rosco-p.jpgRosco P. Coldchain is Philly’s best-kept secret. With a flow and delivery that rival any rapper in the game, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his just due. Signed to Pharrell’s Star Trak label in 2002 where he would become label mates and friends with such hip-hop powerhouses such as The Clipse and Fam-Lay. Due to label woes and the law, Rosco’s album  would never see the light of day despite featuring production from The Neptunes and DJ Premier, amongst other greats. With some of his problems behind him, Rosco is ready to move forward and put out classic material to the masses. Still on Star Trak, Rosco assures us it’s only a matter of time before he reaches the heights.

rosco-p-ii.jpgTalking About The Prison !
A lot of it was my fault. Kept going back in prison.  As much as I hate that place, sure been there a lot.  Sucks.  Can’t change the past. Can only learn from it. It’s difficult shaking old ways. Making the transition from street dude to corporate guy, it’s still really difficult.  The shit is like menopause. I get hot flashes and want to spazz the fuck out on folks. The pen doesn’t make it easier. It’s an institution. It isn’t built to rehabilitate. It’s just a bunch of crooks and killers learning each other’s trades. A cross-pollination if you will. Change me as a person? Yeah, I’m a better crook. As an artist, I guess. I’ve been honing my skill, I guess. I could’ve did that shit at home though.

rosco-p-iii.jpgRosco’s Favourites ! Mr. Porter (Denuan Porter), Pharrell and Fatin Hortin. Denuan, he’s from Detroit. It is real similar to Philly. So we clicked from the gate. And he is a beast with the hooks and production. That’s my man! Pharrell, he’s fuckin’ Pharrell. Need I say more? Pharrell and I have two plus albums worth of jams. Fatin, this dude is the personification of dope!!! He doesn’t really work with artists to tough. So I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I have like 15 jams with that dude. He laced most of the music from this last season of the Boondocks. North Carolina, stand up! That dude is a fuckin’ problem! I got to thank my manager for finding this dude.

I want a whole album with Fatin and another with Mr. Porter. If I could work with just these 3 for the rest of my career, I would. Shit, I’d do two albums a year. And do that for 4 years and quit. For real, not like Jay or Jordan. It would be like back in the day when artists came out with one producer. They’re trying to make gumbo with meat, veggies and shoes. MuthaF****! Some shit just don’t belong. It’s a bunch of squares trying to fit in the circle. Not going to happen you f****** retards.

clipse.jpgTalking About Clipse & Upcoming Projects !Those my muthafuckin’ dudes. Shout out to all them niggas. R-e-u-p G-a-n-g! Re-Up Re-Up. Yall ain’t ready for the shit they comin’ with. Are you happy with Interscope, do you even talk with people up there? Next question. How about them Patriots? 16 and 0. When can we expect the album? No idea. But I will have something for folks real soon. It’ll be better than the album they want to put out. That is for certain.I love y’all for riding with me for so long for so little. Keep a look out for music from me. I’m giving the shit away. I’m not holding back this year. I have been preoccupied with life. And wasn’t concerned with this rap shit. Now my priorities have been redirected and refocused.

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