According to Wong Fu Productions, Alyssa Bernal’s Cali, Cali, Cali” video will be premiering on Myspace this Friday the 22nd, and her youtube VEVO on the 25th and check out her latest Recap Tour video this time from Philadelphia.

“This is our first time working with Alyssa, AND it’s our first time making a music video for a female solo artist! Not only that, but it was one of the most stressful times this yr putting together the project. We had a little over a week to go from “Hey WF, wanna do this?” to “Rolling! Action!”(concept-preproduction). Normally, this is something WFP has done in the past, tight schedules, no prob… but this was different because we had never worked with a record label, on the scale that they expected. So there was A LOT of learning, frantic moments, and last minute decisions and miracles.

But… it all came together. Somehow, we were able to deliver in the end. I rarely ever boast, but I’m extremely proud of ourselves for pulling this together. The label was thankfully impressed with our work ethic and final product, and gave us much creative freedom which was really awesome of them. Alyssa of course was outstanding. She was so sweet yet professional, sticking through long shoots, giving it her all, performing naturally, all while looking beautiful and composed.”


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