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Alyssa Bernal – Love Hangover (2011) Out Now On iTunes, One Of Us Gotta Leave feat. Pharrell

Here it is, after 2 years of waiting, Alyssa Bernal’s debut album is finally available on iTunes & Amazon, and you can check the full version of Alyssa & Pharrell’s collaboration on One Of Us Gotta Leave produced by Martin Terefe, the album also includes KT Tunstall and Jason Wade on the tune Hold Me Tight, so make sure to Cop this album three times NOW!!!

Alyssa Bernal – One Of Us Gotta Leave feat. Pharrell (11′)

Alyssa Bernal – Love Hangover (2011)
01 – Soaking Up The Sun
02 – Cali, Cali, Cali
03 – Easy
04 – One Of Us Gotta Leave feat. Pharrell
05 – Stay
06 – Raincloud Grey feat. KT Tunstall
07 – Hey Love
08 – Everybody Knows Jason
09 – Hold Me Tight feat. Jason Wade
10 – Sugar Sweet
11 – The Boy

– Never Woulda
– Just In Time
– I Found You
– All I Need
– Here You Are
– Let Me Know


Alyssa Bernal’s ‘Love Hangover’ Is A Potential Hit Train
( Album Review)

“Alyssa Bernal brings an old school R&B sound with a current pop melody on her debut album, “Love Hangover.” The album, which dropped Tuesday, November 15, 2011, combines the vocal opulence of Brandy and Monica. Like the two 90s R&B divas, Bernal shows a great maturity in her voice well beyond her years. Not too long ago, the young artist was in high school when producer Pharrell Williams saw her videos on YouTube. Her musicianship at such a young age impressed Williams to a point he signed her to his label. Since being discovered, the “Cali Cali Cali,” singer has toured with Lifehouse and has gained a wealth of experience in the industry. “Love Hangover” is the beneficiary of that experience. The album consists of 12 well produced tracks that reinforce Williams’ decision to take her under his wing.

“Soaking Up the Sun” and “Hold Me Tight,” a duet with Lifehouse front man Jason Wade, lead the potential hit train with the aforementioned “Cali Cali Cali” starting the ride as the album’s first single. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my favorite song on “Love Hangover” is “Everyone Knows Jason.” The song indicates Bernal’s quest to gain “Jason’s” attention by possibly losing weight or changing her hair. Of course, “Jason” in this case is not me but advice to Bernal, you look just fine. Alyssa Bernal is a rising star and “Love Hangover” is just the beginning of her promising career. If you’re a fan of pop music with a hint of R&B, this album may be for you.

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