The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo Says ‘House Shoes’ Is Produced By The Neptunes

Snoop Dogg – House Shoes

2 months ago, you could’ve checked Wikipedia out for the ‘More Malice’ tracklist and you coulda see The Neptunes on the ‘House Shoes’ tune credited, but I was sure that The Neptunes don’t have a tune on Snoop’s ‘More Malice’ album because I’ve never red or heard something about another Neptunes Track besides Special feat. Brandy to be featured on Snoop’s album, anyways after the album leaked I was pretty sure now that It ain’t a Neptunes Production, but still after that,  people kept talking how dope that ‘Neptunes Track’ ‘House Shoes’ is which isn’t produced by The Neptunes. I received this morning an Email from with a ‘More Malice’ review and this is what it said:

“Adding Bun B to the “G-Mix” of “Pronto” gives the Soulja Boy collaboration some proper muscle, and as far as the new cuts, the off-kilter “House Shoes” satisfies with its Neptunes production, while the Kid Cudi collaboration “That Tree” is cosmic enough to make the Silver Surfer’s playlist.” Laughing my fucking ass off.. even says it’s a Neptunes production but when you click on the credits, you’ll get this names here “Composed By C. Broadus/C. Gholson”. Someone should cop that shyt and check out the booklet asap, oh and yeah I still think its not produced by The Neptunes, Snoop is even mentioning The Runners at Mark 01:47 (Check Video), check it out.


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