Miller gave fans another taste of he and Pharrell’s upcoming LP on Tuesday with their newest single, ‘Glow.’ Pharrell and Mac Miller are shaping up to be one heck of a duo. The Pittsburgh spitter took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to drop “Glow,” the new track from he and Pharrell’s Pink Slime EP. Though there is no release date for the project just yet, Mac tells MTV News it’s close to completion. “We have like 10 or 11 records done, but I can’t finish it yet, I can’t say it’s finished,” he told MTV News from his tour bus during a stop in New York on August 2. “Schedules are so crazy.” Mac just came off the road with Wiz Khalifa for their Under The Influence Of Music Tour and plans to pick his Macadelic run back up in the middle of September.

And as a top producer, Pharrell is always busy. Still, in order for the pair to put Pink Slime to bed, Miller would like to log in another studio session or two. “A lot of the records we did are over email and we still talk and I tell him, ‘Look man, whenever I come back there to Miami or you come to L.A., we gotta sit down and finish it and really, really do it,’ “ Mac explained. Miller and Skateboard P gave fans a tease of the upcoming project with its first leak “Onaroll” in June. This morning’s “Glow” serves as the second taste. “You see that glow, that high gloss,” Pharrell raps repeatedly to set things off.

Mac Millions lives up to his new moniker, spitting plenty of big money bars. He even makes reference to Lord Finesse, the 1990s rap producer who is currently suing the Pittsburgh rapper for $10 million for using his beat on a 2010 track. “Asking me about money, wonder what’s my net worth/ People try to come sue me, better call up J.G. Wentworth,” Miller spits, referencing the popular financial firm that specializes in buying structured settlements from folks looking for quick cash.

P and his Neptunes partner Chad Hugo has produced big-time hits for superstar artists like Jay-Z, Usher and Justin Timberlake, but the multiplatinum producer is plenty excited to work with the independent kid from Pittsburgh. “Mac’s a super-creative guy. I’m just being his Steven Spielberg for his vision,” Pharrell told MTV News on the red carpet at the 25th annual ASACP Rhythm and Soul Awards in Los Angeles on June 29. Neither artist has given an exact date for Pink Slime, but it doesn’t seem like fans will have to wait much longer. “The records are crazy,” Mac promised. “But we just gotta sit down and write the last chapter together.”

Mac Miller – Glow feat. Pharrell (12′)

Mac Miller – Onaroll (12’)


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