Songstress describes how she combined several influences and made them ‘coexist.’ Shakira’s latest singles, “She Wolf” and “Give It Up,” are just a taste of the new direction the singer is taking in her November 23 release, She Wolf. Though she’s never been a conventional pop star, to say the least, the Colombian songstress says that this album is pushing the boundaries, with the help of producers like The Neptunes and Wyclef Jean. “[Pharrell] was very open,” Shakira told MTV News. “He’s a very smart guy. He gets me. He understands what I’m about, what I stand for musically and artistically.

He knows that I like to combine influences from different worlds and make them coexist under the same roof.” The new album is her most electronic so far, and it draws influence from a variety of different locations, including Colombia, India, the Middle East and Jamaica. She hopes that it keeps that fusion element she likes so much. “I like to experiment and see how all these things can survive within a pop record, and working with Pharrell is a great experience,” she said. “He’s very fast, and I’m kind of slow, take my time. But working with him was great. I really learned a lot. … As well with Wyclef Jean. He’s a great friend and a great artist. He’s pure and real; he’s a real musician.”


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