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August 2011

Mika Has Been Found

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Missile Command (Chad Hugo & Hip Hop Dan) Working With Graph

“In the studio with the amazing Graph! Formerly of Idle Warship (along with Talib Kweli and Res), the Toronto native knocked out some tunes while touching down in VA Beach for a few days. Also make sure you follow her on twitter…”Hip Hop Dan

“@hiphopdan hip hop dan
Excited to hit the studio today with @GraphGonzales and @ChadHugo! #MissileCommand 22 Aug via Twitter for iPhone”


Pharrell & Palladium – Tokyo Rising (Trailer)

Pharrell has been at the Photo Shoot with Palladium Boots for their new Campaign at the Tokyo Metropolitan Area outer discharge channel among other places, this is the first trailer of the shoot showing Pharrell’s trip in Tokio (Pharrell’s second home) after the earth quake disaster. Tokyo faces a new reality after the tragedy of 3/11. While persistent challenges still lay ahead, the city’s creative class is hell-bent on making sure that their hometown thrives. Innovative and resilient, they are defining the future of Tokyo on their own terms. Palladium put their boots on and went exploring with Pharrell. The Documentary will be out on September 1st at, thanks to Ali23 & Tit4Tat.


*Pharrell In Japan With Nigo, Verbal & Co.
*Pharrell Checks Out The Tripple Nippples (Live In Tokyo)
*Pharrell & Co. In Japan, Second Home
*Pharrell Speaks About The Japan Disaster
*Pharrell In Tokyo Shooting With Palladium Boots Campaign
*Pharrell Williams Is Collaborating With Barney Waters Of Palladium Boots

Game Talks About Knocking Songs Off ‘R.E.D.’, Nelly Furtado & New Album Already

It’s a Friday afternoon in Times Square minutes before rush hour begins. People are bustling through the New York City summer streets, but posted up in the Renaissance Hotel lounge, Jayceon Taylor acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world. The 31-year old emcee is seated among a crew of about 10, messing around with his new Android phone. He’s taking 3D pics of his friends eating buffalo wings and then showing them the photographic proof. “Look at this shit, man,” he says about the noticeable difference in 3D quality. Game doesn’t look like the shit-talking rapper who plots the demise of Lil B while simultaneously seducing Erykah Badu on his fourth studio LP, The R.E.D. Album. Rocking a red Nike basketball Jersey, he smiles like he’s in a boy-band (especially when he’s dissing someone) but stands tall and built like their bodyguard. He doesn’t look crazy at all; he just looks like he’s having a great time making you think he is.

DX: Waiting played into your favor; especially with some of the collaborations you have on the album like Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, The Creator. They might have not been around a few years ago had you put out the album then.
Game: I think about that all the time. I think if we would have went with Justin Timberlake and a Pharrell single, just think of how many people wouldn’t have been on the album. So with that being said, everything that happened with the album, it benefited in my favor at the end of the day because I have the best album, period. From Tyler, the Creator to [Lil] Wayne to Drake to Dr. Dre and Pharrell, I think I’m the only Hip Hop artist that could have featured Dr. Dre and Drake on the same album or Pharrell, Wayne, Tyler, the Creator, Nelly Furtado, Beanie [Sigel], Rick Ross, everyone on the album, Wale, Mario. I put together the best possible album in this climate that I possibly could.


Pusha T. x Bootleg Kev Interview

“We spoke on the progression of Play Cloths, the Clipse being fashion trail blazers, Fear Of God 2, linking up with Decon Records, his debut album – which is no longer dropping on Black Friday, the difference between Pusha T’s music and The Clipse’s music, his producer wish list for the album, if another Clipse album is dropping, and he speaks a little bit on the Consequence, and how he still listens to Hell Hath No Fury every day”*


Game – The R.E.D. Album (Official Credits With Booklet)

Here are the offical credits to Game’s R.E.D. Album which says that only Pharrell was invovled on ‘Mama Knows’ and despite the rumours that Pharrell wasn’t the Executive Producer of the album anymore, you can clearly see that HE INDEED is the Executive Producer, thanks to Borsboom.

