This week has been eventful for Pharrell Williams, with rumors swirling about his personal life and a controversy brewing in the music industry.

Alesha & Pharrell Drama


Alesha Dixon & Pharrell Williams

Alesha Dixon and Pharrell Williams have been in the spotlight recently due to their rumored relationship. This news comes after Alesha Dixon’s split from her ex-husband Harvey last year, amidst allegations of infidelity involving Javine Hylton. However, Dixon has also been linked to Pharrell Williams and more recently to Strictly co-star Matt Di Angelo.


Jay-Z & Neptunes Beat Controversy

Dutch producer/rapper Scep Kendallovic has accused Jay-Z and The Neptunes of stealing the beat for “Blue Magic” from him. This claim has sparked interest due to the noticeable similarities in the beats. You can check out the comparison for yourself here.

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