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Pharrell Williams Gets Engaged, Proposes To Baby Mother Helen Lasichanh


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Congratulations to Pharrell and his Wife Helen from the whole TheNeptunes.Org crew. Pharrell recently proposed to his long-term girlfriend Helen Lasichanh and the delighted model-and-designer said ‘yes’. According to, The Neptunes star asked Helen to marry him ‘a few weeks ago’ and the happy couple are planning to tie the knot next spring. Pharrell and Helen have a son together called Rocket. The couple were seen at the New York premiere of new Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ on Monday night (16.07.12) and Helen was sporting a huge diamond ring on her engagement finger.

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  1. he’s looking beyond bad these days- severely insecure like an awkward teenager- I remember when he used to be cool- someone must have hijacked his brain

  2. 1000 percent agreed. what hap to him?

  3. I think they look great and seem very happy. Everyone wants to sit around and judge.. What gives you the reason to say whether he is cool or not? He works hard to inspire people through his music and everything else he puts his hands on. Who cares what he looks like. He’s gettin’ it.
    Congrats to Pharrell and Helen!

  4. I was not judging it just seemed alot has changed and I notice alot as a true neptunes fan P dosent seem the same and I miss the old neptunes. he changed. I will always support tho this is a great site

  5. This guy is super…the babe is sweet..They make a couple…He is other….get used to that..iamother…..U need to understand what he can do with fashion!U cant read his mind..This is the most creative guy i know..My most favorite artist..Love you sir..Kudos to the lucky girl

  6. Damn…Pharrells fine ass is off the market

  7. I’m very happy for them….only they know what they need to keep the sparks flying…all I wish is that my loving cousin “Helen” would join us in reuniting all of the niece and nephews so they can meet each other….grandma would have love that……;/)

  8. For the people commenting on how bad he looks, I think it’s time to
    seriously check yourself. Just because he isn’t generic and looks like
    everybody else doesn’t deserve hate, only props and mad respect!

    Now back to your candy pop kiddies!

  9. Be ez! Stop caring what ppl look like. We will ALL get older and thus ugly someday; including P and YOU!!! But P’s difference is he’ll have someone who will always love him (even when looks fade). So who the hell cares what his current style/looks are… having love is ALL that mattters. To the judgers: Who the f–ck cares abt your clothes or looks??? (LAME. SHALLOW.) Do YOU have true love? Again: Love is all we have left good—and ALL that matters in this world that’s going down the tubes… Dig it? Got it? Cuz it’s gooood…… hahah lol

  10. Awww congrads to him in glad he’s lucky congrads to u both aww young love I wish u all the best

  11. CONGRADS!!! From VA. I’m proud. U GO BOI

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