Game – The R.E.D. Album (Digital Booklet)

Game – Mama Knows feat. Nelly Furtado (11′)


Wale Talks About Pharrell At Miami Heat Heineken Weekend

Rapper Wale was recently Miami for the “Heineken Red Star Access” show. During his stay in Miami the new Maybach Music Group artist held a few interviews including one with the local 99 Jamz radio station during which he spoke about hit producer Pharrell Williams and his new “Eleven One Eleven” available November 1st (11-1-11). Check out footage from Wale’s trip to Miami, Florida.


Jakk Frost – What A Thug Like feat Pharrell & Amerie (2007)

Philadelphia rapper and the founder and CEO of Cold World Music Jakk Forst just leaked this unreleased track titled ‘What A Thug Like’ featuring Pharrell and Amerie on the net. So whats the story about this tune, where is it coming from. Most of y’all will say that we’ve heard this before and that the tune sounds like Gwen Stefani’s ‘Candyland’, well indeed. This is actually the original Gwen Stefani version of ‘Candyland’ that didn’t make it on her second studio album ‘The Sweet Escape’, but we’ve only heard the version with the Kill Bill sample mixed by Gwen’s DJ back in 2006 at one of her Fashion Shows.

We all wondered also what happened to Amerie’s Neptunes Studio Session from 2007 of ‘Because I Love It’. So judging by Pharrell’s rapping “Hey Ma, Let Me Show You What A Thug Like”, this could have been given to Amerie but with the title ‘What A Thug Like’ but it didn’t make the final cut, so it went finally to Jakk Frost having still Amerie on the hook, check out both tracks below.

Gwen Stefani – Candyland feat. Pharrell (06′)

Jakk Frost – What A Thug Like feat Pharrell & Amerie (07′)

Chad Hugo Reveals Old Studio Session Tapes

This is why we love Chad & Pharrell’s Twitter accounts. They are finally starting to give fans what we allways wanted to see and hear from within the studio. This time around Chad Hugo shows us some oldass Neptunes Demos straight from the basement such as N*E*R*D’ ‘Brain’ and ‘Lap Dance’ from August 20th 2001 and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s 2 Versions of Recognize from May 19th 2001, the next picture that Chad Hugo uploaded is a unreleased Clipse Demo titled ‘String Song’ from April 9th 2001 and the last picture is a Pro-Tools Backups of The Neptunes Present… Clones from May 27 2003, keep ‘em coming Chad !

“Whatchu know about dat, Or maybe a lapdance… Okay I guess I can get reel with you… One more from the vault…for all the clones…”Chad Hugo


N*E*R*D – Lap Dance (Demo) (August 20th 2001)


Alyssa Bernal’s Upcoming Show To Perform With Tyler Ward

“Hey Guys! I will be performing in Houston, Dallas, Austin & San Antonio with Tyler Ward on the following dates. So mark your calenders!”Lyss

– 5th Houston, Tx. House of Blues 8:30pm
– 6th Dallas, Tx. House of Blues 9:00pm
– 7th Austin, Tx. Lil’ Stubb’s 8:00pm
– 9th San Antonio, Tx. Sam’s Burger Joint 8:00pm

To purchase your tickets visit

Jamie Foxx, Pharrell & Co. To Raise Millions For Apollo

The show will continue to go on at the Apollo thanks to the generosity of several artists. Comedian/actor Jamie Foxx, singer Alicia Keys and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons were just some of the celebrities at a benefit event for Harlem’s Apollo theater in the East Hamptons Sunday. The fundraiser cost $100,000 to co-chair, $50,000 to sponsor and $2,500 per person to attend.

