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January 2011

Pharrell Is One Of The Judges For ‘Wallpaper Design Awards 2011′

Each year their prestigious Judges’ Awards are chosen by a select super six from the worlds of architecture, art, design, film, fashion and music, who sift through our shortlist and pick out their greatest hits. The seventh annual Wallpaper Design Awards is about the people, places and things that have made our year that extra bit special. catch up with these year’s astute judges, Mario Bellini, Raf Simons, Natalie Massenet, Michael Nyman, Marc Quinn and Pharrell Williams, and find out which nominees they were gunning for. go on set with their Interiors Editor Ben Kempton to see how he put together the Judges Award Contender’s shoot and bring you coverage from their exclusive Design Awards party in London that saw luminaries from the world of design, fashion and architecture jet in to help them celebrate.

Design Awards 2011 Judge: Pharrell Williams
Not content with dominating the charts, Williams has moved seamlessly into the world of fashion and design. As well as running his own Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing labels, he has designed eyewear and jewellery for Louis Vuitton, as well as furniture for Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. We catch up with him in New York and talk about why he thinks the iPad, the Villa Vals in Switzerland and Louis Vuitton, were clear winners.
Film by Craig Shapiro, Cedar Street Films.


Shae’s Drinking Game

Nova’s Lowie had a chat with Pharrell and Shae from N*E*R*D backstage at Hordern Pavillion in Sydney, and Shae had a little friend to get him through the interview. How many swigs will Shae take during his interview? Watch the video to find out.


Lupe Fiasco Reveales ‘Im Beaming’ Is A 150 K Record, ‘Watch The Throne’ Delays CRS Album

Lupe Fiasco visited the HOT 93.7 Morning Show crew where he talked about the leaked records including ‘I’m Beaming’,. “I don’t care what nobody says, it hurts, you got some people that don’t believe in paying for music, they believe their music should be free, I don’t believe that, It takes money to make it so you should at least be able to get the money back that you put into a track”. He also revealed that he has put his own money to shoot the I’m Beaming video which is a 150.000 $ record, “It was never in the pipeline for the label to do anything with ‘I’m Beaming’, I was telling the label to put it on iTunes to lets do something with it, because you don’t wanna lose this 150.000 $ record, it’s a Neptunes record, they don’t play!”. You can get below the HOT 93.7 Morning Show Interview.

Those who are waiting for an album from Child Rebel Soldier, will have to be patient. The rappers’ all-star collaboration has been delayed due to other projects that have taken priority. “I think the Jay-Z/Kanye collabo [Watch The Throne] kinda was like, ‘Aww man, aww no,’” Lupe told “The Morning Crew“Whenever we get to go in [the studio] and have the time and the opportunity to do it, we’re always working on some other project. Pharrell gon’ do a soundtrack for a movie, Kanye does another project.” Their collaborations are consisting of one-off records as opposed to a cohesive project. “It’s becoming less of an album and more of everytime we do a song together—me, ‘Ye, and Pharrell, a CRS thing,” explained Lupe. Thanks to VandG.

Lupe Fiasco’s HOT 93.7 Morning Show Interview (11′)


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

Summit On The Summit 1st Anniversary

One year ago Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Isabel Lucas, Emile Hirsch, Jessica Biel, Santigold, Elizabeth Gore, Alexandra Cousteau, Bernise Ang, Kick Kennedy, Simon Isaacs, Michael Muller, Jimmy Chin, Melissa Arnot and Dr. Greg Allgood took a six-day, 50-mile trek to the peak of the tallest mountain in Africa the Kilimanjaro with 19,340 ft. to raise awareness of the global clean water crisis, today is their 1st Anniversary.

Summit On The Summit

Pharrell Talks Despicable Me Oscar Short List Songs, Confirms Working With Britney Spears managed to get an interview with Pharrell while he was in Australia touring with N*E*R*D where they talked about the nominated Despicable Me Oscar Short List Songs ‘ Despicable Me’ & ‘Prettiest Girls’ and the Rocket Theme which we all know who’m he wrote it for and he’s also been asked to talk about Britney Spears’ #1 Hit ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ and how they created the tune back in 2001. Pharrell reveals at the end that he worked with Britney Spears but that he ain’t sure if they will make it on the album, because N*E*R*D is still on the road touring and Britney Spears is planning to release her new album in March.

Pharrell Williams x Awards Daily Interview


Alyssa Bernal x Article

I’ve reviewed other artists, but Alyssa Bernal is different. The others were kids just like Alyssa, who got lucky. They were discovered and now have released their first or maybe fiftieth CD, but Alyssa, what separates her from, Taylor Swift, is that she was discovered on YouTube. Imagine if suddenly, the girl behind the YouTube screen name has a record label; an album. You can always watch videos of artists like Lady Gaga or Eminem also on YouTube, but how many of those artists made a connection with their audience before they were signed?

