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April 2011

‘Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos & The Darkness’ Out Now On iTunes

Kenna has finally released his long anticipated first EP of the Land 2 Air Chronicles installment titled ‘Chaos & The Darkness’ which is out right now on iTunes. Kenna will also donate a $1 for each download to provide clean drinking water, so get that EP right now ! If you’ve heard the tunes, you’ll realise that ‘What U Want’ already leaked but as a Lupe Fiasco tune and unmixed which was probably planned for Lasers. The Kenna version is pretty dope and has pretty much changed a lot. So it’s safe to say that ‘What U Want’ is produced by Chad Hugo & Kenna and written by Lupe Fiasco.

Kenna – Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos & The Darkness (2011)
01 – Chains feat. Shimmy Hoffa
02 – Kharma Is Coming
03 – What U Want

Buy It Now !

Lupe Fiasco – What U Want feat. Kenna (1st Version)

Mansions On The Moon – Darkness

Their Album Is Due August!

The Munich x N*E*R*D Interview

Fans of N*E*R*D recorded questions and Pharrell Williams & Shae Haley answered them on their computer when they played the Coke Sound Up Show in Munich, Germany.


Pharrell Williams & Karl Lagerfeld In New York


Tinie Tempah Working With The Neptunes

FADER TV Interviewed UK sensation Tinie Tempah where he revealed that he worked with The Neptunes for 2 days in Miami. Tinie Tempah became the best selling British debut act of 2010. Being a vigorous young lad such as Tinie Tempah makes challenges of the sort quite simple. In 2010 he released three hit singles in the UK, the head banger Pass Out, Frisky, and Written In The Stars. Produced by popular Swedish producer Ishi, Written In The Stars has sold over one million in the UK alone since it’s release in Sept 19 2010.

Tinie honestly shares with listeners his future plans, past struggles, and present happiness making for one motivational song. In return for being so honest, the track was able to connect with tons of listerners and is probably the reason it reached #1 on the Billboard charts. In addition, Tempah scored big with both singles Frisky & Pass Out selling upwards of 750,000 copies, thanks to Thelonius 7.

FADER TV x Tinie Tempah Interview

Are The Neptunes Due For A Comeback?

Check out this nice article about The Neptunes by The Fader.

“The obvious, easy answer is, Hey dummy, they never left. Look at their Wiki Production List, 2010 was indisputably a very full year. Pharrell co-produced the Despicable Me score, worked with Chad on a large part of the Game album, made a N*E*R*D record. Still, the question remains, where have they been? A close look at that long list shows they’ve been making beats for big names steadily, only to have those tracks never reach release. The shelving of songs is itself no great harbinger of dead talent, it’s simply the business of cutting fat. But enough glut trimmed and you start to wonder when you’re getting to the meat. The list of potential collaborations that did not make the final cut is disheartening. What went wrong? The answer to that question is possibly watermarked on the songs that did get released—a jumble of okay tracks.

The semi-tepid “Haterade” by Gucci Mane, a forgotten Pusha T. track, a maybe decent collaboration with the kinda forgotten Lil Scrappy. Why, in present day, is a Neptunes/Drake collaboration not just a necessity but an irrefutable jam, a huge hit? Maybe their hearts aren’t in it, maybe the depths of soft synths have been wholly mined. Whatever it is, the last year or two have not been solid ones for the once dominant and ubiquitous duo.


Noreaga – Like The Way feat. Pharrell

Noreaga released a EP this Sunday titled ‘Nore’aster’ which has a new Neptunes track called ‘Like The Way’ on it. That tune is probably from the Studio session for his upcoming S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G. album where they did 6 tracks. I just hope the other tunes will be released on his album, ain’t bad check it out. Click Here to get the whole mixtape.

Noreaga – Like The Way feat. Pharrell (11′)


Noreaga Says There Are Six Neptunes Tracks On New Album test store

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The Wire Gives Forum A Shoutout

I’ve just got an email from a good friend ‘nick|dork’ who bought the newest The Wire Magazine where they talk about the new artists such as Lil B. and Odd Future and The Wire indirectly mentions The forum lol, check it out, thanks to nick|dork. Click Here to download the scans.

“Odd Future’s musical influence hasn’t yet spread as far as B’s either – for all their industry lov, they remain a niche interest among their own age group – but the writing is on the wall, or the Tumblr feed, if you will. Consider Hal Williams, who also records as Pyramid Vritra, a 19 year old from Georgia who first encountered Tyler and OF producer Matt Martian a few years ago on a messageboard dedicated the The Neptunes. Odd Future are now both his primary rap influence and his immediate collaborations.”

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