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Pharrell Williams & Tyler, The Creator Shooting For ‘I Am Other’


Tyler, The Creator will be one of the first three artists on Williams‘ new label, I Am Other, aimed at launching a generation of self-motivated, Internet-savvy musical talent. “They’re not getting the recognition in the mainstream media, but in the digital world they dominate – the 16-, 17-, 18-year-old virtuosos all over the world coming out of nowhere and just taking stake in their position. The Others are multifaceted, pro-active people who live outside the box and aren’t confined by categories.” - Pharrell



  1. I guess u clowns dont check ur sources

    Dont post a story without at least trying to verify if its true… lmao

  2. Where in ur “source” does it mention Tyler The Creator or “boutique label”??

    Its like ur either illiterate… or purposely ignorant.


    So Sad

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