Philadelphia rapper and the founder and CEO of Cold World Music Jakk Forst just leaked this unreleased track titled ‘What A Thug Like’ featuring Pharrell and Amerie on the net. So whats the story about this tune, where is it coming from. Most of y’all will say that we’ve heard this before and that the tune sounds like Gwen Stefani’s ‘Candyland’, well indeed. This is actually the original Gwen Stefani version of ‘Candyland’ that didn’t make it on her second studio album ‘The Sweet Escape’, but we’ve only heard the version with the Kill Bill sample mixed by Gwen’s DJ back in 2006 at one of her Fashion Shows.

We all wondered also what happened to Amerie’s Neptunes Studio Session from 2007 of ‘Because I Love It’. So judging by Pharrell’s rapping “Hey Ma, Let Me Show You What A Thug Like”, this could have been given to Amerie but with the title ‘What A Thug Like’ but it didn’t make the final cut, so it went finally to Jakk Frost having still Amerie on the hook, check out both tracks below.

Gwen Stefani – Candyland feat. Pharrell (06′)

Jakk Frost – What A Thug Like feat Pharrell & Amerie (07′)

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