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July 2010

Gucci Mane Announces New Album ‘The Appeal’, Recorded 6 Tracks With The Neptunes

Fresh from doing his bid, Gucci Mane has been steady on the recording grind, leaking a few loose tracks and mixtapes since his release from the clink. But he’s currently thinking about his next official studio release. The Atlanta-based rapper has recently announced his third studio album, ‘The Appeal,’ the follow-up to 2008’s ‘The State vs. Radric Davis,’ tentatively scheduled for a September 28 release – the same release date as T.I.’s ‘King Uncaged’ and Young Jeezy’s ‘Thug Motivation 103.’ “I feel good about this new project,” he said in an interview. “I think this one’s going to be bigger because the last album, I put a lot into it, I put my heart into it, and this one right here, I think it’s a good representation of where I’m at now musically, mentally.

It’s just where I’m at. I’ve grown a lot, and I think I expressed it really good musically and I just want everybody to hear it and see what everybody think about it.” Gooch also shed some light on which producers provided beats for the ‘The Appeal,’ stating that the album features instrumentals from Swizz Beatz, Wycelf Jean, Pharrell, Drumma Boy, Zaytoven, Fat Boy and Shawty Redd. “It’s the combination of people that I’ve been working with for the last six, seven years, and the new people that I been want to work with,” he explains, stating that he made six records with both Swizz and Pharrell. “I actually made hit records with them.” Gucci’s last album, ‘The State vs. Radric Davis,’ was released in December 2009, selling 89,000 copies in its first week, debuting at No. 10 on the charts and becoming his best-selling release to date. ‘The Appeal‘ is the second in a trilogy of albums from Gucci, with the third tentatively titled ‘The Verdict.’


Gucci Mane – The Appeal (Georgia’s Most Wanted) (2010) (September 28)
* Recorded Six Tracks

Pharrell’s Interview With Dr. V.S. Ramachandran On ‘Interview Magazine’

As part of the production duo The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams has won Grammys, helped to sell millions of albums, and become the face of nerdy cool in hip-hop. More recently, Williams has branched out into fashion and art, designing sunglasses and modeling for Louis Vuitton, working with Paris boutique Colette, as well as launching his own clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, a footwear line, Ice Cream, and partnering with textile firm Bionic Yarn. Last year he collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami and jewelry house Jacob & Co. to create The Simple Things.

A cupcake, a bag of Doritos, a bottle of Heinz ketchup, a Pepsi can, a sneaker, a condom, and a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion—encrusted with 26,000 rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds inside the mouth of a Murakami sculpture—shown at Art Basel in Switzerland. Oh, and he still finds time to make music: Last month,Interscope released the soundtrack to the animated comedy Despicable Me, which Williams co-wrote, and this fall, he will unveil his fourth album with his group N*E*R*D, which includes Shae Haley and Williams’ Neptunes cohort Chad Hugo. As the name of the alt-rock trio suggests, the 37-year-old Williams is a connoisseur of cool, but not a slave to it.

What is less known about Williams is his interest in science—specifically, the brain. He recently became fascinated with the work of Dr. V.S. Ramachandran, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, San Diego. Ramachandran, director of the university’s Center of Brain and Cognition, has been called one of the “hundred most prominent people to watch” in the 21st century by Newsweek magazine. Still, it would be difficult to imagine two less likely collaborators: one is a pop-music icon, the son of a handyman and a schoolteacher from suburban Virginia who now rolls around Miami in an Enzo Ferrari. The other is a neuroscientist, born in India and educated at Cambridge. What could they possibly have in common? A lot, as it turns out. But in the following conversation, it’s easy to see how both men feed off of each other with the thrill of discovery, and take mutual pleasure in zigging while the rest of the world zags.


Pharrell Williams x Harley-Davidson Video

Renaissance man Pharrell Williams fills us in on the story behind his custom motorcycle by iconic American company Harley-Davidson. Always having something up his sleeve, this latest development comes as no surprise as we’ve now seen Pharrell have his hands on everything, from music production, to tank chairs, to bikes. The video was directed by Travis Satten. Enjoy!


N*E*R*D x HipHopDX Interview, ‘I’ve Seen The Light’ Encapsulates What The Album Has To Offer

Interviewing Pharrell Williams is like winning a 25-minute shopping spree in the Mall of America: you’re grateful for the opportunity, but it’s a lot to cover in limited time. With clothing and jewelry lines, art exhibits, teen-aimed web sites and more on his plate, being an A-List producer/musician is only one element of his creativity. Several hours before the interview, the stakes were raised: this writer was told that the whole N*E*R*D braintrust of Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shay would all be on the phone. You know, the same N*E*R*D that virtually changed the landscape of urban music by fearlessly re-introducing the Pop/Rock aesthetic to a fanbase that was used to hearing The Neptunes (the duo of Hugo and Pharrell) craft gems for rap/R&B stars like Jay-Z, Ludacris and Mystikal in years prior.

