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Maxine Ashley x Female Interview

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Maxine Ashley grew up in the Bronx, New York, and her debut EPMood Swings‘ has been released. The tightly woven alternative R&B record is a daring debut, but exciting and proves she’s one to watch. We got the chance to ask Maxine a few questions: see what she had to say below.

When did you first realize you wanted a career in music?
It was just something I always did and never thought twice about.

Tell us about your new EP ‘Mood Swings’.
It’s exactly what the title is, I want people to be able to feel the emotion behind the songs I’m singing. I love when you can feelsomething from a song. Whether it made me happy, mad or sad, it still made me feel something.

How best would you describe your type of music?

What sets you apart from other artists out there?
What makes anyone different? We’re all our own people doing what we love but everything we do has been done before.

Where do you draw inspiration from as an artist?
Everyday life.

Who would you collaborate with if you could choose anyone in the world?
I’m collaborating with the people I already want to collaborate with and I’m so grateful for it! I can’t wait to collaborate with more amazing people and vibe off them.

Where do you stand in the women’s sexuality in music debate?
We’re all people. Female, male, ‘tranny’ and all – if you want to be sexy do you, if not, cool too. Be whatever and whoever you want to be but be real.

What upcoming projects can we expect from you?
I’m still going to be creating a lot more music. I’m in the studio as we speak.

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Maxine Ashley – Mood Swings (EP) (2013)

  1. Between You & I (Kerry ‘Krucial’ Brothers)
  2. By Your Side (Kerry ‘Krucial’ Brothers)
  3. Mary (Prelude) (Maxine Ashley)
  4. Perpetual Nights (Pharrell Williams)
  5. In My Songs (Interlude) (Kerry ‘Krucial’ Brothers)
  6. Glory Box (Kerry ‘Krucial’ Brothers)
  7. Reciprocity (Zeke MacUmber)
  8. A Minute Of Moments (The Outsyders)
  9. Here We Are (Maxine Ashley) (Bonus)

Maxine Ashley – Perpetual Nights (Pharrell Williams) (13′)


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