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May 2012

Pharrell’s ‘State Of The Union’ Welcome Message

Pharrell Williams explains his new weekly State Of The Union address for i am OTHER. Subscribe to i am OTHER on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases:

Pharrell Picks Nardwuar The Human Serviette For ‘i am OTHER’

Meet Nardwuar, The Human Serviette, one of the most fascinating and well-respected voices in music. Nardwuar is acclaimed for his extensive research and his interview questions always take celebrities by surprise. Stay tuned for weekly interviews by Nardwuar on the i am OTHER Channel. And check out below the epic Narduwar x N*E*R*D Interview from 2009 in Vancouver, BC , Canada.

Nardwuar x N*E*R*D Interview (2009)

Missile Command To Perform In Beverly Hills & Virginia Beach This Week, New Missile Command Blog

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MSSL CMMND’s Chad Hugo helps you kick off your Memorial Day weekend off proper in Virginia Beach on Friday, May 25th at Mansion, along with perennial all-stars Fam-Lay and Kid Icarus. Brought to you by Karma Loop TV and Z104. Missile Command will also be on Thursday in Beverly Hills, L.A. on May 24th. And make sure to bookmark the new Missile Command Blog at which was previously Daniel Biltmore’s blog.


Adam Lambert Talks Pharrell (May 23rd), Performs ‘Trespassing’ On AOL

Adam Lambert sat down with to discuss his new album ‘Trespassing‘ and how was it like working with Pharrell, he also perfomed Tresspasing’, check it out above.

Tell us a bit about the album title and how you came up with it. Do you feel like a trespasser?
Yeah, the album title is Trespassing, it’s the title track because, to me, the song “Trespassing,” is like a mission statement. I wrote the song with Pharrell Williams, who is an amazing, great pop producer, and I felt like the lyrics of the song summed up what I’m about as an artist and as a person. I do feel like a trespasser, but not in a literal sense, because I don’t think I’ve broken into any property recently. On a more figurative level, I feel like I’m very different than the normal dude. I’m pretty eccentric, and as far as the music industry is concerned, I feel like a bit of an outsider. There are times when I feel like I’m breaking new ground by breaking in. Hopefully this album let’s people kind of see that rebel.

What was it like working with Pharrell? It’s an interesting combination.
I was working with my label on this album, and when we started it was kind of going down a similar path to what I had already done, and I just wasn’t feeling totally inspired by it. And I said, when I listen to these certain funk songs in my music library, it puts me in a good mood. It makes me want to dance, it makes me smile. I realized that I really wanted to make feel-good music and we started talking about some producers and knocking around some names, and Pharrell came up, and I thought, “Wow, if he’ll work with me, I’d be totally thrilled.” They confirmed it, I got to the studio and I thought “I’m not cool enough to be here, this guy is the coolest mothaf–ka out there.” He’s shaped pop and hip hop over the last decade and I was a little intimidated. What was cool was, after arriving at the studio and sitting down and talking with him, we connected on an intellectual level. He’s so smart, and he’s so big picture. We talked about the music industry and life and identity, and one of the main things we talked about, which kind of kicked off the song “Trespassing,” was different types of discrimination, and fitting into the world and finding your own path. I think that’s what “Trespassing” is really about. It’s about saying “I know I may not be welcome here, I know I’m different and I know you’re saying ‘keep out,’ but I’m not going to let that stop me. I’m going to do what my heart is telling me to do and do it proudly.”


Maxine Ashley – Cookieman feat. Pharrell (Full)

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Here is finally the full version of Maxine Ashley’s first single off her debut album ‘Cookieman’. She also launched her official site on so make sure to bookmark that, check out Cookieman below, thanks to VandG & DJ Green.

Maxine Ashley – Cookieman (12′)


‘i am Other Entertainment’ Launched, I Am Other Theme (We’re Here) (Update)

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Pharrell posted this morning Two new videos on the i am Other youtube channel and explains a bit more about the i am Other movement, he describes it as a “cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators, and Outcasts. The idea for i am OTHER really came from the fans, They often say I inspired them to think outside the box and I wanted to establish a creative collective which represents that same philosophy. I believe individuality is the new wealth and I am dedicated to creating and supporting projects that encourage originality.” said Pharrell, and make sure to check out a Making of the i am Other (We’re) Video that has been premiered last week. Subscribe to i am OTHER on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases.

i am OTHER – We’re Here (Behind The Scenes)

Posted: May 16th
Here it is, it’s finally here, the debut video to the official launch of the i am OTHER entertainment. It looks like the video is very inspired by Steven Spielberg’s 1977’s ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’. And as you have already noticed, the video features only 3 I Am Other artists, Maxine Ashley, Buddy and Leah LaBelle, so it’s missing Alyssa Bernal and Cris Cab but that’s because of the date scedule when the video has been shot. So what you noticed next is a new Score Piece that sounds like some Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard/John Williams type score, but it’s actually composed by Pharrell Williams with the Frost School’s Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. The University of Miami Frost School Of Music announces that multi-Grammy Award winning music producer, singer, rapper and composer Pharrell Williams was at UM Gusman Concert Hall last year in September to record a new work for orchestra entitled “I Am Other” with the Frost School’s Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra.

