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Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer (Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight) will now happily compose music directly for you, via his Vjam app. The free app (iPhone only) marries your iPhone video footage to movie-like themes composed by Zimmer and others. In an interview at his ornate recording studio here, he told us all about the app, his background as a music video pioneer and why he himself doesn’t shoot his own home videos.

The free app comes with 12 songs. Additional music starts at $1.99. Zimmer composed one of the free themes; others come from Sony’s Extreme Music library. Zimmer created the app with rapper Pharrell Williams. “Everyone is taking videos with their devices. Isn’t it about time that there’s an easy, beautiful way to add music to it?” “One of the things I love about an app as opposed to any other form of content delivery is that it can constantly be updated. We never stop writing, so there will always be new things coming, always new content being added.” You can download it Here.


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