Hundreds of guests attended the event, including Pharrell Williams and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and together raised approximately $1,000,000 to benefit the iconic New York City theater. Foxx, who performed a medley of his hits, noted a few guests who were feeling the music during the show namely Powell, Simmons and Epic Records CEO Antonio “LA” Reid. Other performers included Keys, Jon Bon Jovi, Bettye LaVette and Ben E. King.


Robin Thicke – Mission

Here is another leak of Robin’s new album titled ‘Mission’ and I gotta say this is way better then ‘I’m An Animal’.

Robin Thicke – Mission (11′)


Robin Thicke – All Tied Up (aka I’m An Animal) (2011) (Fall)
Confirmed Tracks:
* I’m An Animal
* Pretty Little Heart
* Mission (Added New)
* Untitled (The Neptunes)
* Untitled feat. Usher & Maxwell
* Untitled feat. Faith Evans

Fam-Lay – Freestyle

Fam-Lay is doing a Freestyle at the video shoot of ‘Look Into My Eyes‘.


Pusha T. X Interview, Talks About His Neptunes Bias, New Mixtape ‘Long Live The ‘Caine’

Kanye West’s favorite Clipse brother, Pusha T., drops his new EP Fear Of God: Let Us Pray on September 27th. It will be released on ‘Ye’s GOOD Music label, the project includes collaborations with Tyler, The Creator, Young Jeezy and Diddy, as well as the label boss himself on “Amen.” In the run-up to the EP’s release, Pusha T. took a timeout from shoveling down some Chinese chow at a Midtown spot to trace the links between the Odd Future and No Limit movements, recall his days playing shows for local drug dealers around the country, and explain why he might not be that keen to work with Large Professor these days, despite “Looking At The Front Door” being his favorite song of all time.

Village Voice: So how did your collaboration with Tyler, The Creator come about?
Pusha T.: Tyler was something I stumbled across ’cause he had done the record with Chad and Pharrell [“Inside of Clouds (Remix)”] and I heard it and thought it was an amazing record. Me and him had already talked prior. He’d sent me a record he wanted me to do. So I did that, and asked him to do this one for me, like we did a little swap.

VV: In the car earlier you said Tyler had sent you some more beats and you were waiting for him to respond to your emails. Does that mean you’re looking to work with him some more?
PT: Yeah, for sure, there will be more music from us two in the future. He’s sent four beats.


Game Reviews His R.E.D. Album, Talks About Pharrell

Game’s long awaited R.E.D. Album finally sees the light of day today. Recently he sat down with to go track by track and explain each track’s personal story. He also tells them the album is his favorite and the most work he has put into one thus far. Find out why, the R.E.D Album in stores today.

Dr. Dre Intro
Me and Pharrell came up with the idea for Dr. Dre to narrate the album. Dre just told me to write it out, he killed it.

Momma Knows Ft. Nelly Furtado (Prod. The Neptunes)
That track is about my momma produced by the Neptunes, Pharrell made that beat on the spot for me. He asked who I wanted on the hook, and I had just happened to hear “Fly Like A Bird” by Nelly Furtado. I told him Nelly Furtado and he said okay, give me one second called her and we got it done that same night.


Robin Thicke – I’m An Animal

Here is the first leak of Robin Thicke’s fifth studio album, which is due later this year, check it out!

Robin Thicke – I’m An Animal (11′)


Robin Thicke – All Tied Up (aka I’m An Animal) (2011) (Fall)
Confirmed Tracks:
* Pretty Little Heart
* Untitled (The Neptunes)
* Untitled feat. Usher & Maxwell
* Untitled feat. Faith Evans

The Neptunes.Org Presents… We Are Other Mixtape (2011)

Here is another The Neptunes.Org mixtape with contributors from our forum members once again, compiled by Marcus, so make sure you download and check out this mixtape with some great muzika. We’ll soon gonna work on the Next Official Neptunes.Org mixtape so look out for that. The original Artwork is owned by

“What’s up forum members. I finally finished the We Are Other mixtape or whatever literally a hour ago. I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed and put their time and effort into the songs. Thanks for the submissions, ideas, etc. I hope everyone likes that artwork also.”Marcus

