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Pharrell Williams believes that new Daft Punk single, Lose Yourself To Dance, on which he features, would have been a winner with David Bowie behind the microphone. Williams and the French house duo found major success with their last collaboration, Get Lucky, and the second single from their latest album ‘Random Access Memories’ features the same winning combination.

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself To Dance

Williams told Vibe Magazine: “’Lose Yourself To Dance‘ makes me feel like walking down the street in the middle of the night in London and it’s 1984, 1985. I don’t hear ’70s in that at all. For me, it doesn’t sound at all like a Bowie record, but I feel like David Bowie would have loved that record. He could actually sing it. “We’re trying to define – or redefine – what a dancefloor musician should be. ‘Lose Yourself To Dance‘ is almost this idea of a timeless place or dancefloor where you can lose yourself… The idea of unity on the dancefloor, people being connected.”


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