Trust me here, check out her videos, and not only the professionally done ones, but the originals that got her all the way to releasing her first album. To watch someone singing to their webcam is a different experience than simply seeing them in concert or buying their CD’s; they’re closer to being real when they’re doing something so normal, that maybe you do too. When a person sits in their bathroom singing to their computer, it makes them seem more like they’re an average person-like the normal teen you are.

In Alyssa Bernal’s videos she’s alive, and she’s shy and funny and friendly and most of the time has her friends lying on a couch behind her. Now tell me, does not stardom seem like it’s that much closer when the girl you subscribed to on YouTube was discovered through it? Bernal–she has a voice that really sings to you; in more than one way. She is one of those extraordinary artists who will never need the fancy costumes or revealing outfits or vocal modifications. She has done amazing on YouTube, so why should it change now?


N*E*R*D – The Best Of N*E*R*D (Reviews)

N*E*R*D - The Best Of N*E*R*D
Here are some reviews of N*E*R*D’s The Best Of album which is available now on

N*E*R*D – The Best Of… (2011) (January 11th)
01 – Rock Star (Poser)
02 – Lapdance
03 – She Wants To Move
04 – Provider
05 – Maybe
06 – Fly or Die
07 – Brain
08 – Thrasher
09 – Run To The Sun
10 – Baby Doll
11 – What’s Wrong With Me
12 – Lil’ Suzy feat. Kelis
13 – Things Are Getting Better
14 – Truth Or Dare feat. Kelis & Pusha T.
15 – Maybe (Sander Kleinenberg Remix)
16 – She Wants To Move (Justice Remix)

Big Sean Talks Touring With Pharrell & Co.

Big Sean stopped by the Hard Knock TV to talk about how his relationship with Kanye has evolved and how Kanye put him on the spot to rap in a cypher with Pharrell, Teriyaki Boyz, Nigo, etc during Bathing Ape photo shot in Japan. Go to 10:55 for the part.


N*E*R*D At The Fillmore NYC


N*E*R*D In The Mix

Click Here to watch it.


Maxine Ashley’s New Tattoo


N*E*R*D’s Boat Trip In Sydney, Australia


D.A. Wallach & Rico Love In The Studio


Malice – Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked – Vignette #1 & #2

Malice Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked – Vignette #1

Malice Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked – Vignette #2


N*E*R*D Rock Oz

Pharrell Shows Off His Smooth Moves Down Under. N*E*R*D well and truly welcomed Sydney into 2011 with their mind-blowing rock versus hip hop set over the weekend. The US superstars – supported by DJ duo The Faders, Tinie Tempah, Chromeo and Boys Noize - brought their steamy stage show and addictive old and new tracks to diehard fans at the Hordern Pavilion. And while temperatures outside were soaring, it was nothing compared to the heat inside the packed out venue. Frontman Pharrell Williams attracted plenty of attention from a huge hoard of female fans, who fought their way to the very front for a glimpse at his smooth moves – not to mention a peek at his famous washboard stomach!

And they certainly weren’t left disappointed as the uber producer, who’s worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake, peeled off his shirt, cheekily poked out his tongue and teased his admirers by blowing kisses across the crowd. Grinding his hips as low as he could go, the super-talented hitmaker ran through audience faves including ‘Spaz,’ ‘She Wants To Move’ and ‘Hot-N-Fun,’ as well as debuting tracks from the group’s new studio album ‘Nothing.’


N*E*R*D At Taronga Zoo In Sydney, Australia

Click Here for more pictures.


Rap Radar Calls ‘Nothing’ One Of 10 Worst Albums From 2010

Check this out :D.
“Admittedly I’m not a big N*E*R*D supporter. I like my Pharrell peddling beats and hooks to great MCs and stayin’ on the sidelines. But with a somewhat open, slate-cleaning mind I copped the oft-delayed Nothing the day it dropped. And guess what? I didn’t like it. From the annoying chorus-laden opener “Party People”; to the Al Green on acid space ride “Hypnotize U”; to a slithery shit sandwich called “Help Me”, the album clearly stumbles badly out the gate. To be fair, things pick up a bit on the Swizz Beatz and Rakim-jacked “God Bless Us All” and the McCartney-influenced “Life As A Fish”. But all in all, it’s not enough to save the overall disc as a notable downgrade from the band’s previous efforts. Even a non-fan can see that.“ Thanks to Thelonius 7.


Kenna Still Working On Songs For Flights (January 9th)


Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T. (Video)

I don’t know about you guys but i’ve never seen the official music video to Nivea’s Run Away, well here it is. Thanks to Rani.

Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T.

