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Almost a year ago Buddy premiered his debut single ‘Awesome Awesome‘ on the world wide web representing Compton, and a year later exactly on his 19th birthday, he comes up with another Neptunes produced track titled ‘As Far As They Know‘ featuring Pharrell which will be on his debut mixtape ‘Idle Time‘ (due later this year). Let’s talk about that beat first, that beat is straight up gangsta with those basslines and that ‘new’ drum pattern The Neptunes are using nowadays mixed up with the little sample of a man’s voice with the sirene in the background and that is the beat we’ve heard from Pharrell’s Cannes Performance a week ago. Pharrell’s verse on this is one of his best this year flowing like Andre 3000 following by Buddy with the Hook, and considering he just turned 19 years old , his verse is pretty dope, and btw I’ve managed to make an Instrumental to the tune, you can get both tunes below.


Buddy – As Far As They Know feat. Pharrell (12′)
Buddy – As Far As They Know (Instrumental) (12′)


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