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By Elijah Watson. It’s incredible to think that Pharrell Williams, the artist and entrepreneur who recently turned 40, was once fired from three different McDonald’s in Virginia Beach. It all in began in 1992. That year, Pharrell helped Teddy Riley write his verse for Wreckx-N-Effect’sRump Shaker,” and created The Neptunes, a production duo that included him and longtime friend and collaborator, Chad Hugo.

Since then, he has gone on to do almost everything. Seriously, everything. From founding a music label and a skateboard team, to becoming the Brand Ambassador and Creative Director for several different organizations, Skateboard P’s influence encompasses much more than just music.

On top of that, how this guy manages to look younger and younger each day, while doing as much as he does, may forever be a mystery. (Cetaphil can only do so much, man.) Another job for Pharrell is probably, if not always, around the corner. And since we at care about Pharrell’s ever-growing success, we decided to compile a resume for him. (Feel free to shoot us the location of the Fountain of Youth when you can, Pharrell. Thanks!)


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