By Mr.North. Under the radar to some, but Pusha T has owned the summer of 2012 with unforgettable features and his own solo releases. With his still-untitled debut album coming later this year, Pusha sits down with MTV News to talk on his upcoming project. Aside from speaking on his recording process, the cinematic influence drawn from “Devil’s Advocate,” and the overall musicality, Pusha previews a song off the LP titled “40 Acres” produced by The-Dream and Rico Beats.

“One of the more thoughtful records would be ‘40 Acres,’ and it’s produced by The-Dream and Rico Beats. It really harps on things that have happened in my life in regards to family — my brother being my partner, my parents not being together — speaking on how those things altered my views on relationships and so on. A lot of people, and men in general, don’t recognize that their selfishness towards women in a relationship probably has to do with something that has happened in their life before. I like to harp on things like that because people speak about relationships like it’s always so blissful but, like I said, my album is also based in harsh realities.”

Pusha T on “40 Acres”: One of the lyrics goes, ‘Unpolished, unapologetic, might’ve broke a heart or two, but gave an honest effort/ You see my nonchalant attitude is always f— it/ 35 years of marriage, and my mama left it/ You shouldn’t question if you ever stood a chance with him, the better question is, did you enjoy the dance with him?/ I’ll probably never pull your chair out, bitch, you know this money grew your hair out, switch/ All that s— I bought, you wear out, rich/ But I’m the only one I care ’bout.’

The Devil’s Advocate (1997) (Trailer)


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