For many Wiz Khalifa fans, the MC’s major label debut “Rolling Papers” felt like new territory. While fans were excited to hear new music, the musical transition from the “Black & Yellow” MC’s 2010 “Kush And OJ” mixtape to his major label debut “Rolling Papers” felt drastic. The Pittsburgh, PA MC admitted to shifting from his creative direction on the record but for a reason. Pharrell Williams is also joining the list of producers working with the A-list MC, however Wiz doesn’t want the collaboration to be in name only.

“Anybody that I get with, I want to make my own connection with them. I’m going to be working with a lot of different people on the new album,” he said. “I’m working with Pharrell, but Pharrell is known for what he’s known for. But when he gets with me, I want it to be a unique sound where it’s like, ‘That’s that Pharrell and Wiz shit.’ ”


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