In the interview below, this writer embarks on his shopping spree with dozens of stores surrounding him and but one shopping cart clutched in his hands. Continue reading to see N*E*R*D chop it up about their memorable live performances and their upcoming album Nothing, while Pharrell explains his youth initiatives, clowning Diddy on camera, and co-executive producing The Game’s R.E.D. album with Dr. Dre.

HipHopDX: First I would like to congratulate you guys because N*E*R*D’s Seeing Sounds was HipHopDX’s “2008 Non-Hip Hop Album Of The Year.” So what direction are you guys going in with Nothing?
Pharrell: It’s more of a movement. It like the hippie mentality, except ours is different. It’s not like Birkenstock’s and granola bars. It’s more like flowers and Ferraris. You know, we think [there is] room under the sun for everyone. That’s the only way for everyone to get along. It’s just the times…there’s so much going on in the world right now. We just want to document it. We’re like news reporters. Humankind is on the brink of another…going through another phase. We have very serious advances in technology, like the iPad. And then we have very serious faulty situations and issues for the environment, like the [Gulf Coast] oil spill. So for us it feels a lot like the late ’60s or early ’70s, so that’s kind of most of the sound of the album but then we have stuff we ain’t used to.


Swedish House Mafia & Pharrell Invent New Genre ‘Brave’

Superstar DJ trio Swedish House Mafia reckon they have created a new musical genre with their summer club track One (Your Name). Featuring Pharrell on vocals it’s their first official release and they believe it’s a totally new sound. Producer Axwell is one third of the group: “It’s a new genre we made up, we’re calling it brave – it’s not rave it’s a little bit more ballsy than that so that’s why it’s called brave. “We thought of that five minutes ago. We like it a lot.” Dance ‘supergroup’ Swedish House Mafia is made up of DJs and producers Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. Between them they have worked with and remixed Madonna, Temper Trap, Pharrell, N*E*R*D, David Guetta and Miike Snow.

On top of all that, Sebastian Ingrosso has produced tracks on Kylie’s new album. Pharrell has collaborated with Swedish House Mafia on One (Your Name). Axwell told Newsbeat they came together as a group naturally: “We didn’t decide to team up so it’s not like we’re a manufactured boy band. It’s been an ongoing process from 2000. “We’ve all been friends, sharing knowledge about music, working together and then we started DJ’ing together and started to take it more seriously.” He admitted they have been overwhelmed by the interest in them: “The demand has been massive so we’re just following the monster of Swedish House Mafia, just tagging along.” Pharrell who lends the vocals on the track has worked with Axwell and Steve Angelo in the past.


Another Felix Zenger x N*E*R*D Beatbox Video

Felix Zenger & Pharrell
Here is another version of Felix permorming with N*E*R*D in Pori Jazz Fest in Finnland, don’t forget to check out his site, he’s got over 21 million views!

N*E*R*D & Felix Zenger (Live At Finland, Pori Jazz Fest)



Pusha T. x GWHH Interview

Pusha T. talks with Gowhere Hip Hop’s Jen DeLeon about his upcoming solo mixtape, The Fear Of God, and a little bit about working with Kanye West in Hawaii.


N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado (Boys Noize Remix)

SP’s 16 Minute Video Mix By Clipse

SP from Amsterdam, crafted this mix featuring various Clipse visuals meshed into one 16-minute video… pretty damn good, check it out, thanks to sunpun.


Yo Gotti – Cocaine Muzik feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Clipse

Ofcourse Clipse are featured on a Cocaine Music tune by Yo Gotti featuring Young Jeezy & Rick Ross.

Yo Gotti – Cocaine Muzik feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Clipse (10′)

Clipse – Got It For Leaks (The Audiobiography) (2010)

Here is Clipse’s audio-biography project with the LA Leakers which they go through some of the artists most well known tracks and dig into the history behind them.

