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By Petar Kujundzic. After sharing some details on their new album, Random Access Memories, with the Rolling Stone, Guy-Manuel De HomemChristo and Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) offered a track-by-track review of their album in a conversation with French publication, Le Nouvel Observateur. It definitely gives us a detailed view into the creation and inspiration of one of this year’s most anticipated albums. SoundIsStyle comes through with the translation. Merci beaucoup.

“Lose Yourself To Dance”
“This piece is the simplest definition of our desire: an album and working very simple at the same time, with a low axis, drums, guitar – and robots! This is the opposite of something overproduced. Our fantasy was to redo the dance music with drums … The record that way has brought us enormous satisfaction, we are proud that it is a real drums on the album and not a box to rhythms. There are two drummers on the disk: John Robinson Jr., who holds the record for the most-recorded drumming in the world, and Omar Hakim, who started with Stevie Wonder 16 years ago …”


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