Executive Producer: Pharrell Williams for i am OTHER entertainment
Director: Justin Francis
DOP: Justin Francis
Producer: Clark Jackson for Intergalactic Super Corp
Editor: Justin Francis
Special Effects: Justin Francis

Pharrellhired the all-student orchestra for the session upon recommendation of producer Quincy Jones, Williams composed the mixed-genre orchestral work—which features soft and ethereal atmospheres contrasted with fortissimo brass themes and driving rhythms—to explore a different side of his musical creativity, and to encourage his hip-hop fan base to expand their musical horizons. Shelly Berg orchestrated and conducted the work, and Director of Recording Services Paul Griffith was the recording engineer. So this musical piece is actually the I Am Other Theme that Pharrell previewed this January, luckily I’ve managed to edit the snippet to a 2 minute tune, bus since we’ve got the actual Intro to the Theme, i’ve decided to edit them together, and this is the result, check it out below. Brought to you by musician, producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, i am OTHER is a cultural movement. Subscribe to the video above and stay tuned for future sightings.

Pharrell Williams – I Am Other Theme (We’re Here) (12′)

i am OTHER entertainment
Image Hosted by
General Manager: Caron Veazey
Creative Director: Mimi Valdés
Executive Producer: Robin Frank
Director of Production and Development: Jauretsi Saizarbatoria
Associate Producer: Bethany Gould
Creative Editor: Gabriel Stanley
Executive Assistant: Alexandra DePersia

“I serve and represent the OTHERS because I am one myself.

OTHERS defy expectations and stereotypes. We are curious, ambitious, energetic and have every intention of squeezing the most out of life. Above all, we are individuals.

OTHERS don’t fit into categories. We are not jocks. Or skaters. Or musicians. Or students. Or technologists. Or audiophiles. We want to be all of the above and then some.

OTHERS are a diverse group of optimistic, bright minds connected by technology and a desire to make our mark, who together can advance culture and even humanity.

OTHERS are not defined by demographics or geography. We have shared ideals, dreams and a vision for a new reality.

OTHERS believe individuality is the new wealth. Experiences are the new assets to acquire. Whoever is the most individual wins.

i am OTHER celebrates people who push society forward. The thinkers. The innovators. The outcasts. History has proven that it’s the rule breakers who have the power to change the world.



Pharrell Williams Records With Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra
Pharrell: ‘I Just Did A Classical Piece’

Leah LaBelle x Photoshoot/Interview, ‘Sexify’ Debuts At #91 R&B/Hip Hop Charts

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Check out this Interview by Leah LaBelle with talkng about how she and Pharrell created ‘Sexify” and “Mr. Scissors”, her debut album that she is still working on (due out later this year), talks about her tatoos, and about her favorite singer Lauryn Hill, plus there is a wonderfull exclusive Photoshoot with Leah LaBelle by Gino DePinto from AOL,  and by the way, “Sexify” debuted last week at #91 Hot R&B/Hip Hop Charts, Thanks to nerd0016.

Danish Hit Producers ‘The Pitchshifters’ Talk About, Pharrell, Working With i am Other Artists Lydia Paek & Co.

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Here is an update of the pictures that have been posted with Pharrell being in the studio with The Pitchshifters, managed to Interview The Pitchshifters where they revealed that they have not collaborated with Pharrell directly but for his i am Other artists, and it is safe to say that Lydia Paek is officialy also an i am Other member since The Pitchshifters revealed that they have been working with her, as well as with Buddy and the wonderful Alyssa Bernal, check out the interview below, thanks to nerd0016.

Image Hosted by
How have you suddenly ended up in the studio with Pharrell?

“Because we’re good hehe, and because we have an ok buzz among other things because of our Jadakiss / Wale / Future song ‘Turn Up’ which has justcome out. It is 14 days has been downloaded 1.5 million times. ”

How I came in contact with Pharrell?
“Our American manager in New York have driven management of NERD in anumber of years. He puts a lot of things up for us constantly. Among other things, also here with Pharrell. ”

What are you working on?
“We are starting to produce for Pharrells new artists: Buddy, Lydia Paeck & Alyssa Bernal”.

How far have you / when you can hear anything?
“We have plenty of tracks that are already finished for Pharrells artists. But the music industry in the U.S. is a giant machine, where things take time. Patience is one of the biggest talents to have in this game. But there are plenty other of our works out so just google us. ”

Have you worked with other big stars?
“We have worked with Chris Brown. We have two songs, one is the bigcrossover single on Jadakiss upcoming album ‘Dead Or Alive’. We have a song on the Rich Boys forthcoming album ‘Crooked I’, Kobe, Claude Kelly. We’ve just been to a meeting in New York with the whole Kanye Wesst team of A & R`s and songwriters, and it went really, really good. ”


Curren$y – Chasin’ Papers feat. Pharrell (Preview)

Here is a sneak preview of the Pharrell produced ‘Chasin’ Papers’ from Curren$y’s studio session for his eight studio album ‘The Stoned Immaculate’ due June 5th, sounds promising. Thanks to EclecticE.


