In a new interview at z100’s “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show,” Pharrell Williams spoke extensively on several of topics. After receiving lavish gifts from Duran (an Hermes scarf!), the artist expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be at z100, in the “the heart of America…the coolest of the cool.” He then expressed his thoughts on his “Come Get It Bae” partner, Miley Cyrus.

Declaring that “[She] is my little sister and I ride forever for her,” Pharrell talked of how hard it is to grow up in the spotlight and how the media doesn’t understand Cyrus. “You’re just getting a slice of who she is, just a slice of her creativity. She is not in a box. The overarching theme to her personality is just big, and larger than life, and happy.”

Pharrell also commented on the success of “Happy” and being moved to tears on “Oprah Prime.” The hit single has had enormous international success, with fans all over the world making spin-off videos for it. Commenting on this, Pharrell said, “When [Oprah’s] showing it to you and you’re seeing Poland, Africa, and you’re seeing France, all these countries it was a little too much for me. So you know, I wept.”

Pharrell also elaborated on his comments Tuesday night at the Apollo, stating that, “In the future women will make more money than men.” After his Columbia record label gave him free reign on his album, he named it “G I R L” because he says “what you don’t know is the other side…how much I appreciate and how much I listen to women over the years and their plight.” The interview airs tomorrow (June 6) on z100, but you can watch highlights of it exclusively here. Thanks to Kotik.


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