The Neptunes.Org Present… We Are Other Mixtape (2011)
01 – Graffititech – Intro
02 – P.A.T. (Pushamalicioustee) – Burnt Toast
03 – Josh Allegro – Big Bun
04 – Nana Rogues – Vision
05 – Marcus – Spacing
06 – Solemly (Fer da Lash) – I Am Other + Hidden Track
07 – Andrei – Hypnotize (Interlude)
08 – FreeDOOM (Flip Bundlez) – Eumir Deodato
09 – NanoOfDramatikz – Day N’ Nite
10 – Asp – Outro

Gloria Estefan – Wepa feat. Pitbull (R3hab Remix)

Pitbull adds some flavor to Latin superstar Gloria Estefan’s spicy single “Wepa.” The hip-shaking rhythm, which was originally produced by Pharrell and remixed by Holland DJ R3hab, contains English and Spanish lyrics plus a verse from Pit. Gloria has been working closely with The Neptunes on her 11th studio album, due later this year.


Smirnoff Pure TV Commercial Featuring Pharrell

The Smirnoff Co. has secured an exclusive collaboration with US music and culture icon Pharrell Willliams, who features in a brand new TV and online advertising campaign created especially for the Australian Market. The commercial will air nationally on TV and online channels, but Smirnoff will also be offering consumers more information on the making of the campaign if they visit the Smirnoff Australia Facebook Page to see exclusive “Behind The Scenes” footage from the shoot including interviews with the Smirnoff marketing manager, Pharrell and other musicians involved in the TVC. Pharrell, a master collaborator himself, leads the campaign from start to finish, and takes the consumer on a journey of how his mixes are created.

He explains how the best music can be made only when the artist starts with a blank canvas. Featuring his N*E*R*D track ‘Truth Or Dare‘ by adding layer upon layer of the best quality elements, one at a time – the beat, the groove, the vocals – the result, a perfectly mixed, full impact sound that you can’t help dancing to. The inspiration of the campaign stems from the way a bartender mixes a drink – starting with pure Smirnoff vodka, each ingredient is added to complement the mix. A great tasting mixed drink is born, and is of course, served with the signature style that Smirnoff is world-famous for. Says Nicole Stanners, marketing manager for Smirnoff: “As the world’s number No 1 vodka, Smirnoff is renowned for delivering the best tasting mixed drinks because of its purity. The concept for the campaign is simple – How you start is everything. The best mixed drinks start pure.

“We wanted to show consumers how Smirnoff, the purest vodka, makes great tasting mixed drinks, in the same way Pharrell mixes a great music track. By using the metaphor of Pharrell’s mind as a blank canvas, we were able to convey this message in a simple, yet imaginative way.” An added feature of the campaign will be that smart phone users will be able to Shazam the commercial to access additional footage and further information on the campaign from an exclusive micro website. This is claimed to be a first for a TV commercial in Australia. “What really works the best is when opposites attract.

This is how I work when I collaborate with talented musicians, I take the true substance of their sound and mix it with what I think complements it best. I like how Smirnoff present a pure vodka, perfect for mixing – this is what I try to do with my music, so I agreed to be a part of this campaign.” Says Pharrell. Pharrell was joined by an ensemble of talented musicians from around the globe who helped create the cresecendo of sound that develops during the commercial. Each individual has an important role to play, as well as an interesting story to tell, having worked with world-renowned artists such as Little Richard and Justin Timberlake, and during filming offered their insight on working their way to the top in the music. Thanks to Shick3n.


N*E*R*D – Truth Or Dare feat. Kelis & Pusha T. (UK) (01′)

N*E*R*D – Truth Or Dare feat. Kelis & Pusha T. (02′)

Mickey Dunn Interviews DJ Hip Hop Dan, Talks Missile Command Part 2

Part 2

Updated: July 7th
“I had a great Opportunity to interview DJ Hip Hop Dan from the DJ group “Missile Command”. This is Part 1 of our “DJ SERIES” “On the 1’s and 2’s”.Take a look and stay tuned for Part 2.”Mickey Dunn

Part 1


Actor Will Smith Eyeing Hip-Hop Comeback, Working With The Neptunes?

