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July 2010

Pharrell: M.I.A.’s Feud-Filled Met Ball

Pharrell & M.I.A.M.I.A. endured an eventful evening at New York’s fashionable Met Ball in May (10) – she argued with Pharrell and was ignored by Oprah Winfrey. The Paper Planes hitmaker caused a stir when she turned up for the star-studded gala and immediately became embroiled in a heated discussion with N*E*R*D’s frontman. She tells London’s Time Out, “It (the Met Ball) was amazing, the best bit was me and Pharrell having a fight… He was just telling me off like crazy. ‘You can’t just keep beating people up…’ I thought he’d seen the Born Free video, so I was actually listening because I thought he must be saying my video’s too violent. He was like, ‘You know you can’t keep giving people that s**t, you have to hand out the sugar.’ I was a bit offended…”

However the argument was quickly resolved by one of her famous fans – rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs forced Williams to apologise for his outburst. She adds, Diddy (was there and) was like ‘Oh my f**king God, last time I saw you, you were so fat (pregnant). He was just like, ‘I love you, we need you.’ And I was like, ‘That’s so good to hear because Pharrell just told me I was s**t.’ Diddy went and found Pharrell and made him come to my table, apologise and kiss my hand and s**t, which was awesome.” And Williams wasn’t the only person who was seemingly upset by M.I.A.’s presence – TV titan Winfrey wasn’t too keen to see her either. She explains, “Oprah seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder. She was dancing with Iman (Bowie). Iman was always dancing with me, hugging and kissing me. Oprah seemed really p**sed off with me.” Lol funny story, love M.I.A. though.


Old Swizz Beatz Studio Footage With Pharrell

Pharrell & Swizz Beatz
Here is a old studio footage of Swizz Beatz and Pharrell working on a track where Pharrell spited some bars on a unknown Swizz Beatz produced track that didn’t make the final cut from Swizz Beatz’ ‘One Man Band Man (2007)’ studio session, thanks to MartianSky.


Prophetic & N*E*R*D Summerfest 2010

Prophetic recaps his opening performance gets another shout out from Pharrell and check out below his newest video, pretty dope, Prophetic – Planes, visit for more videos, thanks to David Baldwin/Prophetic.

Prophetic – Planes



N*E*R*D – Party People & Hot-N-Fun (Live On Jimmy Kimmel)

N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (Live On Jimmy Kimmel)

Pharrell x Diggy Simmons Interview

BvNewsWire’s 5 Questions With Pharrell Williams

Entering this weekend as the No. 1 movie at the box office is ‘Despicable Me,’ and one of the highlights of the 3-D animated film is the musical score, which was composed by recording artist, producer, musician and fashion designer Pharrell Williams.

The Grammy Award-winning artist is making his debut in the film world from behind the scenes. “All my life I’ve watched cartoons; I love cartoons,” said the Virginia native, who has produced hit songs by Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey. ‘Despicable‘ centers around a criminal mastermind using a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme. He finds himself profoundly changed by the growing love between them. BvNewsWire caught up to the hip-hop maestro recently. Below are excerpts from the conversation.

BvNewsWire: What’s the difference between making music for whatever concept you have, producing somebody else and doing it for a movie.
Pharrell Williams: When you’re doing it for someone else, I am mainly looking at the person, judging what they may need, trying to find the holes in the voice. And most of the time, there usually is a hole just because they’d just be wrapping up the album. So we find the hole, and instead of patching it, we try to use that hole as the inspiration to fill it and to make something different and take it to the next level. With a song, there’s usually about 10 basic structures. With a musical score, there’s no structure at all. There are no parameters; you’re only really answering to the aesthetic and what is being shown and what the director wants to be articulated at that moment.


