By Larry Bartleet. Ahead of her upcoming tour and releasing second album ‘All I Need’ on February 5, Foxes spoke to NME about touring with Pharrell, her love of Cyndi Lauper, and her Guinness World Record.

What delayed it – going on tour with Pharrell?
I was in the middle of doing the second album and I got a call. You don’t really say no! I took my laptop – most of it did get written while I was on tour with him.

Did you eat together? Did you hang out?
We did quite a lot. At the beginning I was like, “Fuck, it’s Pharrell.” We had lots of catering hangouts. I was really impressed because he was constantly working, constantly making beats. Two seconds before he’d go onstage he’d be writing music. I just think he doesn’t really stop.


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