Going Feral With Pharrell

Yesterday, we photographed Pharrell Williams and the guys from N.E.R.D for our September issue. Working with Pharrell is never disappointing. He brings so much energy and passion to everything he is involved in—on set, he kept everyone entertained and engaged with his humor and dynamic sense of style. N.E.R.D.’s on a psychedelic trip for their new album and their style has gone a bit tribal. So we thought, what better than to look to Mongolian tribesman and Native American witch doctors for inspiration?

N.E.R.D. 2
I was feeling inspired by these Mondino portraits… Needless to say, we pulled tons of fur pieces, which made for lots of fun in the fashion closet while we were prepping the shoot the night before.  Obviously, Pharrell’s look wasn’t quite so heavy. And all the guys added their own eclectic sense of style to the shots, which allowed us to capture something really unique. I can’t wait to share them with you in September.


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