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N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Live On The Letterman Show)


Here is the brand new tune by N*E*R*D titled ‘Hypnotize U‘ produced by ‘Daft Punk‘ live on The Letterman Show, thanks to Dejotde.

N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Live On The Letterman Show)

N*E*R*D – Nothing (November 2nd)
* Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado
* Party People
* Help Me
* Make You Feel Good
* Victory
* You’re So Perfect
* I’ve Seen The Light
* You’re The One
* Fuego
* For Sure
* The Man
* God Blessed Us All
* Perfect Defect
* Nothin’ On You
* The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
* In The Air
* Nothing (Added New)
* Hypnotize U (Daft Punk) (Added New)


  1. this is a video with hypnotize you

    Greetings from Poland.


  2. Arrrgh need this on mp3 >_<

    Je suis très confiant quand à la qualité de ce nouvel album !

  3. use jdownloader it is best tool for recording audio/video from youtube or other streaming sources

  4. I really hope there will be 18 songs on the LP. It’ll be fucking RAW

  5. we waited all this time to hear that? what was that?

  6. I love the song!
    reminds me of ‘frontin’ how Pharrell’ looks and flirts with the camera love it man…
    The new songs I heard so far sound really good!! I love nerd!

  7. what about the tracks like “radio wtf” and “soldier” ? :/
    whatever, Nothing is gonna be THE album!!! can’t wait anymore

  8. I Like, I Like!:) Making me pumped for this album for sure! I love how Pharrell is working the camera. Pharrell’s ability to balance Sexy with Cool is unmatch. Guys, please take notes! BTW, where is Shae?

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