Clipse – Got It For Leaks (The Audiobiography) (2010)
01 – Got It For Leaks (Intro)
02 – Got It For Cheap
03 – What Happened To That Boy feat. Baby
04 – Grindin’ feat. Pharrell
05 – Footsteps feat. Kobe
06 – Viginia
07 – Champion
08 – Hello New World feat. Pharrell
09 – I’m Good feat. Pharrell
10 – When The Last Time feat. Pharrell
11 – Ma, I Don’t Love Her feat. Faith Evans
12 – Cot Damn feat. Ab-Liva & Rosco P. Goldchain
13 – Mr. Me Too feat. Pharrell
14 – Dirty Money
15 – Wamp Wamp (What It Do) feat. Slim Thug
16 – Kinda Like A Big Deal feat. Kanye West
17 – Comedy Central feat. Fabolous
18 – Keys Open Doors
19 – Popular Demand (Popeyes) feat. Pharrell & Cam’Ron

Total Size: 101,60MB


Pharrell Buys New Bugatti Veyron 16.4. For 1,3 Mio €

According to, Pharrell bought the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4. for ‘only’ 1,3 Million €.


Bun B. – All A Dream (Produced By Steve Below)

Once again, there has been given false information about a track allegedly produced by The Neptunes which after all is not, despite the picture we’ve seen months ago of The Neptunes being in the studio with Bun. B., there won’t be any neptunes produced tracks on his third studio album Trill O.G. which is due August 3rd. You can check Bun B.’s album snippets on, thanks to matty.


N*E*R*D x Adidas Headquarters Interview


Robin Thicke Still Adjusting To Being A Dad

Forget worrying about the next R&B album – new dad Robin Thicke is focusing on how to be a great parent, and he’s having fun with every lesson. “I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with the baby lately, learning how to be a dad,” the singer, 32, said of his newborn son, Julian Fuego, whose mother is actress wife Paula Patton, 34. “I look forward to every day with him, watching him grow and learn … I want to teach him basketball and Al Green. I want to teach him Michael Jackson and all that fun stuff.” Naturally, he has some help while mom is busy with a new movie. “Yeah, we got some good friends and family, some grandmas helping out,” he said Thursday after a performance for Hugo Boss in New York, adding, “I did change a couple of diapers. And then I got tired of that. I like doing the holding and the playing more.”


Pharrell At Dee Cee Style BBC Store Event


Pharrell Thanks The Kidults For Attending The KYLC

Click Here to watch the clip, thanks to WhyPR.


Robin Thicke: I Grew Up On ‘Thug Rap’

Robin Thicke, best known for his smooth vocal stylings, revealed last night that he developed his chops by listening to some of rap’s hardest acts. “I grew up on thug rap,” the young crooner said Thursday at the Hugo Boss’ Beat the Heat rooftop bash in Manhattan to celebrate their Spring and Summer collections. “I’m Mr. NWA,” he continued. “I know every word of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on ‘Deep Cover.’ I memorized it the day it came out. … There are a bunch of rappers that I’m always making records with; they gave me my honorary black card.

But it can be easily revoked. If you act up it will be revoked.” At the fashionable soiree, Robin admitted that he likes to keep his show wardrobe simple and classic. “I’ve always believed in the look of all black,” he said. “I’m a Johnny Cash man. That’s how I feel comfortable. All black, you take me seriously.” Thicke said he loves playing in New York City but has his choice venue. “I have to shout out to my boy Richie Akiva, with Butter and 1Oak,” he said. “We’ve been family for 10 years. I opened up Butter 10 years ago when he hosted my album release party at Butter’s opening party. Just a few months ago we did that party again and it’s always amazing.”


Pharrell Talks Dubstep (July 23rd)

Pharrell & The Hogans
I think the last time I was listening to dubstep it was Chase & Status.”
Pharrell Williams said when he and N*E*R*D member Shay Haley spoke to urban blog, The Wrap Up. When asked if there would be anyone in particular that Pharrell would like to work with in the UK, he said that it would take him a while to figure out whom because the UK music scene is doing so great right now: “It would take me a minute to come up with a good list because there are so many people over here, there’s loads and loads of talent here. I mean, here’s the good news, the world is changing and so when the world changes, so does art, you know? “There’s just new music coming and we’re just as excited about what you guys have coming out over here as well.”


Pharrell In The SPIN Magazine August Issue, Due July 26th

This exclusive pic, part of the August issue of SPIN Magazine, is a small glimpse inside Pharrell’s new Miami mansion. In the issue he shares his love for KAWS paintings (Stewie! Brian Griffin!) and all sorts of thangs about his music. Pharrell and N*E*R*D are prepping for the release of their new CD “Nothing” on September 7, which he told SPIN was, “designed as a roundtable conversation between us and a bunch of girls about the good things and bad things in life.” You know, cuz we all just sit around tables yapping to models about our pros and cons — of which it seems Pharrell has mostly pros. The August 2010 issue of SPIN hits newsstands on July 26th.