Chad Hugo & Fam-Lay Friday The 25th Mansion

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Retweeted by Chad from N.E.R.D.”


Alyssa Bernal & Shane Boa – We Found Love (Live At KROV Studio)

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Check out Alyssa Bernal performing ‘We Found Love’ with Shane Boa at the KROV Studio.

@alyssabernal @shanegboa

The Top Five Modern Disco Tracks, Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock Your Body’

By Michael Cragg “For proof of disco music’s continuing influence, check out these recent songs that owe a huge debt to the dancefloors of the late 70s”


Robin Thicke & Co. At The 2012 Billboard Music Awards

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“Some of the biggest names in music/entertainment were on hand to attend the 2012 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Celebs who posed it up outside on the red carpet included singers Usher, Justin Bieber, Brandy, Miguel, Monica and Robin Thicke; rappers Wiz Khalifa and Swizz Beatz; and many others.”


Chad Hugo & Treezy Fooling Around

Check out this hilarious video with Chad Hugo and some guy called Treezy fooling around in the studio.


Santigold & Pharrell – My Drive Thru (Live In NYC) (Update)

Posted: May 16th
Pharrell x Interview, Drives Thru Santigold’s Samsung Concert, Mentions Lydia Paek The First Time
Image Hosted by
I’ve posted a while back about a possible new I Am Other Artist signee called Lydia Paek and Pharrell mentions the first time Lydia in a Interview, check it out below.

Mass Appeal snagged a few minutes with artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Pharrell Williams minutes before the Virginia native blessed the stage at Irving Plaza last night as a special guest of Santigold. Santi was tapped by Samsung to headline their Samsung Mobile Present concert series. The concert was a celebration and promotion of the Korean electronics giant’s massively popular phablet (that’s phone and tablet) the Galaxy Note, which is so huge, you can barely grasp it with one hand. Santigold performed a set of songs from her first album Santogold and rocked out new songs from Master Of My Make-Believe, her follow-up.

We spoke to N*E*R*D leader and Billionaire Boys Club creative director Pharrell in a second-floor dressing room above the stage at Irving Plaza while Santi and her voluptuous dancers opened their set. Skateboard P proceeded to amp up the audience even more when Santi brought him out to perform The Lonely Island’s “After Party.” The party anthem was a nice nod to the Lonely Island’s frontman and Saturday Night Live digital short filmmaker, Andy Samberg, who was also in attendance. Thanks to Reidkid and nerd0016.

Mass Appeal: Can you talk about your musical-relationship with Santigold?
Pharrell: We collaborated on a couple of things before. She hopped on this B-side, a song called “Soldier” for N*E*R*D, and then we did something else together too, “My Drive Thru.”

Can you also talk a little about your #IAmOther campaign?
P: It’s just a legion of kids who are happy to be different; we celebrate our differences and our creativity; that’s all it is.

Speaking of differences, what are your thoughts about Barack Obama coming out in support of gay marriage? A lot of your fans are gay, young kids.
P: Right.

Any thoughts or feelings on that?
P: I make music for human beings, so… I think the President addressed human beings. I make music for human beings, we all do! All of us musicians make music for human beings. There’s differences all across the board but, you know, you have a life! You’re a human being. I hope that answer will suffice because, to me, at the end of the day, we’re all humans. You don’t gotta like everything! Live and let live, man!

Music is a bridge that brings people together and the stuff you’re doing is bringing millions of people together, not just with music but with science and your work with the community. Now, when you were growing up in Virginia, did you feel like you were different from your peers? You were into skateboarding, you were making art [you were seeing sounds], you were also interested in music. There probably wasn’t that many people around you into the same things. Did you feel ostracized being different?
P: No, not really. I mean, being different you’re gonna encounter opinions on what people feel is appropriate, what people feel is inappropriate, like just on a basic level of agreement. Whether you like something or you don’t: to each his own.

What about when you’re traveling? What are some of the differences or hassles you’ve encountered when you’re traveling? You’ve spent time in Asia, in Tokyo, Hong Kong. [You even have a book with Rizzoli about your travels]. Have you ever been to India?
P: I’ve not been to India yet. I was meant to go a couple of years ago but then we had a change in plans and I just didn’t go.

What new artists are you listening to? There’s so many, but who’s on your radar?
P: [Pauses, listens intently to Santigold on stage below us] I dunno! I am just thinking of the show right now! There’s so many dope ones, though! There’s Kendrick Lamar, there’s Buddy (that’s one of my guys; he’s out of Compton), there’s Maxine Ashley, there’s Alyssa Burnell, there’s Lia Burnell, there’s Lydia Peck.

Lydia Paek?

Where’s she from?
The West Coast.

How would you describe her music?
You guys will see! She’s special!

Lydia Paek & Tycoon – Party (Beyonce Cover)



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