Jamie Foxx new album just leaked on the net, and he has a new collaboration with Pharrell on the tune ‘Tease’. What you straight up realize is, that the tune sounds like a leftover from the Omarion/Bobby V session around 2008/09, which is pretty dope, and this could easily go to Prince, check out the banger below.

The two have worked together a handful of times in the past: they were each featured on Twista’s “When I Get You Home (A.I.O.U.),” and The Neptunes-produced LL Cool J’s “Best Dress” and Diddy’s “Partners For Life,” both of which feature Foxx. Plus, Foxx starred in Pharrell’sHappy” music video a year ago.

Jamie Foxx – Tease feat. Pharrell (15′)


Jamie Foxx – Hollywood: A Story Of Dozen Roses (2015) (May 19th)
01 – Dozen Roses Part 1
02 – You Changed Me feat. Chris Brown
03 – Like A Drum feat. Wale
04 – Another Dose
05 – Tease feat. Pharrell
06 – Baby’s In Love feat. Kid Ink
07 – Text Message
08 – Hollywood
09 – Vegas Confessions
10 – Socialite
11 – Dozen Roses Part 2
12 – In Love By Now
13 – Jumping Out The Window
14 – On The Dot feat. Fabolous
15 – Dozen Roses Part 3
16 – Right Now
17 – Pretty Thing
18 – Ain’t My Fault