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Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne Talks Working With Pharrell

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For most of a decade, Mayer Hawthorne has been showcasing his gift for making celebratory soul music. The Ann Arbor native, based in L.A. since 2006, has a weighty résumé that includes Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger and DJ. His 2013 album, “Where Does This Door Go,” found him checking off some significant boxes on his bucket list: He got to work with Pharrell Williams and other top-tier producers, and the album was nominated for a Grammy and hit No. 30 in Billboard. Recently, Hawthorne switched labels to Los Angeles indie Vagrant Records. The move allowed him to take full control of production on “Man About Town“, a record he considers his quintessential collection of tunes. Mayer sat down with to talk aobut working with Pharrell and his new album

“The last album, “Where Does This Door Go,” was a chance for me to work with all my favorite producers, like Pharrell Williams, John Hill and Greg Wells and all these talented people. That’s the benefit of being signed to a major label and having bigger budgets. But the flip side of it was that I didn’t have full creative control. That’s the give and take of being on a major label. … “Man About Town” is really the album I wanted to make. Basically, when I was working with all those producers, I was soaking up all their tricks and techniques and then went back in on (“Man”) and did it all myself. The best way to describe it, even if it sounds weird at this point, is that (“Man”) is the most Mayer Hawthorne album yet!

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“I think something I picked up from working with Pharrell on the last record was just the importance of storytelling, telling stories in the most detailed and vivid manner possible. (Pharrell and I) bonded over Steely Dan’s songs. I never realized why I loved (Steely Dan) songs so much until Pharrell put it into perspective. Their lyrics tell a story that focuses in on certain details, and I think that’s what comes through on my new record, the richness of the stories coming through in the lyrics.”


Maxime Javel’s Artwork For Mayer Hawthorne ‘Wine Glass Woman’

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Check out this awesome Artwork by Maxime to Pharrell’s produced ‘Wine Glass Woman’ by Mayer Hawthorne.

Mayer Hawthorne – The Stars Are Ours (Official Video) (2014)

Mayer wanted someone who could capture the youthful spirit of the ‘The Stars Are Ours‘, so he had his 13 year old cousin Jake shoot it. Directed by Jake Primak.

Mayer Hawthorne – The Stars Are Ours (Live) (14′)

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Here is a Live Verson of Mayer Hawthorne’sThe Stars Are Ours’, thanks to HISE.

Shintaro Sakamoto – Wine Glass Woman (Japanese Version) (14′)

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As part of Record Store Day 2014, Los Angeles based Mayer Hawthorne and Tokyo based artist Shintaro Sakamoto will release a new split 7″ record, featuring special versions of Sakamoto’s “In A Phantom Mood” and Mayer’s “Wine Glass Woman.”

The Sakamoto track has the Japanese lyrics he wrote over Mayer Hawthorne’s original of “Wine Glass Woman” (Produced by Pharrell Williams), while Hawthorne’s track has him singing the English lyrics he wrote over Sakamoto’s original, check out the Japanese Version of Wine Glass Woman below.

The Making Of Mayer Hawthorne’s ‘Where Does This Door Go’

Here is a short documentary on the recording of Mayer Hawthorne’s third album, ‘Where Does This Door Go’. Step inside the studio sessions with Pharrell & Co., it’s pretty awesome.

Mayer Hawthorne – Reach Out Richard (Mitzi Remix) (14’)

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A nice remix to Mayer Hawthorne’sReach Out Richard’.

Mayer Hawthorne – Reach Out Richard (Official Video)

Directed & Edited by Henry DeMaio, Produced by Jackson Perry & Henry DeMaio, Camera Rig Designed by Z Design Studio.

Mayer Hawthorne – Stars Are Ours (VEVO Presents)

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