Malice Talks Books, Films & Music

N*E*R*D Say Nothing Album Is ‘Intended To Inspire Humans’, Party People To Feature Special Guest

‘If you can find something positive in here that motivates you, then this album is for you,’ Pharrell tells MTV News. N*E*R*D have said that their upcoming album, Nothing, will be a “psychedelic” romp through the throwback counterculture vibes of yesteryear inspired by, among other things, women. However, the band recently made it clear that while the release caters to the ladies, all fans are welcome to the party. “Women are essential to life on this planet,” frontman Pharrell told MTV News when the group stopped by the newsroom Monday. “They just hold a very sacred place, they always have for me. My taste and appetite for women has been clearly evident in my music and my videos.

We just felt like that was the sweetest spot for us to concentrate on. Having that in mind, just because the concept of the album is us having a conversation with women at a roundtable, it doesn’t mean that that’s what the audience is about.” The producer and rapper likened the project to a chick flick geared toward a certain type of woman but ropes in other fans as well. “The audience for [the album] is just like any other film,” Pharrell said. “Like a Sandra Bullock film. The concept may be geared toward a chick-based theme, but of course those audiences are not 100 percent women. There’s just all kinds of human beings who just wanna be entertained by that particular story. That’s the concept here. This album is meant and intended to inspire humans. Man, woman, whatever you are. If you can find something positive in here that motivates you, then this album is for you.”

Chad Hugo chimed in as well, joking that fans can enjoy Nothing “even if you’re not human” and adding that the album’s appeal extends to “cats and dogs” too. The fellas revealed that they pushed back the album but also gave up a few details about their new single. While they didn’t reveal the title, they did hint that the track will feature a special guest and that “it’s like the ultimate party song.” Shay Haley said the track is inspired by a hard-partying night in Europe. “We were in Monaco, and we were looking around, and we were just seeing how people were having a great time and you couldn’t tell them sh–. It was like 5 in the morning, and you would have thought it was like 1,” Shay said. “People were partying just as hard, so we were like, ‘Whoa.’ “


Pharrell Encourages Clipse To Sign With Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music

‘I think that’s gonna be amazing,’ N*E*R*D frontman tells Mixtape Daily of possible deal. When we broke the “good” news last week that Pusha T. and his brother Malice might be going over to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, the blogs and Twitter started going ham. “A great day for music, but it’s a ‘good’ day,” Pusha said about putting his Fear Of God mixtape out September 14 — a date that has been dubbed G.O.O.D. Music Day, because it’s when albums from West, Kid Cudi, Big Sean and Consequence are expected to drop. “I mean, you know, I been to Hawaii. Hawaii is a nice place. Good music is made down there, ya know? So, yeah, I was there. I can’t say too much about that. I think everybody’s gonna be in for a big surprise, a very big surprise.”

We already know what the Clipse and Kanye sound like together: “Kinda Like A Big Deal” was a heralded banger, and The Brothers Thornton threw barbed-wire lines all over the beat from “Swagga Like Us” on their Road To Till The Casket Drops mixtape. Well, on Monday, it just so happened that N*E*R*D performed right on the 24th floor in the MTV building (#PerksOf1515). After the show, we asked Pharrell Williams — who is the Clipse’s most frequent producer and hometown friend — whether his VA brethren linking up with West would work. Skateboard P gave a resounding co-sign.

“I think that’s gonna be amazing,” Pharrell said. “[Pusha] had been working with ‘Ye. I told him, ‘You should do that.’ We made a lot of great records together, and we’ll continue to make great records. I want him to grow and get other experiences out in the world. He’s gotta figure that out. He’s gotta go out there and see it. Make no mistake, lyrically, that kid is one of the greats — him and his brother. Lyrically, those guys are really serious. They’re well-respected by all of the good dudes. Jay-Z loves them, T. I., Jeezy loves them. All of your favorite rappers, they appreciate a Pusha line or a Malice line. They do. I’m saying with respect for all those artists — I work with those artists. I know the conversations we had. They like what they do. It’s been a long time coming for Pusha and what it is he’s trying to do. He’s gonna get it. And Malice too.”


Pusha Hates ‘When The Last Time’

Lmao ‘listen to that shyt OOUUUOOUUUHHH UHHH, come on P’
Thats one of my top 3 Clipse beats… hilarious, thanks to sunpun.


Clipse – When The Last Time

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