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January 2011

Shaun White x BfGoodrich Commercials Featuring Clipse’s ‘Young Boy’

Professional snowboarder Shaun White teamed up with BFGoodrich Tires on this commercial with Music of Clipse’s Young Boy, thanks to MartianSky.
BFGoodrich Commercial #1 Harness

BFGoodrich Commercial #2: Cars

BFGoodrich Commercial #3: Cones

Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (Snippet)

Here is a preview of Travis Barker’s second track produced by The Neptunes called Come N’ Get It featuring Clipse that will be on his solo debut album Can A Drummer Get Some which is due March 15 along with If You Want feat. Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco.

Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (Snippet) (11′)

Travis Barker – Give The Drummer Some (March 15)
* If You Want feat. Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco
* Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse

N*E*R*D – The Best Of N*E*R*D (2011) (Scans)

Here are the scans of N*E*R*D’s Best Of album, thanks to Tha G.


Alyssa Bernal – Let Me Know (Original)

From Alyssa: “A new song I think most girls (and guys) can relate to lol. Hope you like it! Shoutout to Richard Tran for co-writin this tune with me. You’re the best! You can check him out at.”

Nigo x Interview

Fashion designer Nigo, born Tomoaki Nagao, is founder of urban clothing label A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and co-creator with US rap star Pharrell Williams of Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club. Metro asks him about Japanese fashion, his love for music and expanding the brands.

Metro: How did you get into designing clothes?
Nigo: I was interested in fashion from the moment I saw Run DMC on TV as a boy. I went to a famous fashion college to study editorial, where I was a year behind Jun Takahashi, founder of cult design label Under Cover. We became friends and opened a shop together called Nowhere. Jun was a designer from the start; I used to operate very much as a stylist, buying dead-stock sneakers and vintage American college wear to sell in the shop. Jun encouraged me to start my own brand because it was exhausting going to America on buying trips. Those are the roots of A Bathing Ape and I’ve been fortunate it hasn’t let up since. While I still don’t think of myself as a designer, it’s the easiest way to describe what I do.

M: You DJ and produce music as well.
N: While I was studying I became a stylist and DJ, and started to get some recognition. The clothing side became more successful but the idea of one without the other is quite strange. I’ve released a few records – the first ones were released in Britain on the Mo’ Wax label – and I continue to make music.


Game Talks ‘The R.E.D. Album’, Pharrell Is Still Executive Producer

Like his mentor, Dr. Dre, Jayceon GameTaylor has an oft-delayed album that people have been waiting to hear. His fourth release, The R.E.D. Album, has been getting pushed back since the end of 2009 while the Compton native has been recording and tweaking songs. He even released the street single, “It Must Be Me,” featuring the album’s executive producer, Pharrell, as well as the Justin Timberlake-featuring single, “Ain’t No Doubt About It.” While the singles didn’t catch, the recent release of his mixtape, Purp & Patron, is a good sign that we’ll finally hear the album this year.

“The R.E.D. Album is pretty much 95 percent done. Until I find a record that is just so amazing to me, and it’s next level and doesn’t sound like anything that’s out, and makes me feel comfortable with it being played on the radio and shooting a video to it, I won’t give R.E.D. Album a date. At this point it’s pretty much in my hands. I had a meeting with Jimmy Iovine and the label heads about a week ago and they gave me the green light to kind of pick a date when I want. The album is so classy, that I can’t sell it short with any single man. I wanna come with the right song, and make sure it’s a song that’s classic and iconic, and then we’ll know. I’m recording every day for no reason.

Pharrell is executive producer and it ain’t gone change. I got Dre producing on the album, I got Premier. Like all the people I’ve wanted on one album, are on this album. I knocked out like two, three joints with Premier before I left on tour, so maybe shit, the end of like October, but, I’m probably gonna use one on the album. Premier sent me the joints he did. Something he don’t never do. Premier don’t send you shit through email, but we’ve been meaning to catch up to each other and work, and he was doing some stuff with Christina Aguilera and some other things so he be everywhere. So he ended up saying, ‘I’ll just send you these joints. I made this for you.”


Game – The R.E.D. Album (Studio Session)
* Mother’s Womb feat. Nelly Furtado
* She’ll Look Good To Me
* When My Nigga Come Home feat. Snoop Dogg
* Roll My Shit feat. Snoop Dogg
* L.A. Girl feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown
* It Must Be Me feat. Pharrell
* Ain’t No Doubt About It feat. Pharrell & Justin Timberlake
* Bounce feat. Pharrell & Shyne

Maxine Ashley At The Big Fan Base

Fam-Lay – Youinstantly (Video)

Directed By Shomi Patwary (IllusiveMedia).

Nicole Scherzinger – Still Here feat. Pharrell (Snippet) (07′)

Here is another Neptunes leftover off Nicole Scherzinger’s first solo album ‘Her Name Is Nicole‘ besides I M.I.S.S. You called Still Here. She recorded about 75-100 songs for the album which was supposed to be released in 2007 before being pushed to 2008 and later into 2009 before being shelved.It’s a pretty decent tune, check it out.

Nicole Scherzinger – Still Here feat. Pharrell (Snippet) (07′)

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