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December 2011

D.A. Wallach x Interview

Greetings Addicts!
Today we have an unearthed interview from Milwaukee native DA Wallach from the world renowned pop music duo Chester French! As many of you know, DA Wallach has accomplished alot in his time in the music industry and entertainment industry in general. Him and his partner in Chester FrenchMax Drumney have accomplished what 99 percent of upcoming artists want to accomplish. They created an album while attending Harvard that sparked a bidding war in the industry that included mega stars Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

Ultimately they chose Pharrell’s label “Star Trak” through Interscope Records. They also created an album entitled “Love The Future” which to this today has achieved extreme critical acclaim. This was pretty much done without any support of his hometowns publications/industry. Regardless, he is now working with Spotify and was recently named one of top 30 under 30 by Forbes Magazine. He is truly an example of following your own path and doing what you desire. Do What You Desire…

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist?
I would say that I like creating things, and that that impulse is the root of most of my art-making. I make some things that I feel are important or communicate meaning, as well as others that are entirely interesting to me for their own sake.

How did you get started in music?
I started playing drums in Middle School.

What do you feel about the music industry today?
It is at a fascinating moment in its evolution. Ultimately, the changes taking place in the music industry should be helpful to people who create things and want to share them with other people.


Upcoming Projects


A$AP RockyLong Live A$AP (July 4th)
* Untitled

Fam-Lay – Clap Clap (Nana Rogues)

Here is a new track by Fam-Lay titled ‘Clap Clap‘ produced by forum member Nana Rogues, it’s pretty dope, check it out below and make sure to cop it on iTunes.

Fam-Lay – Clap Clap (Nana Rogues)(11′)

EJ – Riot (Chad Hugo)

Here is another tune by EJ Bollman and Chad Hugo that’s been recorded this summer titled ‘Riot’, EJ also revealed that they will release more tracks soon, the tune is pretty good, has a Kenna vibe to it, check it out below. “this was in the beginning of summer.. enjoy more to come as well… ill ask him before i release the best of.. or better shall i say”EJbollmann

EJ – Riot (11′)


Madonna – Beat Goes On (Extended Version & Instrumental)

Every now and then, unreleased recordings, instrumentals, demos, and acapellas end up leaking in the Madonna community. Just recently some things from Hard Candy leaked, including some Neptunes related material, including an Extended Version of ‘Beat Goes On’ and 2 Instrumentals of ‘Beat Goes On’ & ‘She’s Not Me’, you can check them both below, thanks to whoopiedoo.

Madonna – Beat Goes On (Extended Version) (08′)

Madonna – Beat Goes On (Instrumental) (08′)

Madonna – She’s Not Me (Instrumental) (08′)


Pharrell’s Dating Advice From Dazed & Confused Magazine

Dating 101: Pharrell Williams by karleyslutever.Pharrell is one of the 20 cover stars for this month’s 20th anniversary issue of Dazed and Confused. I interviewed him about the future of music and his career or whatever, but as the conversation progressed we ended up talking about sex, fetish and losing your virginity (obviously), and I even got the chance to ask him some dating tips. Below is an edited version of the interview that appeared in the mag, with most of the music stuff taken out and all of the sex stuff added in. Why he knows: Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him, AKA he’s smooth as fuck.

Dazed launched in 1991, when you were 18. What were you like then?
I didn’t really have a plan, unfortunately. I didn’t go to university so I was living with my mom and dad. In my mind I was still 14, staying up until 3am, eating breakfast cereal and watching cartoons. I was living in a teenage dreamland! The only things that mattered to me were girls, Tribe Called Quest, toe socks, Ren and Stimpy, girls, Nirvana, condoms, girls…

Girls, huh? Do you have a type?
Well, I lost my virginity when I was 16. She was older–of course–and age has been a fetish of mine ever since. When I was 25 I used to hang out with women who were 35, 40. Funnily enough, the were the ones who talked to me and taught me how to treat women, and how and to really think about my life and my future. I’m thankful for them; they were my mentors at the same time. I like powerful women, women with some life experience, and I’m very attracted to intelligence.


(Update) Be Featured In Pharrell’s Super Secret Project

Forums Member Matic Touch has been at the Secret Video Project last week, he revealed on the forum how it went “Haha, damn my bad guys. I’ve been so insane getting back to people. It was dope, though. Met Maxine, Buddy, Christian Rich and P of course. Can’t really say much about the video, but it’s sort of a launch for I Am Other. Should be out by January, they said. 14 hours of shooting on a cold LA night. So worth it. Pharrell was unable to accepted material from people, but I’ve got some inside people hopefully looking out to me. I guess we are in an age, where it’s about “who you know” to get discovered, these days. Nonetheless, definitely an experience of a lifetime, still feels like it was a long dream.

Oh, I met another dope artist while I was out there. She’s actually about to work with Mansions on the Moon. –one of the coolest sweetest girls ever. Wish I could have stayed out longer. I’ll keep you guys posted with any other updates, but that’s about it. I’m kinda just waiting for the video to drop, and thinking of masterplans how to get on the I Am Other team, officially.”

Updated: December 9th
From the BBC Blog. “We are looking for people to appear in a Video Project with Pharrell. Specifically we are looking for people who march to their own drum, have their own style, are unique or special. If you have special talents or a unique view of the world, and will be in Los Angeles on December 13th you could be perfect for this project! MUST BE 18 or over. Remember, I am OTHER…”

1. A picture of yourself
2. your phone number
3. Confirm that you will be in Los Angeles on Tuesday the 13th, 2011
Email address:


Pusha T. – Sweet (Freestyle)

Here is a new freestyle by Pusha over Common’s ‘Sweet’ beat. DJ Green from the forum managed to edit the tune with Common on it, you can check it below.

Common – Sweet feat. Pusha T. (Remix) (11′)


D.A. Wallach x Forbes Article

D.A. Wallach has been featured on the Forbes site ”By night, Harvard-educated musician makes up half of indie duo Chester French; by day, serves as advisor to Spotify.”


Tyga Taps Robin Thicke For ‘Careless World’, Due January 24

Tyga is bringing some big guests into his Careless World. The Young Money rapper has revealed some of the artists who will fill out the star-studded set when it arrives next year. In addition to his YMCMB labelmates, J. Cole, Big Sean and Robin Thicke are among the featured guests on Careless World: Rise Of The Last King. “I got some great features,” Tyga told WiLD 94.9. “Of course I’ve got Drake and Nicki and Wayne on the album. J. Cole, Big Sean, Wale, Robin Thicke… It’s a good album.”

The project, due January 24, has spawned the Drake-assisted single “Still Got It” and “Rack City.” Tyga is done recording and plans to turn the album into his label this week. “It’s a theme album so it’s like a real story,” he explained. “Like the [books on tape], it has narration, it tells a whole story.” Tyga has been promoting the upcoming release by appearing at holiday radio concerts in recent weeks. Watch him perform “Rack City” at Power 106’s Cali Christmas.


Maxine Ashley In The Studio


Pharrell Talks About Art For Whitewall Magazine (Full Interview)

Thanks to MartianSky.


Shae Haley’s Photoshoot With Sean Lyles

Photographer Sean Lyles exclusive photoshoot in Los Angeles with N*E*R*D own Shae for 1two shot by eddy orellana @SEVENEIGHTLA @SEANLYLES.


D.A. Wallach x Cashmere Agency Interview

Video interview with D.A. Wallach by @cashmereagency about Music, the Revolution and @spotify.


Robin Thicke – Love After War (Live On Jay Leno Show)

Robin Thicke was on the Jay Leno Show where he performed his single Love After War, check it out below.


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