Pharrell – Rocket’s Theme (The Neptunes 01′ Version)

It’s been a long time since ive uploaded a video, so I would like to apologize for that anyways this tune right here is by Pharrell called Rocket’s Theme from the Despicable Me Soundtrack that just came out produced by The Neptunes with The Neptunes 2001 kit that they been using in their productions back in the early 2000. I tried to change the beat at the bridge with the beatmapped beatswitch that they used to do back in the day so I hope y’all like it.

Swedish House Mafia – One (Your Name) feat. Pharrell (Official Video), Pharrell Calls Them ‘Necessary Rock Stars’

Lovin’ the video, im so happy that tune became so huge in Europe, just look at the Netherlands football team singing to SHM’s One, fucking hilarious!

Dutch World Cup Team Dance To ‘Swedish House Mafia – One’

Pharrell Talks About Swedish House Mafia


Uffie Talking About Pharrell

Uffie sat down with The Quiet Us to talk about her new album and about the Pharrell collaboration.
The Quiet Us: So how do you know Pharrell and how was it working with him on ‘ADD SUV’?
Uffie: I think when I was 19 I did a show with him in Japan and he was super awesome and he’s been one of my favourite artists for a long time… since I was a teenager I guess. And when I was working on ‘ADD’, he was my dream collaborator so I thought ‘Well, why not ask. It can’t hurt.’ And thankfully he did because he did an awesome job! But we weren’t able to go into the studio together unfortunately.

TQU: Pharrell’s a really interesting guy. I like the fact that even though he’s taken seriously in hip hop quarters, making beats for Clipse and being part of N*E*R*D, he’s also almost like this sensitive indie guy. Like there’s something of Morrissey about him almost.
U: Yeah, he’s known for this commercial bling hip hop but there is something very arty about him.

TQU: But given that ‘ADD SUV’ is supposed to be poking fun at materialism and that commercial hip hop lifestyle… you know, isn’t he a member of the Billionaires’ Boys’ Club?
U: Oh yeah, that’s funny! But I think he banished the bling. I think the guy has gone back to his roots. That’s what it feels like. He wasn’t wearing any in the video and that’s for sure.

TQU: So he’s retired all of his gold chains?
U: I think so.


More Pharrell & Asher Roth Studio Footage (July 16th)

Boydercam was in the studio with Asher and Pharrell…and caught this classic moment with Pharrell orchestrating the ad-libs with the girls from Miami University for one of Asher’s upcoming CD “The Spaghetti Tree.” Another “Importantless” Video brought to you by…-Boyder! Thanks to MartianSky.


Jason Wade (Lifehouse) & Alyssa Bernal


Pusha T. Signing To Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music ?

We’ve heard G.O.O.D. Music camp members Consequence, Kid Cudi and Big Sean talk about their family’s grand scheme of making September 14 G.O.O.D. Music Day.” Kanye West and his three signees are all supposed to drop albums that day. But will there be another name added to the fold? The Clipse’s Pusha T. is putting out his first solo mixtape, The Fear Of God, that day as well, raising speculation that he’s doing it as part of the Louis Vuitton Don’s roster. “That’s just a good day,” Pusha told MTV News on Wednesday night in New York at an EA Sports event to promote the game “Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.” “A great day for music, but it’s a ‘good’ day,” he said, slyly repeating the word. “I mean, you know. I been to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a nice place. Good music is made down there, ya know. So, yeah, I was there. I can’t say too much about that. I think everybody’s gonna be in for a big surprise. A very big surprise.” Hawaii, of course, has been the primary location where Kanye has been making albums for the past several months with his roster of artists. When Pusha was asked straight up if he is signing with West, he answered with a grin, “Who’s to say, man? But the Pusha T. solo album is definitely coming out.” His LP won’t be out until February at the earliest. Right now, the focus is on The Fear Of God. The VA native is recording both projects simultaneously however. “I just feel like, you know, everybody’s waiting on it,” Pusha said about going solo. “I think it’s time to expand the Re-Up Gang brand.


