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Star Trak’s Newest Signee ‘Alyssa Bernal’


Pharrell & Alyssa Bernal
Her name is Alyssa Brianne Bernal, 19 years old Mexican-American/Hispanic native was born and raised at San Antonio, Texas on December 22, 1989. Three years ago she put herself on YouTube and ever since then she’ve got loads of continuous support and love which brought the attention of Pharrell & American Music Group. Known as hchsknights08 on Youtube, Alyssa has become a famous teen female singer with over 180,000 subscribers on Youtube. She chose hchsknights08 as her screen name because, hchsknights is the name of her cheerleading team and she said, “If I only knew that this will be big then I should’ve chose Alyssa Bernal or something.”

Alyssa Bernal 2
She attracts every person who visits her channel everyday. Teens like her admires her so much because, she has a talent to share and a really kind heart. On October 2008, after making videos that catapulted her to a much-deserved fame, American Music Group gave her a deal. She began recording her first single, “Never Woulda,” with Martin Terefe early January 2009 for her as yet untitled debut album for a 2009 release on American Music Group, the lead single Never Woulda is now available on iTunes. Check out some of the videos which gave her the Fame she deserves from Youtube.
Alyssa Bernal 5

Alyssa Bernal – Hey Love (Original)

Alyssa Bernal – Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover)

Alyssa Bernal – My All (Mariah Carey Cover)

Alyssa Bernal – Save Me From Myself (Christina Aguilera Cover)

Alyssa Bernal – Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack Cover)

Alyssa Bernal – First Studio Album (2009)
Producers & Guests: Martin Terefe
Confirmed Tracks:
- Hey Love
- Never Woulda
- Just In Time
- I Found You


  1. nice job, thx for the information

  2. GODAMN ST needs to stop effin signin’ every chick in the country

  3. I wish her well. I would never wish an artist wrong. But why is Star Trak signing her when Natasha Ramos still hasn’t been put out?

  4. Thanks guys. You are the greatest!!

  5. Ive been looking for ages for an interview with Trevor Nelson on MTV from 2002 with The Neptunes on the Late Lick show.Anyone know where we an find that ?

  6. whats up alyssa !!!
    damien i know exactl you are talking about, i got that on tape in sweden but not here in serbia..

  7. speaking of finding old footage….didn’t NERD do an episode of diary that only aired in the UK or Europe? if so does anyone have it ripped so other viewers can see it.

  8. N*E*R*D did about 4 shows that were only aired in the UK last year. The best one was in brighton and it just followed the band around as they visited the town/museums/soundchecks and talked about the music. Pharrell kept saying “balls to the wall” all the way through it for some reason :/

  9. oh yea, and w’sup bernal! London is your home now

  10. hey, i just wanna know how didi you start sing?? i mean…. how old you’ve bin then? (sry for the mistakes, i’m from Croatia…? <3

  11. @ Stephen Is Natasha Ramos still currently signed with Star Trak?

  12. I have followed Alyssa Bernal for 2 years, she deserves it. Woo hoo lyss, your the alk of the web, I like to believe I’m her/your #1 fan!
    Your the shizz lyss! Yaaaay!

  13. that waz awsome and that waz the best song eva

  14. Haii alyssa lol im a new fan actually one of my friends was acten lyk yu haha buh then i googled yu and listened to a few of yur songs and i confronted her lol and yur da bestest x] lol yur a great singer ly no homo :)

  15. To know she’s mexican, Is kind of nice. I’m mexican american, & I love to sing too. Hopely meet you in a couple of years:)

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