, the winners name is Manami Nakamura, a college student in Tokyo but is originally from Okinawa. Pharrell and Nigo revealed the winner of the Star Bape Search Contest at the UNIT Daikanyama on 13 August. The idea is to select an artist who can be a successful DIVA in Japan, Asia, and the world. The selected artist will debut from (B)APE SOUNDS® with total production by Pharrell Williams and Nigo.

Manami – Untitled (2009)
– Back Of My Mind (The Neptunes) (October 21st)



Kenna To Release ‘Katalyst HQ’ On October 21st

According To Kenna’s Twitter, Kenna is about to release a ‘Katalyst HQ’ Project together with Kid Cudi on October 21st, could this be the project that Kid Cudi was talking about months ago for having a track with Kenna ? But Kid said the Kenna tune will be on Cudi’s Compilation album  “Cudder”… We’ll see in a week.

Dr. Dre, Pharrell & Company Help Unveil New HP Notebook

Pharrell & Dr. Dre
Heralding the arrival of “a new benchmark in sound for the PC,” Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine – together with legendary producer Dr. Dre and HP — unveiled the HP ENVY 15 Beats limited edition notebook PC. Launching in the United States on Oct. 22, the newest addition to HP’s flagship ENVY line was revealed during a press conference today (Oct. 9) at Interscope’s Thom Thom Club in Santa Monica, Calif. The HP ENVY 15 Beats is the latest rollout by Beats Electronics LLC, co-founded by Iovine and Dr. Dre in 2006. Featuring a piano black high-gloss finish and the Beats Audio design found in the “Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones line, the HP ENVY 15 Beats will also come bundled with the Dr. Dre headphones and state-of-the-art mixing software from Native Instruments’ Traktor LE. Retailing for $2,299, the HP ENVY 15 Beats will be sold at Best Buy, major retailers and through HP direct.

In addition to Dr. Dre, Iovine noted that several of the industry’s prominent producers — including, Kanye West, Pharrell, Timbaland and Polow da Don – helped HP engineers fine-tune the project. “We started this journey with the headphones to improve the transmission of sound between record makers and consumers,” Iovine said during the press conference today. “What’s out there is not representative of what you hear in the recording studio. As we went on this journey, we found that computers were in the way. Artists and producers want their sound repaired in digital audio. Computer companies charge $1,000 for computers but only spend 50 cents for components. With HP, we found a partner willing to take the step to improve the overall sound in the PC. This is for anyone who plays music.”


Pharrell’s ‘Hype Means Nothing’ T-Shirt

Pharrell’s ‘Hype Means Nothing’ T-Shirt
Available for only $150.


Clipse – I’m Good feat. Rick Ross (Remix) (Behind The Scenes)

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Lola – Fresh Out The Oven (Instrumental)

Here is The Instrumental To This dopeass yune. Thanks to trentman.
Lola – Fresh Out The Oven (Instrumental)

Update: October 8th
When the track came out, rumor suggested it would be included in J-Lo’s upcoming studio album tentatively titled “Love?”. There was also speculation that she would launch her alter ego, Lola. However, both reports were turned down by her camp. “This is a hot club record that the label loved and Jennifer thought was fun,” Amanda Ghost, president of Epic Records explained to People. “Jennifer and Pitbull got together and the record leaked. Lola is a fun character just for this song.” A source close to the singer emphasized,

“Lola is just for this song, it’s not her ongoing persona. It’s something fun. She hasn’t become Sasha Fierce [Beyonce Knowles’ artistic alter ego]. There won’t be anything to do with Lola on her ‘Love?’ album.” Previously, the Latino singer has confirmed that she has been working on a full length studio album. Jennifer also announced that “One Love” and “What Is Love” are two new songs which will be featured in her sixth English studio album, though she did not know whether or not one of the two tracks will be the first single. People Magazine have confirmed that the title of Lopez’s sixth studio album is ‘Love?’ and that it’ll be in stores in January.

Update: October 7th
Backstage at the VMAs last month, Pitbull revealed that he’d recorded a track with Jennifer Lopez called ‘Lola’, apparently a The Neptunes production. Fast forward a few weeks and a Twitter account, MySpace page and teaser website, all in the name of Lola, have appeared online. Jennifer Lopez may be taking notes from Beyonce. By way of a secret MySpace account and a new song called “Fresh Out The Oven,” it looks like Jennifer will now pull her own Sasha Fierce and become … Lola.

So far I’m counting four monikers for Jennifer. We’ve got J-Lo, old school Jenny (from the block), Jennifer and now Lola (via). You would think she took a sip of whatever P.Diddy has been drinking and back-birthed a new gremlin clone. Oh and get this, I am about to say something I thought would never say again: Her new song isn’t half bad. The track’s surprising hottness could be because she not only tapped Pitbull to appear but she also had The Neptunes produce the puppy. The result is a tight, sassy, radio friendly sound.