N*E*R*D & Tony Hawk In Berlin


N*E*R*D’s Polaroid Picture

Here is the N*E*R*D Polaroid Picture taken at the N*E*R*D photo shoot by Phillip.


N*E*R*D’s Pic Of Hype Williams ‘Rock Star (Poser)’ Version

Here is a picture of Hype Williams’ ‘Rock Star (Poser)’ Version from 2002.


N*E*R*D – Party People (Live In Brooklyn) (VEVO Quality)

This is by far the best version of Party People we got thanks to VEVO & MartianSky.

N*E*R*D – Hot-n-Fun (Live In Brooklyn)

Here are the MP3’s for your iPod.
N¤E¤R¤D – Party People (Live In Brooklyn) (10′)

N¤E¤R¤D – Hot-N-Fun (Live In Brooklyn) (10′)

Blackstreet – Tonight’s The Night (CDS) (1994)

Blackstreet - Tonight's The Night (CDS) (1994)
Here is The Neptunes produced CDS from 1994 by Blackstreet including some of Teddy Riley remixes.

Blackstreet – Tonight’s The Night (CDS) (1994)

01 – Tonight’s The Night feat. SWV & Tammy Lucas (Album Mix)
02 – Tonight’s The Night feat. SWV & Craig Mack (Rain Remix Radio Edit)
03 – Tonight’s The Night feat. SWV, Craig Mack & Screwface (Brand New Remix B2)
04 – Tonight’s The Night feat. SWV, Craig Mack & Screwface (Brand New Remix B2) (Extended Mix)
05 – Tonight’s The Night feat. SWV & Craig Mack (Brand New Remix B3)
06 – Tonight’s The Night feat. SWV (Brand New Remix B3) (No Rap)

Total Size: 43,05MB

Swedish House Mafia On Using Pharrell’s Vocals For ‘One’, Due July 25th

Swedish House Mafia’s One
, which features a vocal contribution from Pharrell Williams, is shaping up to be one of the biggest dance anthems of the summer, and our sister magazine Future Music recently got an exclusive insight into the production of the track. Discussing Pharrell’s vocal, Mafia man Steve Angello says: “We had a Pharrell acappella that me and Seb [Ingrosso, fellow SHM member] had recorded in Australia for another track that we wanted to do over a year ago. We took that and tried it on One and it worked. Well, it worked after Axwell [third Mafia man] Melodyne’d the crap out of it!”

“We had one phrase that we had from Pharrell and we made it into a whole song,” explains Axwell, with Angello adding that “it’s kind of old skool, chopping up one vocal and turning it into a whole dance track.” The video for One, which you can watch above, is noteworthy for its prominent use of Teenage Engineering’s forthcoming OP-1, which should raise the profile of this synth/sampler/controller – not to mention the anticipation level ahead of its release – considerably.


N*E*R*D’s Listening Session At MADE

N*E*R*D had a listening session at MADE where they also took their time diving into the world of MADE, experience the space and it’s current (art-)works of tadiROCK and Ebon Heath, thanks to Misla.


No Neptunes On Paul Wall’s ‘Heart Of A Champion’

The Neptunes didn’t make the final cut on Paul Wall’s 5th studio album, Heart Of A Champion, thanks to Borsboom for the CD Booklet.

