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Pharrell kind of put me onto the record label world. The advice I got from Pharrell really taught me a lot. He made me realize that you have to make records that feel right for you. No matter what musical bed you are laying in, meaning whoever is producing your record, you will still sound like yourself if it’s natural. If I do a record with Marilyn Manson and then I do one with DJ Premier, what Pharrell instilled in my mind is that you can still be the same person if you just dig deep.

The overall energy he gives is similar to mine. I worked with him for a week straight for probably seven hours a day. When you are with someone like that every day for a week, you really see who they are. He was like the yin to my yang. We did three records in total. One got leaked (“Anywhere”) and we plan to do even more. We have yet to do all the shit we want to do together.”


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