Jennifer Lopez – Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pitbull (The Neptunes)

Lola (aka Jennifer Lopez) – Fresh Out The Oven (Promo CDS) (2009)
– Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pitbull

Big Sean Talking About Pharrell

Pharrell, Big Sean & Fam-LayBig Sean, who has had the fortune of collaborating with artists like The Dream and Pharrell on his album said that despite the bad press, most hip-hop heavyweights — including Kanye — are actually very friendly. “They’re all way nicer than you probably think they are — super duper nice. I think people like Pharell and Kanye aren’t in those positions unless they’re nice and can handle it,” he said. “For example, Pharrell is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, period. He’ll treat a janitor and a billionaire executive with the same respect. Those are the type of people who really deserve their positions. I haven’t met anybody who’s really an asshole that I can think of off the top of my head.”


Clipse’s ‘I’m Good (Remix)’ Video Shoot featuring Rick Ross

I'm Good RemixI'm Good Remix 2
I'm Good Remix 3


The Michael Jackson ~ Pharrell Williams Interview (2003)

Michael JacksonPharrell
This interview, which took place in early June 2003, actually came about as the magazine was planning a piece on Pharrell Williams, who at the time was an upstart producer from Virginia. As the editors were arranging the story with Williams, he casually mentioned that he’d always wanted to speak to Michael Jackson, who had been in the news after appearing in British journalist Martin Bashir’s infamous television documentary, Living With Michael Jackson, which portrayed the singer at his most bizarre. A complex chain of e-mails and phone calls ensued, messages were passed, reputations were vouched for, and a few days later, Jackson’s office called to say that he would do the interview. You can tell by the art Pharrell was talking that he was very emotional to talk to Michael. Thanks to fonkymaestro75.

MICHAEL JACKSON: So, I’m interviewing you, right? And I think it’s seven questions, or something like that?
PHARRELL WILLIAMS: Sure. Whatever you like.

JACKSON: Okay. What would you say inspires you in your music? What is it that inspires you to create your music?
WILLIAMS: It’s a feeling. You treat the air as a canvas and the paint is the chords that come through your fingers, out of the keyboard. So when I’m playing, I’m sort of painting a feeling in the air. I know that might sound corny, but—

JACKSON: No. No, that’s a perfect analogy.
WILLIAMS: And when you know it’s done, you know it’s done. It’s like painting or sculpting. When you let it go it’s because you know that it’s finished. It’s completed. And vice versa—it tells you, “Hey, I’m not done.”

JACKSON: Yeah. And it refuses to let you sleep until it’s finished.
WILLIAMS: That’s right.

JACKSON: Yeah, I go through the same thing. [laughs] And what do you think of the music today—are you into the new sounds that are being created and the direction that music is going?
WILLIAMS: Well, personally, I kind of feel like I’m taking notes from people like yourself and Stevie [Wonder] and Donny [Hathaway], and just sort of doing what feels right.

WILLIAMS: You know, like when everyone was going one way, you went Off the Wall.

JACKSON: Right. [laughs]
WILLIAMS: And when everyone else was going another way, you went Thriller. You just did it your way. And I’m taking notes from people like yourself, like not being afraid to listen to your feelings and turn your aspirations and ambitions into material. Making it happen, making it materialize…

JACKSON: Who are some of the older artists—not the artists on the radio today—who inspired you when you were younger? Like the artists your father listened to, did you learn anything from those artists?
WILLIAMS: Absolutely. The Isley Brothers.

JACKSON: Yeah, me too. I love the Isley Brothers. And I love Sly and the Family Stone.
WILLIAMS: Donny, Stevie.

JACKSON: You like all the people I like. [laughs]
WILLIAMS: Those chord changes. They take you away.

JACKSON: Beautiful, beautiful. Okay, well, where are you? In New York?
WILLIAMS: I’m in Virginia Beach, Virginia, sir.

JACKSON: Virginia! Oh, beautiful. Will you give my love to Virginia?
WILLIAMS: Yes. Thank you.

JACKSON: And your mother and your parents? Because God has blessed you with special gifts.
WILLIAMS: Thank you, sir. And I just want to say something, and I don’t know if you want to hear this, but I just have to say it because it’s on my heart. But people bother you—

WILLIAMS: Because they love you. That’s the only reason why. When you do something that people don’t necessarily understand, they’re going to make it into a bigger problem than they would for anybody else because you’re one of the most amazing talents that’s ever lived. You’ve accomplished and achieved more in this century than most any other men.

JACKSON: Well, thank you very much. That’s very kind of you.
WILLIAMS: What you do is so amazing. When you are 100 years old, and they’re still making up things about what you’ve done to this and what you’ve done to that on your body—please believe me, if you decided you wanted to dip your whole body in chrome, you are so amazing that the world, no matter what they say, is going to be right there to see it. And that is because of what you have achieved in the music world, and in changing people’s lives. People are having children to your songs. You’ve affected the world.