N*E*R*D To Finally Bring It To Jakarta

In 2009, N*E*R*D canceled their first show in Indonesia after a wholly unpleasant experience in Malaysia. Even prior to the performance, Malaysian authorities seemed weary of the band’s allegedly “obscene” stage act. N*E*R*D did end up playing the concert — without a proper permit — but had to endure official questioning as well as having their passports confiscated. Apparently traumatized by the event, the group chose to avoid playing their next show, which happened to be in Jakarta. Thankfully, the trio of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley seem to have recovered from the experience and will finally be playing a show in Jakarta at Istora Senayan on Monday. N*E*R*D will be touring Indonesia as part of the “Nothing” promotional tour. Thanks to WhyPR.

Monday, Jan. 10
Istora Senayan, Jakarta
For ticket info, call 0857 1469 1478
Rp 475,000 (Tribune) Rp 575,000 (Festival)


N*E*R*D Not Held In Malaysia (2009)

Game Has The Most Anticipated Album For 2011

Who would’ve thought of this. The votes are in: fans vote Game’s The R.E.D. Album as the most anticipated album of 2011. With the new year now upon us, thought it was the perfect time to ask the fans “Which album are you most anticipating in 2011?” With Dr. Dre’s Detox, Wayne’s Tha Carter IV and Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne all set to drop within the next twelve months, it was Game’s oft-delayed The R.E.D. Album which fans voted as the most anticipated album of the year. Receiving exact 50% of the vote (2,005 votes in total) Game’s album also beat out Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers, Young Jeezy’s TM 103 and Drake’s Take Care.


Game – The R.E.D. Album (Studio Session)
* Mother’s Womb feat. Nelly Furtado
* She’ll Look Good To Me
* When My Nigga Come Home feat. Snoop Dogg
* Roll My Shit feat. Snoop Dogg
* L.A. Girl feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown
* It Must Be Me feat. Pharrell
* Ain’t No Doubt About It feat. Pharrell & Justin Timberlake
* Bounce feat. Pharrell & Shyne

Jean-Roch Birthday Bash Party Hosted By N*E*R*D


Alyssa Bernal – You & I Both (Jason Mraz Cover)

Pusha T. Talks More News About Solo Album, Mixtape Due February

The younger Thornton takes to Shade 45 to discuss his hectic 2011 and the status of Malice and the Clipse Pusha T. is going full on into his solo career. The recent G.O.O.D. Music signee has plans to release a grip of new music in the coming year. He took time off from his busy recording schedule to talk with Ms. Civil on Shade 45 radop. Regarding his solo debut full length Pusha revealed that he had been working on songs with Swizz Beatz, Pharrell, and of course his label CEO, Kanye West. The album has no title or release date set as of right now.

But don’t despair, you will be hearing new Pusha music very soon. The Clipse emcee’s delayed Fear Of God mixtape is expected, “sometime in February.” About the tape, the VA rapper had this to say, “[It’s] back to street, hardcore hip-hop, taking that whole dynamic of the ’95 mixtape, competitive spirit. And just going in on everything, any and everything. It’s old instrumentals, it’s new stuff, it’s original stuff. It’s just hard, it has to be hard to have a title like that, it has to be mean.” As for the status of Pusha’s older brother: Malice is working on his book. That was always the plan, to do everything to expand the Re-Up Gang.” Pusha also took time to dispel any breakup rumors, “We not breaking up. We brothers, it can’t happen.”


Maxine – Ave Maria (Beyonce Cover)

Rick Ross Talks Ashes To Ashes Collaboration With Chester French

Rick Ross has come a long way from his “Hustlin‘ ” days. The Florida MC premiered the first single, “Made Men” featuring Drake, from his forth-coming LP, God Forgives, I Don’t but it’s his Ashes To Ashes mixtape that’s ruling our iTunes. The Bawse spoke to MTV News about stretching himself creatively on this tape with a name you might not expect — or at least we didn’t. “On this mixtape, it’s all new music which I recorded at the Maybauch Music studios,” he said.

“We’ve got Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Aaliyah, Barry White, Ne-Yo and of course my team’s on the mixtape. We tried some different things, shout out to Chester French.” Interesting, right? We haven’t heard much from the Pharrell Williams-affiliated pop group since their 2009 LP Love The Future, but we’re definitely curious to see what they did with Rozay. “We did some different things and I think that everybody really appreciates the direction,” Rick said. “It’s another opportunity to show my supporters what I’m capable of doing on my off time and when I’m on tour.

The mixtape might’ve taken me three weeks to put together while I was on tour, it was a dope experience.” And while many felt that the MC may’ve been snubbed by the Grammy’s nominations as well as the Soul Train Awards, Ross is taking it all in stride. “It’s not about receiving critical acclaim, it’s about becoming comfortable,” Ross said. “I think that’s when you really find out who you are musically and can really challenge yourself and take it even further.”


Rick Ross – Play Your Part feat. Wale, Meek Mill & D.A. Wallach (10′)

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