Yuna – Yuna (Sampler) (2012) (Front)
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Forum Member Borsboom found out while surfing around eBay that there is a Yuna Sampler with eight tracks on it, including the tunes we thought it’s produced by Pharrell, luckily for us, there are also the credits to all eight tracks on the sampler and it is confirmed that Yuna’s ‘See You Go’ & ‘Bad Idea’ are indeed produced by Pharrell Williams, and the cover of the Sampler is slightly different as the final one, check out the sampler below, thanks to Borsboom.

Yuna – Yuna (Sampler) (2012) (Back)
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Yuna Yuna (Sampler) (2012)

  1. Live Your Life (Pharrell Williams)
  2. Favourite Thing (Chris Braide)
  3. Lullabies (Chris Braide)
  4. Remember My Name (Andre Harris)
  5. Tourist (James Bryan)
  6. See You Go (Pharrell Williams)
  7. Planes (James Bryan)
  8. Bad Idea (Pharrell Williams)

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YunaYuna (2012) (April 24th)

  1. Lullabies
  2. Favourite Thing
  3. Remember My Name
  4. Decorate
  5. Planes
  6. Bad Idea (Pharrell Williams)
  7. Island
  8. Tourist
  9. Fading Flower
  10. See You Go (Pharrell Williams)
  11. Stay
  12. Live Your Life (Pharrell Williams)
  13. Loud Noises