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Happy new year!


Hello there,

I wish to every Neptunes Fan a very happy 2008 new year, year of N3RD… Let’s hope it will come out on time.


  1. It’s NR3D ;)

  2. Happy new year tot you too by the way :d

  3. nah its NERD the 3rd = N3RD

  4. N*E*R*D ready new album title : N*R*3*D

    ‘It’s about pretty girls,’ says Pharrell Williams

    NERD have been in the studio recording the follow-up to 2004′s ‘Fly Or Die’.

    Frontman and producer Pharrell Williams told NME.COM that the trio are aiming to release the as-yet-untitled album next spring.

    “We’re almost done with the album – we’re like one song away,” said Williams. “We plan to release it next March or April.”

    Williams, who is also known as a solo artist and a part of production duo The Neptunes, said the new album goes back to “what we do”.

    “It also has a lot to do with pretty girls,” he added.

  5. Could u pls put “The beeper record” and “no time for nos” on the website.

  6. yeah alex people just doesn’t know, it aint N*R*3*D it’s N*3*R*D, d20 we will have soon a player on the site with the newest neptunes productions.

  7. OK, when I heard the name, I already thought that would be more logical..

  8. Happy New Year !!!

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