Will Smith is a power player in Hollywood … and in the rap world, artists wanted to break into movies, they all look up to him as a pioneer. Well, Smith might be going back to his hip-hop roots, says producer La Mar MarsEdwards, who produced several tracks for The Game’s upcoming, R.E.D. Album. In a recent interview with, Mars revealed that the Hollywood superstar wants to get back into hip-hop. “We’re working on Tip, we’re working on the ‘High School’ movie with Snoop and Wiz Khalifa,” the producer said. “We’re working on Will Smith, bringing him back. That’s actually him on the other line right now…”

Over his career, Smith has released nine albums. However, its been six years since he dropped Loud & Found in 2005. As far as music, it seems he’s been grooming his young daughter, Willow, who broke onto the scene last year with her hit single, “Whip My Hair.” Mars didn’t give any further details regarding his work with Smith. But this could be the reason why Will Smith has been in the studio with The Neptunes last year on September 9, we’ll see.


Did The Neptunes Worked With Willow Smith

Pharrell Williams Has A Cameo In The New Trailer For ‘How To Make It In America’

Looks like Pharrell will be giving Ben and Cam a hand in “Crisp” in the upcoming season of the HBO hit series How To Make It In America: Season 2. Pharrell made a brief cameo in the newly released trailer for the HBO show (at 0:58) which will also see his former Star Trak labelmate Pusha T. playing a role as a drug dealer as well as Kid Cudi who plays a recurring role as Domingo Dean on the show.


Alyssa Bernal – Soaking Up The Sun feat. Pharrell (Frame Shot)

“still frames from #SUTS :) almost guys!!!”


Updated: August 10th
Here are some more pictures of Alyssa Bernals ‘Soaking Up The Sun’ video shoot, more pics at Thanks to Rod.


Alyssa Bernal – Soaking Up The Sun (Behind The Scenes/VideoShoot)


Noreaga Speaks On Not Being Acknowledged By Pharrell, Ne-Yo Involved For The Fabolous Session

Added The Video. Noreaga starts talking about Pharrell at 06:55.

“He was in the middle of recording your boy’s Fabolous and Ne-Yo.” N.O.R.E. says Capone stood him up at a show in Queensbridge, discusses his relationship with producer Pharrell Williams.

New York City rapper and former Capone-N-Noreaga member N.O.R.E. made an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on August 17 for an almost 20-minute long interview that touched on everything from his relationship with Pharrell Williams to the end of Capone-N-Noreaga. The interview kicked off with N.O.R.E. once again addressing the beef that came about with the release of Prodigy’s book “My Infamous Life.” Later in the interview N.O.R.E. went on to speak on his relationship with rapper/producer Pharrell and how he never seemed to be acknowledged for helping launch Pharrell and The Neptunes‘ music career with “Superthug.”

“The other day we shot the video, it was real hard to get Pharrell for the video. Lil’ Wayne was like so easy. So it was real hard to get Pharrell for the video. So we finally got Pharrell and it was like I just wanted to run away from him because it was so hard. He was in the middle of recording your boy’s Fabolous and Ne-Yo. Cool, Fabolous and Ne-Yo but I’m N.O.R.E. Come walk across the street,” said N.O.R.E.

“And it kinda got me a little. I was on a 15-minute wait. He walked over, we did it, and when he left I was like me and him had to talk. And he must have sensed something and the very next day he called me…He called me and he said ‘Yo N.O.R.E., I apologize. I was rushing and all that.’ But he finally admitted that. He was finally like ‘Yo, if it wasn’t for ‘Superthug’.’ And I don’t care if he said it to the world; it meant the world to me.” Thanks to DjGreen702.