JACKSON: Thank you very much. It’s like the bigger the star, the bigger the target. You know when you’re—and I’m not being a braggadocio or anything like that—but you know you’re on top when they start throwing arrows at you. Even Jesus was crucified. People who bring light to the world, from Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King to Jesus Christ, even myself. And my motto has been Heal the World, We are the World, Earth Song, Save Our Children, Help Our Planet. And people want to persecute me for it, but it never hurts, because the fan base becomes stronger. And the more you hit something hard, the more hardened it becomes—the stronger it becomes. And that’s what’s happened: I’m resilient. I have rhinoceros skin. Nothing can hurt me. Nothing.
WILLIAMS: That’s precisely my point. I just want to let you know you’re amazing, man. What you do to music, what you’ve done to music, from “Billie Jean” to “That’s What You Get (For Being Polite)”—[sings]“That’s what you get for being polite.”

JACKSON: Oh, you know that one? [laughs]
WILLIAMS: [sings] “Jack still sits all alone.”

JACKSON: Boy, you know all those ones . . . [hums a guitar riff]
WILLIAMS: If I never work with you, just know that you are unstoppable. That’s why I said, when you’re 100 years old and you decide to dip your entire body in chrome, as much as they say things—and I don’t care what they say about you, sir—they’re going to be right there to see it.

JACKSON: There’s a lot of jealousy there. I love all races, I love all people, but sometimes there’s a devil in people, and they get jealous. Every time there’s a luminary that goes beyond the heights of his field of endeavor, people tend to get jealous and try to bring him down. But they can’t with me because I’m very, very, very strong. [laughs] They don’t know that, though.
WILLIAMS: They know! Please believe me, they know!

JACKSON: Anybody else would’ve cracked by now; they can’t crack me. I’m very strong.
WILLIAMS: Of course. They couldn’t crack you when you were 10, because you were destroying grown men doing what you did with your voice and your talent. And when you were 20, you were outdoing people that had been doing it for 20 or 30 years. And nowadays they’re still waiting to see where you’re at. They want to see your kids, they want to see your world. You’re amazing, and I just wanted to tell you that, man. And I hope that this all gets printed because it’s very important to me. I hope that I can be half as dope as you one day.

JACKSON: Oh, God bless you. You’re wonderful, too . . . Have a lovely day.
WILLIAMS: You too, sir.

JACKSON: Thank you. Bye.


In My Mind Documentary

Pharrell - In My Mind (Documentary) (2006)
Now where did this come from ? Here is the second part of that ‘In My Mind’ Documentary that we’ve seen before 6 months ago featuring Terry Bookhart, Quincy Jones, Stacey Dash, Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dogg & Kanye West where Pharrell discusses with Stacey Dash how he created Mystikal’s ‘Shake Ya Ass’, Jigga’s ‘I Just Wanna Love You’ and  Ludacris’s ‘Southern Hospitality’. There’s gotta be someone that has the full documentary because we need that asap! Thanks to joney2157.

Part I

Part II

Shakira: We Did Four Tracks In Five Days

Shakira & Pharrell
The leotard-loving lady confessed being a perfectionist means she’s a bit of a slow worker and is hoping the hard work ethic employed by her pal Pharrell Williams, 36, left, on her new album She Wolf – which is out on Monday – can give her a boot up the perfectly formed backside. She added: “In five days Pharrell and I did four tracks together. “What was interesting is that he’s very fast and immediate in the studio and I’m a little slower. “When collaborating you always try and capture something from the other person and I learnt a lot from his method.” Shakira will join the line-up for the 2009 MTV Eur­ope Music Awards in Berlin on November 5.


Shakira - She Wolf (2009)
Shakira – She Wolf (2009) (November 17th)
Producers & Guests
: Wyclef Jean, The Neptunes, Kid Cudi, Amanda Ghost, John Hill, Miami Symphonic Strings, Lukas Burton, Future Cut, Jerry Duplessis, Stephen Marcussen…
01 – She Wolf (John Hill)
02 – Did It Again (The Neptunes)
03 – Long Time (The Neptunes)
04 – Why Wait For Later (The Neptunes, Miami Symphonic Strings)
05 – Good Stuff (The Neptunes)
06 – Men In This Town (John Hill)
07 – Gypsy (Amanda Ghost, Lukas Burton, Future Cut)
08 – Spy feat. (Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis)
09 – Mon Amour (John Hill)
10 – Lo Hecho Está Hecho (Did It Again) (Spanish Version) (The Neptunes, Stephen Marcussen)
11 – Años Luz (Why Wait) (Spanish) (The Neptunes)
12 – Loba (She Wolf) (Spanish) (John Hill)

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