Ted Stanuga of the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago discusses the importance and significance of art by veterans for our culture. Their work gives the viewer a direct insight into the experience and aftermath of war as only those who have been there can express. Featuring:
“Above and Beyond” Project
“Fatigues Clothesline” Project founded by Regina Vasquez
“POW” by John McManus
“Combat Paper Project” Initiated by Drew Matott and Drew Cameron
“Good Morning PTSD” by Christopher Arendt
“Re-Deployment” Series by Greg Broseus
“Untitled” Collage Installation by Alejandro Villatoro
“Angel in the Desert” by Marcus Ericson
“Radical Vulnerability” & “Intrusive Thoughts” Exhibitions curated by Aaron Hughes
“Overlooked/Looked Over” Exhibition curated by Erica Slone


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