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Oh Land Confirms Via Twitter ‘We Turn It Up’ Produced By Dave McCracken

There you have it, according to Oh Land hereself via twitter, her first single ‘We Turn It Up’ is not produced by Pharrell but by Dave McCracken, since Oh Land worked with Pharrell for her selftitled album, I immediately thought this is produced by Pharrell because the source where I’ve got the tune from states it’s Pharrell flavoured, which I thought the blogger meant to say its produced by Pharrell, sorry for the inconvenience y’all, I feel terrible now *runs away*.


Updated: Feb 9th (2011)
Here is Oh Land’s first single titled ‘We Turn It Up’ produced & written by Pharrell Williams off her first studio album titled Oh Land which is scheduled for a March 15th release. In anticipation of her new self-titled debut album, Oh Land who moved to Brooklyn from Copenhagen last year, her camp has released the Pharrell flavored single “We Turn it Up.” Its clap-your-hands invoking drums and flip your hair whispering beats will make you want to pretend the Corn Nuts aisle at your local 7-11 is a runway. Seriously. “I also recently wrote a song with Pharrell as well, in Miami,” she added.

“That song, I just can’t wait to get it finished and get it out there because I think it’s really fun. It’s almost like an anthem.” Oh Land is 24-year old Copenhagen native Nanna Øland Fabricius. She made waves over in Europe before she ever won over hearts here in America. With a background in ballet and classical music, Oh Land brings a lot to the table, infusing her brand of pop with lively orchestration, an air of classical, and an infectious sense of adventure.

Oh Land – We Turn It Up (11′)


Oh Land Collaborating With Pharrell (Dec 4, 2010)

Oh Land – Oh Land (2011) (March 15th)
01 – Perfection
02 – Break The Chain
03 – Sun Of A Gun
04 – Voodoo
05 – Lean
06 – Wolf & I
07 – Human
08 – White Nights
09 – Helicopter
10 – We Turn It Up (Pharrell Williams)
11 – Rainbow

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