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With just one official EP released so far, and the brand new ‘Something For Nothing‘, you’d be forgiven for not having yet heard his considered, soulful tones but this changes now. During the filming with Brand New Artists MTV caught up with the ‘Fuel To The Fire‘ singer to talk his influences, getting the nod from Pharrell and more.

Last year Rationale was propelled to No.2 in Spotify’s Global Viral Chart when Pharrell Williams spun the elegant ‘Fast Lane‘ on his Beats1 Show OTHErtone. “Pharrell Williams was really, really complimentary about my music alongside Justin Timberlake which was nuts in itself, and these are people that I used to stand in a mirror in my bedroom throwing shapes to and trying to mimic and all of a sudden they were complimenting my music.”


Rationale – Fast Lane (Official Video) (2015)