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Jared Evan

Pharrell In The Studio With Jared Evan

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Jared Evan’s Performs Former ‘Instant Gratification’ Tune ‘Show Me Some Love’

Here is one of the N*E*R*D tracks that went to Jared Evan’s debut album that will release this year titled ‘Show Me Some Love’. The original N*E*R*D tune has Rhea on it when she was partly a member in the group back in 2009, but we all know what happened afterwards, anyways check out the performance above, can’t wait to hear the studio version, the N*E*R*D version is below, thanks to Simon.

N*E*R*D – Show Me Some Love (Live At Save Mart Center, Fresno) (2009)


Jared EvanUntitled (2012)

  • Anywhere (Former N*E*R*D Tune)
  • Show Me Some Love (Former N*E*R*D Tune)
  • Black Clouds (Former N*E*R*D Tune)


Jared Evan Plays “4th Chapter” For Pharrell & Game

Behind the scenes of Jared Evan’s 4th Chapter tune off his upcoming project The Fourth Chapter.


Jared Evan Reveals Advice From Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell kind of put me onto the record label world. The advice I got from Pharrell really taught me a lot. He made me realize that you have to make records that feel right for you. No matter what musical bed you are laying in, meaning whoever is producing your record, you will still sound like yourself if it’s natural. If I do a record with Marilyn Manson and then I do one with DJ Premier, what Pharrell instilled in my mind is that you can still be the same person if you just dig deep.

The overall energy he gives is similar to mine. I worked with him for a week straight for probably seven hours a day. When you are with someone like that every day for a week, you really see who they are. He was like the yin to my yang. We did three records in total. One got leaked (“Anywhere”) and we plan to do even more. We have yet to do all the shit we want to do together.”


Jared Evan – Anywhere feat. Pharrell & Game (Full)

Here is the final and mastered version of Jared Evan’s Anywhere featuring Pharrell & Game that will be on his debut album, it’s pretty dope, check it out below.


Jared Evan – Anywhere feat. Pharrell & Game (The Making Of…)

Check out this little preview of Jared Evan’s Neptunes produced ‘Instant Gratification Leftover’ tune titled Anywhere that we’ve heard before back in March, in the meanwhile, I’ve managed to edit the tune with Game’s verse on it for the fans, check it out below

Jared Evan – Anywhere feat. Pharrell & Game (11′)

The Neptunes With Jared Evan & Game In The Studio

Here is some studio footage of The Neptunes & Jared Evan recording one of the tunes that will be on his upcoming debut album titled ‘Fourth Chapter‘. Sounds very promising, reminds me of Oasis, this was definitely a N*E*R*D tune, check it out.

The Neptunes & Jared Evan In The Studio

Jared Evan – Fourth Chapter (2011)
* Show Me Some Love (Former N*E*R*D Track)
* Black Clouds
* Untitled feat. Game

Alyssa Bernal & Jared Evan In The Studio (Updated)

Updated: February, 16th (2011)

According to Alyssa’s Twitter, she’s about to collaborate with Jared Evan probably for Jared’s Debut album and since The Neptunes have 3 tracks on his album it’s save to say that she’ll be on one of Neptunes tracks.


Jared Evan – Fourth Chapter
* Show Me Some Love (Former N*E*R*D Track)
* Black Clouds
* + 1 Track

Jared Evan Gets Two N*E*R*D Instant Gratification Tracks (Update)

Update: November 19th
Apparently, the Alesha Dixon song Black Clouth is a completely different record from the N*E*R*D song Black Clouths that’s going to be on Jared Evan’s album.

November 17th
That’s good news right there, according to, The Neptunes gave Jared Evan two N*E*R*D Instant Gratification tracks for Jared’s debut album which is due 2011. The tracks are called ‘Show Me Some Love’ and ‘Black Clouds’, yes that ‘Show Me Some Love’ tune we already know (watch below N*E*R*D performing Show Me Some Love) and haven’t we heard Black Clouds before. That is actually a Chad Hugo production that was meant for Alesha Dixon second studio album The Alesha Show but then a Keri Hilson Version of Black Cloud leaked this May on the net, so after all we finally get to hear the final result of Black Clouds and a CDQ of Show Me Some Love next year on Jared Evan’s debut album, we’ll see, check out the N*E*R*D x Interview below.

N*E*R*D – Show Me Some Love (Live)


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