Paul Wall - Heart Of A Champion (2010)
Paul Wall – Heart Of A Champion (2010)
01 – Take Notes (Travis Barker)
02 – Showin’ Skillz feat. Lil’ Keke (Travis Barker)
03 – I’m On Patron (Beanz N’ Kornbread)
04 – Round Here feat. Chamillionaire (Beanz N’ Kornbread)
05 – Im’ma Get It feat. Bun B. & Kid Sister (Travis Barker)
06 – Stay Iced Up feat. C. Stone & Johnny Dang (Da Shit Factory At The Hogg Pen)
07 – Pocket Fulla Presidents feat. Andre Nickatina & Mitchy Slick (Beanz N’ Kornbread)
08 – Ain’t A Thang feat. Jim Jones (Travis Barker)
09 – My City feat. Dallas Blocker & Yo Gotti (Beanz N’ Kornbread)
10 – Smoke Everyday feat. Devin The Dude & Z-RO (Beanz N’ Kornbread)
11 – Live It feat. Raekwon, Yelawolf & Jay Electronica (Travis Barker)
12 – Not My Friend feat. Expensive Taste & Slim Thug (Travis Barker)
13 – Still On (Yung Chill)
14 – Heart Of A Hustler feat. Expensive Taste (Travis Barker)
15 – Keep On Pushin’ feat. Unique (Beanz N’ Kornbread)
16 – Posted Up feat. Tum Tum & Big Tuck (Beanz N’ Kornbread)


SWV – Use Your Heart (CDS) (1996)

SWV - Use Your Heart (CDS) (1996)
This is what I call rare, here is the Use Your Heart (CDS) of Sisters With Voices from 1996 including some remixes with Rome, Grampa & Boneyman and one of the first Neptunes Instrumentals ever (Actually it’s the third) with the Acapella ! Enjoy Neptunes Mofos!

SWV – Use Your Heart (CDS) (1996)
01 – Use Your Heart (LP Version)
02 – Use Your Heart (Edit)
03 – Use Your Heart feat. Rome
04 – Use Your Heart feat. Grampa & Boneyman (Rappers Delight Remix)
05 – Use Your Heart (Acapella)
06 – Use Your Heart (Instrumental)

Total Size: 36,25MB

Chad Hugo & The Mansions On The Moon In The Studio

Check out this hilarious video filmed by Chad Hugo joking around with Shae’s latest signee The Mansions On The Moon, thanks to Kwelionis.

Pharrell x Huffington Post Interview, Working On Own Cartoon

He’s created hit songs for himself, others, and his band. He’s also collaborated with a diverse mix of talent from Jay-Z to Gwen Stefani, and has his own clothing lines Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club. Talk to Pharrell Williams for five minutes, and you’ll instantly understand his need to work with others, push himself and expand his repertoire. It all comes down to his perception of “the American Dream,” and how he chooses to lives it. “When you read about it in the press, it’s the house with the picket fence, the wife, the 2 ½ kids, two cars, and the pursuit of that but it’s flawed,” The Neptunes producer and frontman of N*E*R*D explained. “It’s based on having something, not chasing something. Most successful people will tell you it’s not what’s in the bank, it’s the journey making it.”

That sort of explains Williams‘ journey. Doesn’t it? The singer, producer, fashion designer, and Huffington Post fan (he notes his “” site aspires to follow the HP model: “tell it like it is.”), has owned the world of pop and hip hop since joining forces with Chad Hugo in the late 1990s to form one-half of The Neptunes. Never satisfied with the status quo, he spent the 2000s establishing himself as a solo artist and drummer/singer for hip-rock group N*E*R*D He’s chosen to dive right into this decade. Williams penned and produced four tracks for the Despicable Me soundtrack (“Minions Mambo” is a personal favorite, as is a track with Robin Thicke), and this September, he and N*E*R*D will release their fourth studio album ironically titled Nothing.

Huffington Post: What was it about Despicable Me that made you want to create original tunes for its soundtrack?
Pharrell: I’m a huge fan of animation. I’ve always loved cartoons and I never let it go even when it was not in vogue to talk about cartoons. I’ve always loved the way I feel when I watch them, so you can only imagine what a dream come true this film at the forefront of 3D technology was for me. When given the opportunity, I jumped on it. I love collaborations, and I love to be the smallest guy in the room. Working with Universal and Illumination Entertaiment, [composer] Hans Zimmer, I was literally the peon in the room. I prefer it that way. I want to learn, and if you want to learn you surround yourself with people who know what to do so you can absorb everything.


The Music Of Despicable Me

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